15 Best Kenshi Mods for Download (All Free)

Kengshi is a rich sandpit in the most honorable sense of the word. An open and vast world, animated by a complex mechanics that pushes, pushes and drags you.

For example, a brave adventurer can travel to an unknown desert, face a gang of thugs and fall into slavery.

Another brave player can sneak into the guarded camp, be caught and enslaved by the camp owners. Maybe you’ve decided to take a normal walk. Bondage.

The infinite possibilities to get involved in the game of the different factions are… really amazing.

In the basic game the tricks are often perfectly applied, but with the help of mods created by the community, you can reach the top of Kengshi. This means things like an improvement in skin texture, a change in the quality of life and the appearance of completely new fractions.

Here is my list of the 15 best Kenshi Mods you can download and install today.

15. Good card – variants


Keep this model.

Kengshi’s standard world map is the naked thing.

You take the form of a continent, important iconic markings, some vague visual descriptions of geography and everything related to it.

It’s functionally useless as long as we don’t remember the location of the world’s largest cities. Nice Map solves all this by offering five different maps that give you all the information you need to survive the post-apocalypse.

So you can see where the zones begin and end. In addition, the names of the areas where all the main roads are located and topographical information about the altitude of the country.

Useful things, that’s for sure.

14. Populated cities

Keep this model.

Okay, I get it: It is the end of the world, and there is certainly a context that explains why the world is so underpopulated.

However, it is difficult to justify having uniformed city guards if you only protect two families.

Think of this remarkable argument as well: The game is objectively better with a larger population.

In the cities of Kensi there is a sense of sustainability because more and more people live there.

By default, residents are so scarce that they seem to pack their suitcases and leave when danger strikes.

In this way, the people who live in these settlements behave as if they had lived there for years. The changes are also balanced in taste – you won’t struggle to find your way in the ocean of man.

Maude adds enough people to revive the game without disrupting the jump.

13. Kengshi Shadi Village

Keep this model.

This mod now adds a subtle cellular effect to the game, creating a small vibration without going too far.

The advantage of this add-on is that the aesthetic pairs in Target Degrees harmonize well with the productive texture models, which means you can reduce the texture quality a little and the game will look great.

12. Advanced drawing

Keep this model.

This mod adds many amazing options to the character creation menu, so you don’t have to look like every other lonely wanderer in the desert.

An incredible amount of work has been done in this mode, with a bunch of new textures and facial and eye colors reproduced specific to each breed and sub breed.

Advanced character creation also generates the color of the eyes and the texture of the face based on the race of the character, ensuring consistency around the world.

11. Internal (and external) design

Keep this model.

Probably for all post-apocalyptic interior designers.

Now you can make all the furniture you find in the world of Kengshi. Chairs, shelves, benches, tables – it’s over!

Finally you can calm down and call home… Then put the warmest mattresses, plywood planks and drawer stools on top.


It’s definitely not Sims or Sweet Home 3D.

But, hey, we take care of what we have in the vacuum.

10. Dark IU

Keep this model.

The standard interface is a slight frustration when playing solo. And I’d say it’s terribly aggressive to take in a few party members and have to manage an inventory of several units at once.


The colours sometimes make them unreadable and the font is so small that anyone who plays for more than 40 hours gets cataracts.

A dark user interface is not a panacea for Kenji’s interface problems. But it really captures the colors and helps make the edges sharper, making the menu much more readable.

I know some purists don’t want to tarnish the gameplay of Kengshi, and many of the mods on this list are not an option for those (boring) people.

However, the dark mode of UI is mandatory for anyone who cares about his or her cornea.

9. Let’s talk about it

Keep this model.

Those of us who have spent enough hours in the Kengshi Desert know that the longer you play, the quieter the game gets.

The NPCs stop talking, the dialogues in the world stop working, everyone is separated forever.

I never thought about it during the game, but the idea of living in a world where people only welcome each other at the first meeting and never admit their existence at later encounters? …is really scary.

It would be like meeting a colleague on the street, and the two of you accidentally pretend you don’t know each other. But not so much.

Can I nod my head? Shall I stop and talk?

The reason ANCs stop talking to Kensi is that their dialogue only works once and never again.

So when you meet new characters and explore new lands, you end up talking to everyone once and for all and silencing them forever. This change corrects this fantasy by resetting a dialog box that is triggered every few days and brings the sound back to the universe as a whole.

8. 256 Set and crew

Keep this model.

More than any other mod here, 256 Recruit and Squad has the potential to completely break the game in many ways.

