15 Best No-Evolution Pokémon That Don’t Evolve (Non-Legendaries) –

Part of the fun of Pokémon is picking up your cute minions and seeing what horrible monsters they become.

Compare Tepig with Emboar…

But you may not like it.

Maybe you just want a Pokémon that’s already good and you don’t have to worry about evolution. Well, my friend, then this list is for you!

Here are some of the best Pokémon from all generations that never evolve! Legends, of course, are out of the question.

15. Nipple

Shuckle is an adorable worm/mushroom that has captured the hearts of many people, despite his derpy-like appearance.

Laughter is an incredibly addictive Pokémon. It has the highest protection of any Pokémon and has access to moves like Poison, Infestation, Encore, and Sticky Web.

But that’s not why Shackle made the list.

No, he’s here because Shuckle, despite having the lowest attack stats, can do the most damage in a single round of the entire series. Hypothetical.

There are a lot of specific and odd settings, see this link above for more details, but know that the damage can range from 480 million to 722 million depending on the version of Pokémon you play.

They say surprises come in small packages. And Shackle is a perfect example.

14. Tauros

It will come as a surprise to some to see Tauros on this list.

It is currently a fairly fast and resilient Pokémon that is struggling to hold its own in the current metagame.

But to see what made Tauros great, you have to go back to the beginning.

Tauros was a Pokémon champion of the first generation. With its considerable mass and massive attack, it can pass almost any other Pokémon with ease.

He usually uses the STAB Body Slam and Hyper Beam in combination with snowfall and earthquakes. Almost all fights were decided based on whether or not Tauros was present at the end of the match.

Tauros may be a bull now, but he was once a king.

13. Falinx

At this price, you get 6 Pokémon for the price of one!

Falinx is an interesting Pokémon that represents a phalanx of Spartan soldiers. But what really sets it apart is the distinctive No Retreat movement.

Not only does no retreat look really good, but it’s also one of the best challenge moves in the game. It increases each status by one level, at the cost of not being able to stop (it’s worth it).

It’s a great duet with a decent cover by Falinx. Close Combat, Punch, Poison Jab and Zen Headbutt are all great moves.

And that makes Falinx a fantastic sweeper at the end of the game, especially at Battery if you want to make the rounds for BP. If you feel like you’re failing, try Falinx!

12. Sigilife

When I was a kid and loved dreamcatchers, I loved Sigilif.

It’s one of the most unique Pokémon of all time, and a potentially unique style of play. This is mainly due to his Magic Guard ability.

Thanks to Magic Guard, Sigilife can only be damaged by direct attacks.

This means you can combine it with Flame or Poisoned Orb and transfer those conditions via Psychological Shift. You can also use cosmic power to increase your defensive power, and stored power to take advantage of it.

This can turn Sigilif into a large reservoir that can destroy most Pokémon.

But that’s how I like to do it. You can also teach Sigilyph back wind to speed up the whole team, air strikes to use this speed, or a variety of special moves to get a decent base speed of 97.

Sigilife is not only cool because of its design and features, but also because you can do so much with it!

He deserves to be on that list.

11. Klefki

Klefki is a charming man of steel/young man who likes to collect keys from all over the world.

But he doesn’t steal them.

Klefki holds your keys and protects them with all its strength. This form of support and protection can also be observed in combat.

What makes Clefky so great in combat is his ability to use wild cards. This gives more priority to any move that is not an attack move. This hitch is great because it allows you to move the pool. Spikes, light shield, reflection, thunder wave, toxicity, rising magnet, the list goes on and on!

Many Pokémon may be stronger than Klefki, but I’m sure you won’t find a Pokémon as useful.

10. Small

Minior is perhaps the most beautiful stone in all of Pokémon.

Sure, it looks like a scary meteor, but once it loses its shell, it’s the most beautiful star in the universe.

But it’s not just an aesthetic change. That’s the capacity of Minior Shields going down.

It turns him from a defensive beast into a fast sweeper. And this power is fully exploited by the Shell Smash movement. On defense, increase your offense, SWAT, and speed and prepare to take out as many Pokémon as possible.

All of this, combined with the excellent coverage of Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Acrobatics, provides super effective coverage against 648 Pokémon and no Resistance.

Minior is not a small Pokémon.

9. Pachirisu

Although there are many Pikachu clones of the same evolution, Pachirisu is the only one on the list. Yeah, he’s the cutest of them all. But that’s not why he’s here.

Pachirisu is there for a man: Park Se Joon.

Park Se-Jun is one of the best Pokémon players of all time, and is best known for his unique teams. He took Pachirisa and made it very bulky. He then taught him Nazzle, Follow Me, Super Fang and Defend.

This made Pachirisa the perfect attacker for the rest of Se Joon’s squad, deflecting attacks and slowing down opponents. That’s what made Pokémon Se Joon the world champion in 2014.

That day, Park Se Joon proved what Karen said in Elite 4, the second generation of Pokémon: Really experienced coaches try to win with their favorites.

And it was this moment that made Pachirisu a favorite of fans around the world.

8. Hawlucha

As a wrestling fan, I’ve always been a fan of Houlouha.

Its astonishing appearance and impressive battle make it a Pokémon that will always strike fast and hard.

