10 Best Capes in Old School RuneScape (F2P + P2P) –

Finding the perfect cape can be tricky.

Statistics are important, but after all, you have to look good too!

You can choose from a wide variety of capes in Old School RuneScape. And you’ll always want to wear it, because the benefits are too lucrative to ignore.

Whether you’re looking for something to complete your assortment or something eye-catching to show off, you’ll find everything you need in this list.

10. Sealing cap

Most capes in F2P have the same stats.

However, some are more difficult to obtain than others.

The coat of the Zamorac exists in two varieties: the blue Saradomin or the red Zamorac. Capes have a basic protection bonus and cost only 10 Castle Wars tickets.

And the capes are visually beautiful, as well as rarer than other capes available in F2P.

It would take about 4-5 games of Castle Wars to unlock these capes, which would take the player about 2 hours.

A matching hood is also available for an additional 10 tickets.

How to get in: Buy 10 tickets in the Castle Wars lobby.

9. Mythical Cape

Only myths and legends have earned the right to wear this coat.

You must have defeated Grandmaster Quest, Dragon Slayer II to purchase and wear this cape.

The mythic cape has the best crush bonus of any cape in OSRS at +6.

It also has a built-in teleporter that can send the user to the Mythos Guild an unlimited number of times. Very practical.

It’s often used in conjunction with Warm Dragon to make sure it hits, especially with Corporal Beast.

It is also used in the wild (due to its consumable nature) to combat Venenatis, Kalisto, and Vetion, as most players will use Abyssal Beats or full Veraks, which rely heavily on crushing.

How to get in: You can buy it from Jack on the top floor of the Mythos Guild for 1.2k.

8. Capability Mantle

OSRS has 23 skill caps – one for each skill in the game.

To get one of them, you need to reach the maximum possible level of 99, which is no easy task.

Some skills (like rune skill and agility) can take months of work to get to 99.

All skill capes have the same bonuses, +9 in each defense state and +4 prayer bonus. The only difference is their special gifts and emotions.

For example, a cloak with attack skills allows the player to stay in the Cyclops Hall of the Warrior’s Guild without tokens, while a cloak with agility skills acts as a gracious and has a one-minute stamina boost that can be used once per day.

The capes are different too. Then choose something for yourself.

How to get in: You need to reach level 99 and find a cape merchant. They sell for 99k each and include a hood.

7. Sheath 3. Age

With an insane value of 200 million, this cape is by far the rarest and most expensive on this list!

This skill also has decent stats, similar to the Cloak skill, but with the added bonus of +1 Prayer for a total of +5.

The only requirement to wear this cape is a level 65 prayer and deep pockets, because the price tag is huge.

How to get in: Coffins with elite and master clues are dropped at around 1/400k, making them extremely rare. I would recommend buying this product at the big trade show, because the chances of getting it as a drop are slim.

6. Penetrating the cloak of God

There are a total of three god capes in the game: Saradomin, Gutix, and Zamorak can all be infiltrated to additionally get the best magic slit cloak in OSRS.

Spotted capes have a very high magic attack and protection bonus of +15, including a +2% bonus to magic power, which is quite rare for armor.

Therefore, when you use this cloak in conjunction with your ancestor armor, you gain an additional maximum hit.

Also note that impregnated capes are not sold and require level 75 magic.

How to get in: Complete Mage Arena 2 to upgrade your existing god cloak to its invasive form. The whole mini-quest takes place in the desert, where you have to defeat three monsters of very high level.

5. Ava Assembler

Ava’s Assembler, an updated version of the Accumulator, is the best cloak in the slot with a very good +8 bonus to attack range and a +2 power bonus to attack range.

As with all Ava devices, your ammunition is automatically recovered after use with an 80% recovery rate.

And I should mention that you must be at least level 70 and have completed Dragon Slayer II to get and wear this awesome item.

It is also important to note that the device will not retrieve ammunition if you are wearing a metal torso, as this interferes with the magnetic action of the device.

How to get in: You need a Vorkat head, which you can get by killing a Vorkat, with a guaranteed 50cc drop. Bring the head and battery to Ava at Draynor Manor, along with 75 forging arrows. You will then receive a new assembler.

4. Ardugna Coat

This cloak is one of the best items in the entire game, both for the achievement bonus and the prayer bonus.

Useful in the corporal’s beast or as a disposable cloak when fighting in the wild.

In fact, it is useful in a wide range of areas.

It also has a built-in teleporter to the Ardy Farm property, making farm management quick and easy.

Ardy Cloaks is also completely free and won’t cost you a cent – as long as you meet the strict conditions to unlock it!

How to get in: If you complete the Ardugnus Elite Journal, you will get this cloak. Note that the requirements are very high, so only players in the late game will likely have the skills to unlock this.

3. Cape Fire

This is probably one of the most famous and sought after capes on this list.

Normally, the goal of any serious player is to obtain the Fire Cloak.

The fire cloak has a very high power bonus of +4, a general attack bonus of +1, and a defense bonus of +11.

This is the second largest cape in the game, and many players use it to its full potential, as the number one cape in the game is very hard to come by.

How to get in: While this cape is technically free to obtain, you must complete Battle Cave and encounter one of the game’s biggest problems, Jad. Jad can shoot one with ease and requires the player to pray well against all his attacks. You also have to heal yourself with his healers, who heal Jad constantly when you can’t touch them.

2. Cape Hell

Hellcloak is the number one melee cloak in the game and is the source of the hardest PvM challenge in OSRS : Inferno.

If you thought Cape Fire was good, you’ll be shocked to see this bad boy’s huge bonuses!

He has +4 in all attack bonuses except +1 in magic and ranged.

He also has huge defensive bonuses of +12 in all areas.

Additionally, the cloak of hell has a huge power bonus of +8, making this cloak overpowered.

How to get in: Be great at PvM. Achieving this stealth requires another level of PvP skill that many players just don’t have. It will take time, patience, better equipment and divine gifts to defeat Hell and win this epic prize. Expect to fail, and fail often, but through perseverance you may be rewarded. Don’t give up!

1. Max Cape

Our first place goes to the ultimate achievement and actually the best item in the entire game: Max Cape.

At the time of writing, 17,564 players own this cape.

Considering there are hundreds of thousands of players in the game, this is only a fraction of the player base.

So why is it so hard to get?

You must be level 99 in all 23 skills of the game!

When you consider that 99 in a skill like agility alone can take months, imagine doing that with 23 skills.

A minimum of nearly 300m of total experience is required to have 99 of the 23 skills in OSRS.

So why is this cape so good?

Well, it combines all the special abilities of all the other capes – and in one cape!

This means you have a large number of teleporters and options, all in one place in your inventory. Talk about an overload!

How to get in: After you complete your account, head to Max’s island, just past the warrior guild. He’ll sell you the Cape Max for 2,277,000. This is a tribute to the maximum skill in the game 2277.

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