15 Best Mods For Assassin’s Creed: Origins –

The latest AC titles are some of the best we’ve seen. AC Origins, in particular, took it to a whole new level.

This game was meant to bring the franchise back to the forefront of the open world genre. And Ubisoft hasn’t looked back since.

The change could breathe new life into Origins, especially for veterans of the series returning to the title.

But even if you want to start a new adventure with AC, Origins can be a lot of fun with mods. Here’s our list of priorities.

15. Original AC chart mod

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AC Origins is already one of the finest AC games, without a doubt.

But this AC Origins graphics mod is actually a port of the popular GTA 5 graphics mod, and we all know how these mods took GTA 5’s graphics to a whole new level of craziness.

This is also the case with AC Origins, and everything looks fantastic. Try it yourself and see what you think.

14. Effect Origins and ModInterface Settings

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One of the things Origin fans didn’t like as much was the effects of the new weapons. The reaction from fans was mixed, to say the least.

While there are mods that remove these effects, the KameIMan mod gives you a whole bunch of customizable options to change the visual effects of the game.

That way, you can remove exactly what you don’t want to see.

You will be able to trade items such as loot glows, bullet trails, head flashes and smoke effects.

13. Best Icons

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The following is a great addition even if you are playing the game for the first time.

Better symbols improve the quality of life because card symbols are much more visible, making it much easier to find what you are looking for in the world.

The mod affects icons for everything from quests to unexplored places, weavers, blacksmiths and stables, and brings them closer to AC2 icons.

12. AC Origin of the inventor

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The following is a bit of a cheat mod, but it’s a great way to go through the world of Origins and have fun. Especially if you’ve already had your first big break.

The AC Origins Inventory Editor gives you total control over your inventory, giving you instant access to every conceivable item in the game.

I think it speaks for itself, don’t you?

11. Assassin’s Clothing – Egyptian Replicator Hedj

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There are many different equipment options for Bayek in AC Origins. And the Egyptian Hedj outfit has become one of the most popular.

Mud Foedawg decided to add his personal touch to the outfit with this mod, giving it a much cleaner and more sophisticated look.

The mod makes the Egyptian Hedj outfit more recent, less messy and generally less loose to give Bayek the look of a traditional hitman.

10. True Desert Raider – Leather Dust-off

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It’s nice to see how games can make it hard to get meches.

Like the AC Origin Savannah Marauder outfit, which you can get at any tailor, but costs more than the other outfits.

The leopard scarf on Bayek’s shoulder looks odd compared to the green and gold collar.

Mud nfcintra also thought they were a bit over the top, so he replaced them with his own True Desert Raider outfit.

This change makes the outfit much simpler and gives it a much more worn look. Like it was used by someone wandering in the desert.

And it even comes with rusty material to add the rusty look.

9. Persian Assassin Armour

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Add another 500 drachmas and you can get a Persian leader outfit at any tailor in Egypt.

Muddy Alka shares his own interpretation of the outfit, giving it a more dressy look than the original.

This outfit actually removes as much armor as possible, allowing many more garments to be seen.

The rest of the armor replaces the original reddish bronze pieces with silver, giving them that elegant look we all crave.

8. white cover

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Getting a Black Hood outfit is not as easy as taking a drachma to the nearest tailor.

To avoid spoilers, I won’t go into details, but I can say that it’s really worth tracking down.

This outfit is one of the most unique options in the game, and as the title suggests, it allows Bayek to give himself a makeover in black.

Black Cloaks doesn’t look much like Assassin’s Creed, but …. So if you’re looking for something familiar in the show, White Hood will give you exactly that.

Thus, the aesthetic of black and gold is replaced with a more traditional white and silver color scheme.

7. The Shadow Warrior is a follower of the Khepri mantle

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The next one is interesting because it introduces a whole new layer of ancient Egyptian history in one of the least common AC Origins outfits.

The Shadow Warrior’s equipment is a little harder to find. But if you can, one of the first things you’ll notice is the jacket with the eagle logo.

The Shadow Warrior Mud nfcintra adds some spice to the outfit by completely changing the cloak to give you a black cloak with the Egyptian god Khepri engraved on it.

6. Greek equipment Hedj

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Another replacement for the Egyptian Hedj’s outfit, this time completely changing the look and feel of the set.

Greek Hedj’s outfit was inspired by Greco-Egyptian color patterns, as evidenced by the blue and orange reflections.

The dresses are also less white, which softens the overall look considerably. And the engraving of the Eye of Horus on the belt buckle adds a nice touch to further personalize the outfit.

5. Black Soldier Abstergo

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Abstergo’s forces have been involved in the Assassin’s Creed games for some time. And their jerseys changed from game to game, too.

Many agree that the coolest form is the one in the last AC Odyssey, where they were pretty much unplugged.

Well, this mod brings the same look to AC Origins, so Team Sigma soldiers will be fully dressed in black as they appeared in AC Odyssey.

4. Thomas de Carnelon Equipment

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Thomas de Carneillon was a French banker and master assassin first introduced in AC Unity.

As a playable character, we didn’t get much credit, but given his history and his huge contribution to the Order, many fans wanted more.

This mod allows you to do that by giving you access to his armor set.

He replaces the Altai in Thomas’ place. Not much, but something for sure!

3. Chinese killing tools

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As we’ve seen in many AC games over the years, assassins are scattered around the world.

The Chronicles of Assassin’s Creed: China introduced Shao Jun and showed us a side of the Order that is very different from what we have seen in other games.

Modder Foedawg takes him back to the origins of AC with his Chinese Assassin Outfit mod, replacing the Egyptian Wahid with an outfit inspired by that of Shao Jun.

2. Captain America board and modern theater equipment

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If you are looking for something more modern, this could be the next model.

Who would have ever thought to see an Assassin’s Creed x Marvel crossover?

The well-designed BHAVYAPRASHANT makes this possible by replacing Aguilar’s outfit with a blue cape and the Phalanx’s shield with Captain American’s.

And this can also be used in the game. Cute, isn’t he?

1. Clothes of the Prince of Persia

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The Prince of Persia games are often considered the pioneers of many of the parkour elements we see in modern games.

Assassin’s Creed is also called the spiritual successor to the series, so this latest mod is a cool nod to the past from the creator of SoulSif.

This mod recreates the original Prince of Persia outfit to be closer to the Prince of Persia outfits, taking inspiration from the various games in the series, as well as the game-based film.

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