15 Best Snake-Like Pokemon Of Every Game (Ranked)

While there are hundreds of different styles and shapes for Pokémon, fans’ favourites are inspired by real creatures.

Now, I’m sure most of us prefer cute cats and dogs, but why not show a little love for Snake Pokémon? They are creatures that manage to borrow the sinister, crawling elements of real snakes, but at the same time they are amazing enough to want to enter our house.

Whether it’s their long bodies, scales, canines, or simply the way they attack in battle, Pokémon Snakes are amazing. Below are my best Pokémon Snake Kits that don’t have arms and legs, but deserve at least two inches in the air.

15. Sample


Opportunity is the original Pokémon Snake, and I really hope everyone can get to know this man at first glance.

Ekans has been introduced in Generation I games from the beginning and is supposed to represent snakes with design elements.

From mowing the lawn to hunting Pidgey eggs, no one disputes that this Pokémon universe is like a common snake in the grass.

The name Ekans is even a snake word written upside down! More than 20 years have passed since the original games were released, and I only learned this fact last year. I can’t be the only one who hasn’t noticed!

14. Arbok


The Escan turns into an arboka on level 22 and goes from a cute (kind of) little snake to the much creepier and more poisonous cobra creature you see here.

Like many real dragons with single scale patterns, the canopy pattern of the Arbok has times 20 possiblepatterns, making it even more intimidating.

Arbok imitates real snakes and uses his body to surround and squeeze his enemies to immobilize them.

And just like the etymology of the name Ekans, you can see that the name Arbok makes a cobra upside down. Satoshi Tajiri had some crazy ideas for these old games… …but it was the ’90s.

13. Seivir

As with Ekans and Arbok, there’s no denying that this Pokémon was made to look sinister and scary for anyone suffering from ophiophobia.

Although the Seviper is usually depicted with scratched bodies, I can only imagine his long, smooth body crawling along the road.

This Pokémon snake is as poisonous as many real snakes, which are known for their characteristic poisonous tails.

It’s also interesting to note that Seviper was released in the same way as another Pokémon Zangoose designed like a mongoose. Snakes like to eat mongooses (mongoose?), so the two naturally developed a bloody rivalry.

12. Raikuaza


Raikuaza may be known as the kind of dragon, but it cannot be denied that he looks like a snake. Like an ancient serpent of the Mayan people. By the way, what happened to 2012?

If you’re tall and bent, Räikuaza looks like a snake in his movements, and it’s easily one of the most powerful Pokémon like the Snake.

I think you can call this guy a dragon snake if you want. Plus, it’s green, so it’s compliant.

11. Onyx

Another unique feature of the typical snake design is that Onix has a body of stones to make this snake-shaped slide.

I would say that if I was cleaning weeds in my garden, I would rather see a garter snake than a giant stone snake every day of the week.

Although Onyx, like most snakes, cannot quietly walk in the grass, this massive creature can actually go underground to move between different locations. And he’s moving up to 50 miles an hour, so this guy could come out of the ground at any time. I think I’ll avoid the dark cave for a while.

10. Steel


The onyx may be known as the stone snake, but with the evolution of Steelix this creature becomes a seemingly indestructible iron snake.

It retains a long snake-like body, but develops spines that come from stony areas along the steel (or other) skin.

Like the Onyx, the Steelix can often be found underground, in the mountains or in caves.

Although their teeth have fewer canines than most, they can gnaw at almost anything, even rocks. I can only imagine Jasmine and her Steelix traveling through the Poké landscape, following footpaths and frightening little children at every turn.

9. Dratini

Snakes can be scary, and most of the Pokémon on this list are pretty scary. But a Dratini is anything but.

They’re the most beautiful of the snake-shaped Pokémon, and it’s hard to imagine them being threatened by something with such large, charming eyes.

The Dratini are technically dragons, and they have nothing in the wild that comes close to reptiles. But they have flaky, reptilian skin, so I think they deserve to be listed here as snake-like monsters.

