15 Best Archery & Bow Modes for Skyrim

Archery is always fun. Especially if you set up the game with so many mods that archery seems much more realistic and archery is much more fun.

In this context, I have compiled a list of the best archer models I have found to maximize the archery experience in Skyrim.

Don’t forget that the fashion I’ve collected is , excluding , which is intended to improve archery as such.

You can find other mods that expand your capabilities (e.g. customizable camera mods), but the main purpose of my list is to offer you a number of mods that only focus on improving archery, archery and other archery related issues.

15. Archery Complex


Highlight this mode.

The description of this fashion couldn’t be better – in Skyrim everyone but you is a master shot.

It seems that every NPC in the game always has an advantage over the player because he never misses a single shot.

With advanced archery, however, you’ll see your enemies firing with the same degree of inaccuracy as you do. Mainly because it causes more errors in the recordings of all NPCs in the game.

This method also makes archery a real challenge – you have to find cover if you want to survive enemy attacks, because a higher failure rate also means more damage (both to your bow and the bows of your enemies).

14. Best Eagle Shooter

Highlight this mode.

Eagle Eye Perk is essentially the same as the work of the sniper in Skyrim, but it’s quite difficult to take advantage of the fact that stamina decreases too quickly.

Moreover, the hem is not very pleasant.

This mode kills two birds with a single arrow and only corrects this – you can zoom in much more with Eagle Eye perk and your stamina will be much slower.

13. Best Archery


Highlight this mode.

The best archery aims to reduce the unrealistic effects of arrows in the game.

Do you know how the arrows seem to float in the Skyrim when you shoot? Install this module properly and it will not happen again.

The speed of all the arrows is increased, and the effect of gravity on each of them is not so bad. This means that they have greater accuracy thanks to improved trajectories.

Shoot enemies at long range and destroy all enemies without getting in your eye with this awesome method.

12. Correct direction


Highlight this mode.

If you aim well, your arrows go directly to the center of the crosshair.

If you have enough inaccuracies with the arrows, this is the way to go.

It allows your shots to go exactly where you aim, which is not surprising in the game of vanilla. Luckily we have moderators to fix what Bethesda didn’t do.

11. Arsenal of Fools – Bows and crossbows

Highlight this mode.

This mode is a visual change in the game, but the difference is noticeable, and the arches and crossbows are much nicer.

Crazy Armory makes the arches much thinner than in the game.

I know you don’t think this is a necessary change, but take a look at the mod page and see how the mod changes the appearance of the arches. It’s just that they look more realistic.

Fashion gives your character the feeling that you really have a bow at your fingertips and not just a massive weapon that seems too difficult to handle.

10. Witerun Sagittarius

Highlight this mode.

The Whiterun Archery Shop is a new shop that has just opened in Whiterun and is owned by Les The Hunter.

He is one of Skyrim’s most skilled archers and is willing to share his knowledge of archery if you want to hire an instructor.

The shop sells everything you need to buy as an experienced archer or beginner in the world of archery, including weapons and ammunition.

Moreover, as the fashion designer claims, Les is a dark character.

If you need a companion for the rest of your hunting days or just someone to cover you with an onion, Les is a good option.

9. Ultra-realistic archery Sounds


Highlight this mode.

The creator of this mode took the time to record the sounds of real arcs recorded on YouTube and simply created sound files that can be played back with these recordings.

In fact a fantastic fashion that uses a fairly simple but super efficient concept.

This makes shooting much more fun!

8. Extended bow shaft

Highlight this mode.

This method is designed to be used in combination with other complex modifications, but more importantly, the arrows can do much more damage if they go through the levels of Skyrim.

Many of the problems associated with archery in the game are due to the fact that the arrows are less effective against high-ranking opponents, which in most cases causes problems for the player.

7. Rotating arrows

Highlight this mode.

This mod turns the arrows when you shoot them, just like in real life!


On Skyrim, the arrow simply moves in a straight line without twisting when shooting the bow.

But this way you will notice how each shooter moves when you shoot at him, which improves his appearance during a landslide. I highly recommend it for serious archery users.

6. Covered arches

Highlight this mode.

Scoped Bows is a mode that adds zones in the most accessible way.

The design of these arches is very similar to all other Dunmer creations, so they fit very well with Skyrim.

Mod adds a total of 32 arches to the game, giving you a wide variety and many more options to complete your archery experience.

If you’ve been playing the game as long as I have, you’ll probably look at this mod with a lot of enthusiasm – and that’s true. It’s nice to aim those guns!

5. Automatic ammunition delivery


Highlight this mode.

In this mode, you can automatically extract ammunition from your character’s active locations as soon as you select a long-range weapon you’re using.

For this purpose mod remembers exactly , the type of ammunition you used with each arc in the game. This means that it will automatically restart when you use it again.

It’s fashionable on the QOL, more than anything in the world.

If you’re like me and hate leaving ammo behind when the guns aren’t in your hands, this mode is just what you need.

4. Cam to tip

Highlight this mode.

Nock to Tip reconstructs the archery system, making especially forging and archery independent of each other.

Gone are the days when you had to make random crap to improve your forge skills and gain access to the best shooters.

You can now shoot your own arrows this way without having to use grinding wheels.

Instead, thanks to a complete redesign by the creator of this fashion, the socks are now attached to most shooters in the game.

That’s right – this mod changes the way makes each arrow in the game look like.

It adds a nose to the tip of each arrow and also gives the arrows a more realistic and elongated look. Now they can also penetrate deeper into the skin and organs of your enemies and make them more deadly.

3. Tight tubes and longer hands

Highlight this mode.

This is another mode that shows how short the arrows in Vanilla Skyrim are.

Each arrow in the game is longer, but the tubes are also more closely connected to your character’s body.

It also makes sense to move in the air, and it is one of the things that has made Skyrim players most angry since the release of the game.

2. ABT – Correction for arrows and bolts

Highlight this mode.

This mod makes many subtle changes to the shooting and bolting system, but they all make for a much more enjoyable archery experience.

Shooters move better, ammunition is much more useful, progressive damage is introduced into the game, and the overall quality of archery is improved by landslides.

A fantastic fashion that brings together the best features of the other mods on this list. I advise you to try this (and the fashion that was at the top of the list) sooner than the others!

1. Archery


Highlight this mode.

AGO changes the way the character moves when using the bow. It sounds small, but it goes into detail.

In fact, she has completely redesigned some animations of the game to make everything look better and smoother.

A bow is also shot much faster, halving the shooting time, and this even contributes to your ability to enchant the arrows and further improve your power as a bow.

Bleeding, better reticle, progressive damage and even hand fatigue make archery more fun and slightly more difficult.

Everything this way makes archery a lot more fun.


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