10 Best Bat-like Pokemon on the Franchise (Ranked)

A walk through dark, cave-like labyrinths with many rooms, but only one exit is an important part of the Pokémon adventure from the Rock Tunnel. And the experience wouldn’t be complete without a swarm of nasty creatures like bats attacking you at every step.

But those aren’t all Pokémon bats! Yeah, you usually meet them in less than ideal circumstances. But these creatures often have some of the coolest designs in games. And they can also be great fight partners.

For those of you who like sharp, wiki-pokemon-style bats, this does not make sense.

There are dark, flying, poisonous and even legendary specimens. So I hope that my evaluation of each element of the franchise will help you choose the best animal for your team.

10. Golbaat


The first in our rankings is Golbat, one of the few cases where Evolution makes Pokémon less cool than it originally seemed.

This Poison/Flying Type of the original 151 has evolved from a minimalist Zubat design to something straight out of a comic book. He comes with a huge mouth, insignificant eyes and strange legs. It’s just a strange creature.

In battle, it’s not even that big to justify changes until they take a definitive form. Speaking of which…

9. Krobat

Pay no attention to this strange period of adolescence and keep practicing Zubat. You’ll be rewarded with a cool, ultra-fast travel companion.

The design of the Crobat ditch is essentially all on Golbat in favor of something more aerodynamic and generally more logical.

Moreover, this guy can learn to fly in most games, so he can take you on your journey from city to city.

Thanks to the ultra-fast but completely silent motion, the Pokémon will fly away and suck up your blood without you noticing it. Talk about a soft touch criminal!

8. Wubat

Being a bat doesn’t mean you can’t be nice!

Wubat is a medium/fugitive who’s in fifth grade. Generation for the establishment of dark forests and winding cave systems in the Unova region.

Unlike his boring brothers from other generations, this hairball is too beautiful to be hated. They’d rather eat fruit and beetles than suck blood, so they’re harmless to humans.

They even have a heart-shaped nose. Come on! Come on!

These enchanting creatures are based on real white bats from Honduras. Do your soul a favor and Google it!

7. Swoobath

If you liked the crispy, round, vibrant marshmallows called Wubat… Chances are you’ll end up at Swoobat somewhere.

By befriending his coach, Wubat happened to become Svubat.

While they keep their cute heart-shaped noses, their bodies now emerge from the fur and look much more like real bats. Unfortunately this doesn’t make them stronger in battle, although they are much faster now.

6. Glygar

If you’re looking for a Pokémon battle that takes you through many battles, you can start here.

Introduced in the second generation, Gligars are technically not bats. But rather flying scorpions, which is probably the scariest thing I’ve ever read or printed.

However, they have sufficient characteristics in common with the bat to be included in this assessment.

Not only is his ground/fugitive type quite unique and useful, but also his defensive stats are amazing. Especially for underdeveloped Pokémon.

They also have the Hyper-Cutter ability, which prevents the opponent from reaching a sufficiently strong attacking level.

5. Gliscor

You may like your glycogen, but it’s worth mentioning that it can’t stay there.

After enough fighting, your glycogen will turn into glyscore as long as he’s holding the razor in his hand.

When that happens, you’ll have the most vampiric Pokémon of all.

Like Glygar, this baby has exceptional defensive skills. But now it’s complemented by high speed and a pretty good attack. This makes it an excellent physical cleaner, although heavy.

And it’s even better when you consider that using Poison (an effective strategy for wearing Pokémon with lots of protection) can cure Gliscor.

4. New batch

For a long time, I thought no bat-like Pokémon would look as cool as Gligar. Then Generation VI came along and we had Neubat, Pokémon Sound Wave.

A kite type, this purple creature is destined to look good since its creation.

Just like Zubat earlier, the concept of Neubat is based on the idea of echolocation. This technique is used by many bats to orient themselves in the dark with the help of sound. That’s what big ears are for!

Like many juveniles, this type prefers to eat ripe fruit rather than hunt other creatures.

You can even travel with your new bat without having to worry about the lack of blood supply or small pets.

3. New Vernes

After several adventures and many battles, your new fighter will turn into Noirwern, which takes on a form closer to the dragon and has a notorious taste of meat.

Not only that, but the fact that with its amazing speed and strong offensive abilities, it can conquer and destroy most small Pokémon.

You will not be able to travel peacefully through the Unova region without an angry mob claiming that your partner ate local children, but you will have a powerful ally in battle. Not to mention one of the coolest Pokémon in the world.

2. Accessories

Just because everyone hates Pokémon doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a better place here.

The first generation of Pokémon Bat OG was an important part of the Pokémon Memes even before we started calling them Memes. These guys are everywhere!

Under your bed, on your table, in the fridge in the adjoining garage, and certainly covers every square inch of every cave in the Johto and Canto areas.

Like Neubat, Zubat’s design is largely based on the idea of echolocation. That’s why he didn’t have enough eyes (and that’s why he was so stupid to watch Golbat).

Because sunlight is not healthy for this creature, it can only be seen outside if it is part of the training team. But they also taught us a valuable lesson. Entering the cave without pushing? Never again.

1. Moon

Although I generally keep away from legends on the main lines, it is difficult for me not to mention the elegant and majestic form of Lunala.

This is the final form of Cosmog in Pokémon Moon, making it one of two legends with a current line of evolution.

By directing the moonlight, this fuzzy bat can deliver incredible performance and literally pretend to be the moon, releasing all the accumulated energy.

That is why in the region of Alo he is known as the divine envoy of the moon.

As a clairvoyant/spirit with an extraordinary Sp. Atk-san, Lunala is one of the most interesting competitions of the legendary Pokémon level (even in all games!).

And that must be the most amazing bat motif in the entire franchise.

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