And this has been extended to Sword and Shield with the addition of dynamaxing.

Thanks to dynamic braking, Hawlucha’s fight and flight moves not only do incredible damage, but also increase the speed and rhythm of the attack. this makes Hawlucha an even more threatening sweeper than before!

All these robots combined with combat and acrobatics make Havluku one of Dynamax’s most threatening sweepers in Sword and Shield.

7. Valid

I’m not going to lie: I wasn’t very impressed with Eastin the first time I saw him.

It sounded like a psychic audino to me, and the stats weren’t that impressive. The boy was wrong!

In fact, with Psychic Splash, he has one of the best skills in the game.

This psychic field challenge boosts psychic type moves and cancels priority moves such as the quick attack. But what enables Indeedee to benefit from this is the Expanding Force, a movement whose basic force on the psychic field is multiplied by a factor of 1.5.

Add STAB to the mix and you get a base power of 160!

There are also awesome light moves with Mystic Fire and iridescent sparks. It may seem harmless, but this thing can overwhelm you and make you unfit. Don’t underestimate him.

6. Charcoal

For anyone who played in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Torcoal Flannery was one of the most difficult challenges. When it gets sunny and overheated, this thing hits like a truck.

But it was in the following generations that Torcoal really began to shine.

Torcoal has recently acquired the capacity to combat drought. This creates sunny weather that increases the power of fire type attacks and decreases the power of water type attacks. And Torcoal takes full advantage of that with moves like Eruption, Lava Plume and Sunbeam.

In addition, Torkoal can support other members of your team with Quick Turn, Camo Stone and Yawn.

Oh, did I mention Shell Smash? This thing is getting crushed by grenades.

Torcoal has gone from being a terrible enemy in the game to an incredibly useful Pokémon opponent. A truly colossal turtle.

5. Smears

I would say Smargl is on that list because he can literally learn every move in the game.

Are you going to teach him the sacred fire? You can do it.

What about geomancy? Let’s go!

Splash? Um… Of course you did.

But with terrible overall stats, Smeargle is the biggest Pokémon fan.

Since you can teach him anything, he can support your team however he wants.

The most common moves are Spore, Sticky Web, Stealth Rocks and many more. Like I said, Smeargle can literally learn every move in the game.

This allows Smeargle to be effective at any level of Pokémon competition. He’s also wearing a beret.

It doesn’t really mean anything, but I want to bring fashion to your attention when I see it.

4. Drakovian

While Smeargle is on this list because of his infinite versatility, Drakovish is here for the exact opposite reason.

The Drakovish has the strongest movement of any Pokémon. (With the exception of the clasp).

Fishiu Ridge is an 85-base coup. That doesn’t sound very impressive, does it?

Increase it by 1.5x with Drakovish’s Strong Jaw ability. Then increase that power even more with the selection band. Next, make sure Drakovish is fast enough to use the Fishy Rending side effect, which doubles his base power.

You now see a movement with a base power of 255. And it doesn’t even have to be changed!

This decision alone led some to exclude Drakovish from the contest. This may sound crazy, but it deserves your respect.

3. Scarmoria

Scarmory is not only one of the coolest Pokémon in the world, but also one of the best defensive Pokémon of all time.

His massive 140 defense is remarkable. And combined with your steel and your flying machine, it can take a lot of hits.

Scarmory’s defense makes him perfect for supporting and stopping Pokémon. He can pick up spikes, poison enemies with obvious dangers with Defog, and heal himself with Roost.

Not to mention that it’s a great STAB initiative in Bravebird.

Scarmory has always been one of the most popular Pokémon in the series, and it’s no wonder.

2. Mimic

Mimikyu is a Pokémon that looks so scary that when a scientist looks at it, it either dies of fright or a mysterious disease (depending on which Pokex article you read).

But all Mimiku wants is to be popular!

So he made a costume to look like the most important thing in the world: Pikachu!

It’s so sad and cute, I couldn’t help but be fascinated by this little mon.

Fortunately, Mimikyu is as efficient as he is charming in battle. His ability to disguise himself gives him a trick where he does no damage. This is an excellent opportunity to personalize the sword dance and strengthen your attack.

And Mimikyu can take the opportunity to use moves like Shadow Claw, Play Hard, Big Shadow and Wooden Hammer.

Mimicry is my favorite Pokémon that hasn’t evolved yet. But for the best, we must move on to another Pokémon imitation….

1. The fact is that

It should be the same for Ditto.

While Ditto was in the first. The generation was just a fun processing gadget, it became much more useful when breeding became a thing.

It can mate with literally any other Pokémon.

But he has become competitive with his ability as a hidden cheat. That’s what makes Ditto transform when she goes to war.

Combine that with a scarf and you have the best revenge killer in the game.

Then, with the explosion, everything changed. When Pokémon get Dynamaxe, they get a lot of very powerful moves that can also increase Pokémon’s stats.

So when Dynamax runs out, go to Ditto, grab those status bonuses, and then Dynamax itself. Suddenly, you have a Pokémon that can earn a total of 6 status bonuses!

None of them even mention the cute traders of Ditto or the awesome anime episode with Duplica.

He is absolutely worthy of being called the best Pokémon of all time.

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