Dragon dogs are common underwater, and they really like to swim, not slide.

8. Hang glider


The dragon air grows out of Dratini and retains its snake-like shape.

But in the end, it’s either Pokémon or Dragons, and when this monster’s long magic bean turns into Dragonite, all the snake-like features are replaced by the actual size and scale of a giant dragon.

But I must like the aesthetics of Dragonaire. He’s cute like Dratini, but he’s a grown man.

7. Service

Cervina has what most Pokémon like the snake don’t have: Legs.

Although some think their legs are the ruins of a list of snake monsters, in the world of Pokémon, these guys are still considered grass snakes.

Just like the snakes we all know, Cervina stays in the high grass to hide from her prey until she decides to attack.

They come from Snivy (5th generation weedkiller), which can also be considered almost snake-like. But it is Servin’s long body that makes them a distinctive choice that puts them on this list.

6. Serpentine


As soon as Matterhorn turns into Serperior and loses two legs, he takes on many more hoses than he looks, because he loses the ability to walk and has to move by sliding.

I don’t know about you, but when I see something slipping away, I call it a snake and I avoid it.

When Serperior opens his mouth , two large canines are mounted on his back. They are used to feed and repel attackers in battle.

5. Military

When you look at Phoebas, you never expect him to turn into something as beautiful as Milotic.

Despite the fact that Milotic is much more gentle and friendly than most of the creatures on this list, his long, flaky body still resembles a water snake.

In fact, they’re classified as an aquatic species of Pokémon, so they could be called large sea snakes. Although, to be honest, Pokémon are pretty hard to buy, you could keep reading and see if you notice any of the other snake/water combinations.

4. Tail


Fish bones live in the deepest parts of the ocean and slide on the seabed between sand and shells.

That makes sense, because Huntail grew out of Clamperl. I think if you want to do this before your time, you absolutely have to plan ahead. Find your best pair of pliers and get a deep sea tooth for this difficult evolutionary process.

Honestly, it’s not as hard to get Huntale as Stylix at your party. All you have to do is find a friend who’s willing to go back and forth.

3. Electricity

Although Eletrik’s body looks more like an eel than a snake, he still reminds me of a floating swimming snake, which will be a welcome addition to your party as an HM hard water and surf monster.

This little boy took his first dip in the 5th grade and is one of the most powerful monsters of this generation of games. That’s partly because it’s an electric Pokémon. Although it looks like it should be in water, this thing is actually stronger than against all kinds of water.

And just like the Pokémon Cobra Arbok, the Eelpick revolves around its prey’s body before eating it. A truly ruthless creature.

2. Dancers

Dunsparce may not have the long body of most of the others on the list, but his ability to move on his stomach has earned him the title of Pokémon the Snake.

And although he almost looks like Magicarp from the dark caves, I have to say that Dunspars is pretty cute. Just like old Slopowe’s cute.

Dunsparce is less powerful than most of the creatures on this list, and they’d rather hide or flee from their enemies than attack them. But these guys are also incredibly rare at . So if you’re trying to fill your Pokédex, it can be very difficult to fill Dunsparce.

1. Gyarados

Like myylotics, Gyarados evolves from a Pokémon fish to a more spiral shape.

Covered with strong dragon scales, this Pokémon belongs to the class of water snakes and is probably the strongest of the Pokémon water snakes.

The canines of the Gyarados are the strongest elements because their bite is fierce. They can crush almost anything as long as they’re in the sea.

While many Pokémon snakes prefer to use their dugouts to hide and surprise their prey, Gyarados isn’t a fan of modest attacks. He’s also in such a bad mood that he can destroy entire cities without thinking too much about it.

It’s also worth mentioning that Gyarados is the lightest and brightest version of the Pokémon Snakes you can catch. Not to mention the fact that all red gyarados will look like they’ve been taken over by the E4 boss.

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