10 best Roblox games for kids

Finding free games for kids can be a challenge these days. In many mobile games, Chuck is full of microtransactions and may even expose your child to indecent violence. Downloading Roblox on Xbox, PC or mobile will surely rid you of most of these worries, as it offers a multitude of lightweight games that are both fun and safe. Here are some of the best, in our opinion, most suitable for young people.

Adopt me!

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You might as well save the best for last, like adopting me! It is literally the most popular game on Roblox. With over 14.5 billion hits, the world of Adopt Me! allows players to design furniture for the home and care for a variety of pets. By completing the objectives of these two activities, players earn virtual currency, which they can use to buy even more landscapes and pets. A vicious circle that will make any child happy.

Mini Epic Games

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Epic mini-games, that’s what Roblox has done with Mario Party, with over 100 competitive games for kids. Usually players have to stop on moving obstacles to be the last to survive. Each of them is useful and can reward the winners with new clothes and accessories.

Extreme hide and seek

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If you don’t have time to play hide and seek with your kids, this is a great substitute. Hide and Seek Extreme isn’t as extreme as it sounds, but you can still have fun by hiding from another player on one of the many large and well-designed maps.


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Islands are very inspiring for Animal Crossing, as players can create islands and take advantage of all their market opportunities. Kids will easily be able to build houses and farms to see their bank account grow – a great first lesson in economics. Friends can also participate in a streamlined business project to support the development of the island town.

Tycoon Theme Park 2

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Tycoon 2 theme park is designed to let the imagination run wild. Players can build their own theme park and set up their own attractions, booths and other equipment. As a game, it helps children understand spatial relationships, simple engineering tasks, etc.

Royal high

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We all have bad memories of high school, but it’s best not to tell your kids how awful it can be. School Royale is the best way to cheat. The game is a school simulation in which avatars write and complete assignments (mini-games, to be exact) for which they receive makeup and in-game coins.

Superhero Tycoon

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If Marvel movies have influenced your child, you should introduce them to Mogul Super Hero Tycoon. In the game, users can purchase one of the well-known characters from the Marvel and DC universes to take on other heroes. It offers a lot of replay value, as by beating other players you can earn more money to unlock more characters.


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Prison Break is like GTA for kids. In an open-ended game about police and robbers, players must decide whether to side with the criminals or the police. The game teaches you teamwork and organization, because only with friends can you truly succeed. There is some violence here, but no graphic characters to interest parents.

Welcome to Bloxburgh

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The town of Bloxburgh needs more residents, and certainly deserves at least one visit. In Bloxburg, the Avatars must find work to maintain their standard of living. It should also be noted that designing a home is a profound and enjoyable function that offers unlimited possibilities.

Roblox Studio

Although not technically a game, Roblox Studio is the basis for all other Roblox games. Children who are interested in how games are created should have a lot of fun with them, and the internet is full of useful guides to help them understand what they would like to do. By encouraging a child’s interest in the field, parents and guardians can set him or her up for a successful career in the gaming industry in dozens of different areas.

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