By using this mod, you not only hope to control the continent where the Kenshis take place.

They want complete and absolute domination. They want to build an empire that will last for generations.

As indicated in the title, this change increases the recruitment limit from 30 to 256 and enables the recruitment of up to 20 professionals at a time.

Now imagine what you can do with so many followers.

They could create economic power with workers who produce goods on a large scale. You can easily steal and destroy entire colonies while defending the city with your loyal army. The world is at your feet.

7. Fewer leaves and stones + texture options


Grips leaves and rocks Mod

Grave texture options Mod

Honestly, Kengshi will not win awards for excellence in visual design.

This game (IMO) is ugly and requires resources disproportionate to what it looked like when the American McGee was a relevant game designer. The fact that these are the two most popular modes of Kengshi shows how badly this game works.

The good news is that since the graphics are not very good at the beginning, changes such as these could reduce the graphic accuracy of the game. And you’ll hardly notice.

Fewer leaves and stones remove leaves and stones from the game. Apparently, I know that.

Now you can decide how much you want to remove, maybe some leaves and stones, maybe everything.

By improving texture options, you can replace standard textures with smaller versions that increase the FPS and reduce loading time for fast movements.

If you get one or two frames per second, you still get a few nice photos per second. If you merge them together, you’ll save a lot of CPU time and probably get dozens of frames per second.

6. Stackable products


Keep this model.

Here is a super easy way to improve your quality of life that allows you to take more things with you by stacking up to 1000 of each item.

Weapons and armor are not counted, and stolen and legal items are divided into different stacks. But it’s still very useful when you’re haunted by almost everything.

And, yes, it is. Download and start accumulating.

5. Mild reactions Simplified


Keep this model.

This is a general revision, adding two new small fractions to each of the three existing large fractions: The Holy Nation, the United Cities and the Kingdom of Sheki.

It also adds two more neutral factions to that you can trade and collaborate with, as well as a number of biospecific factions you may encounter in a wasteland.

But wait, there’s more!

Most of the smaller factions in the game also have their own justice and criminal justice system.

There are also tons of new side effects such as generosity and invasion of the city. Not to mention the fact that the mere existence of these many factions brings a whole new dynamic to the world, making every journey through nature even more exciting.

4. Interest receivers


Keep this model.

Let’s be honest: Vanilla Kengsha’s recruits are pretty mundane.

With Fashion Interesting Recruits you can meet 25 new recruits in the desert, each with their own story, unique dialogues and even language packs.

You’ll also find 30 other generic players roaming the wilderness, a whole new set of quests, and recruits are now even taking notes on locations and other characters.


This one fashionista convinced me to stop doing solos and start collecting recruits like the Desert Pokémon.

3. Tsuki – Decision making pre-selection for Kenny

Keep this model.

If you have a monstrous installation, this mod can make Kengshi look like a game of this generation.


Well, at least it can give it the look of a modern, free MMORPG.

It’s a rework of the shader mode that visually transforms Kengshi into a brand new game with stunning weather effects, heat fog, updated special effects blur – the whole Shabang.

2. Improved procurement management

Keep this model.

Technically, you can start your own business in Kengshi City, but the economy is so bad that the NPCs will be busy trying to stop buying your business.

They have money, but no one has a job or a salary!

Open a shop and in a few days your shop will be flooded with citizens screaming that your items are too expensive and that they cannot afford it with their lack of solidarity.

The Enhanced Shopping Economy corrects this situation by slowly restoring NPC’s cash reserves in Kengshi.

They also have longer shopping lists, and NPCs that previously had no shopping lists, now have them. Universal Basic Income for Kensi? How progressive.

1. Reactive world


Keep this model.

Once you’ve played Kengshi with Fashion Jet World, you can’t go back to vanilla.

It expands the basic reaction system that already exists in Kengshi, but with additional triggers and scenarios that breathe new life into an already great sandbox game.


The changes that accompany this change – and there are too many to list here – create a lot of new and unexpected interactions that make your mouth water. The complete list of changes can be found on the details page before downloading the mod.

That’s Kensi’s full potential.

The world and its inhabitants feel alive and act with a determination that the basic game does not allow.

The assassination of a faction leader, for example, could lead to a total civil war, as various factions fight for control, affecting neighbouring regions and the trade caravans that pass through them. It seems that smaller actions may have long-term consequences for whole institutions.

Play Kengshi at least once, enjoy it for a great game what it is. Then come back with the activation of Fashion Jet World and prepare to be amazed.

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