15 Weakest Anime Villains That Never Stood A Chance –

Heroes and villains merge as YouTubers and mobile app sponsors.

And we’ve seen that both sides are incredibly challenging, interesting and strong.

But for these rankings, we’re going to look at some of the worst anime villains and try to pick a group that just falls short of the bar compared to all the other villains in each series.

If you’re looking for really weak antagonists that you can probably take out yourself, we’ve got you covered.

15. Revci Salik

Anime: Black Clover

The honesty of this guy seemed promising, as he basically looked like a cross between Orochimaru and Kurapika.

But, as is Shunen’s custom, he was the first villain and thus the weakest.

He had a cool necklace spell. But even Asta, without her powers, could resist her after pep talks.

And the moment he got his sword (which he didn’t even know how to use at the time), Revchi was simply destroyed.

It’s hard to compare this level of power to later villains who could individually wipe out at least a small town.

14. Spinner

Anime: My heroic academy

When Spinner came across the stage with his giant mega-word, I was sure his Quirk had something to do with weapons.

But no.

This guy looks like a lizard and can climb walls like a gecko.

You can prove that his fighting skills make up for his lack of strength. But I think in reality, all members of League of Villains will get it – low to medium difficulty.

It is better to sell used cars.

13. Momo Nishimiya

Anime: Jujutsu Kaizen

Although I doubt Momo will turn out to be the real bad guy, so far this is only the first season, it really matters.

Especially since all she wants to do is kill Itadori and stuff.

The problem with Momo is that she doesn’t belong.

The rest of the clips showed so much raw strength and fighting technique that their ability to control the broom just wasn’t enough.

This, of course, gives him a great advantage. And she can get good information.

But in combat, she’s ridiculously better than Itadori, Tudu and Mechamaru.

12. Deidara

Anime: Akame ga Kill!

Even if you’ve seen the show, chances are you don’t remember this guy.

He was part of a team of three men who had to kill Bulat and Tatsumi’s best boy.

And while the other two proved to be very difficult, Deidara was just pathetic.

His thing was to drop the axe and let it fly at him.

Of course, he managed to put some pressure on Tatsumi’s early game.

But when Bulat came, my buddy took an L and couldn’t even fight back. He was mostly cannon fodder.

11. You will

Anime: Dr. Stone.

This guy was so well known that I really thought he was going to be the next big threat.

He was one of the few elite members with real combat experience and was more than willing to kill if the opportunity arose.

But in the end, he just fell.

Chrome was able to outsmart him a few times and hit him once in the crotch to win.

I’m not saying he’s the weakest physically, certainly not. And I sincerely hope my boy will see some fans later, because right now he is at his best D level.

10. Kyogai

Anime: Demon Slayer.

Needless to say, I’m not counting the little demons here, because that wouldn’t be funny.
Of the main demons, Kyogai was the weakest.

That’s because you need optimal conditions to win.

Not only must he end the fight quickly so that his opponent not only remembers the drum he attacked….. but usually his opponents must come to his manor to use his power.

And even in this scenario, it is possible to get out if you are fast enough.

9. Tsunekichi Hatadaira

Anime: The talentless grandmother

On paper he should be caught because he can see the future and all that.

But when you think about it, he’s just cannon fodder compared to the rest of his classmates.

He tells the future through many images while he sleeps.

This means you can simply replace the photos you receive with fake ones and then destroy them. Or at least see for yourself what it says.

And because they are photos, they are usually only good for blackmail because they give minimal information.

He was also a friendless sod, so even if he knew what was going to happen, he didn’t have the firepower to do it.

8. Twigo

Anime: The seven deadly sins

If you’re a fan of Nux Taku, you’re probably foaming at the mouth, because I was standing in front of Mr. Taku myself. Jesus Twigon Senpai had no respect.

But beyond that, the man was a fed and nothing more.

He probably cut down a few trees with his sword. But there are literally gods and demons in this series, so it doesn’t really matter.

Bonus points if you try to become a demon and die because your body can’t handle it.

7. Zabuza Momochi

Anime: Naruto

This is another case where I don’t want to punish my boy like this. But it’s the only way.

As the first major villain in the entire Naruto multiverse, he quickly went insane.

While his most impressive moves were summoning fog and creating a water dragon after only 50 hand gestures, Madara only dropped meteors on the ground with an annoyed look on his face.

It’s a shame, because he was one of the coolest characters on the show.

But he never really had a chance.

6. Kirara Mizutani

Anime: Then I was reincarnated as a slime.

Honestly, the entire kingdom of Falmouth could be on that list. And when you finish the second season, you’ll know why.

Kirara proved to be particularly obnoxious, simply because she deserved so much.

It was claimed that she was powerful enough to drive anyone in the room to suicide with one word, thanks to her brainwashing abilities.

But in reality, her power is based on the fact that she has some power of persuasion.

She couldn’t even fight the monsters, she was so weak.

5. Rize Kamishiro

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

It’s something I never give up.

Rize has been called one of the strongest ghouls to ever live, and it was her strength that made Kaneki so powerful.

And all you had to do to kill her was throw a few steel bars at her head.

Later in the series we see people hitting at light speed and damaging entire cities, and you’re saying the strongest Ghoul can’t take a concussion?

I don’t care what you say, Rize was the weakest Ghoul in the entire series.

4. Motoyiru Kajiya

Anime: Bungo Stray dogs

This guy just has the most slipperiness and the least power.

His thing is that he can’t be damaged by bombs.

In particular, he can’t be damaged by the lemon bombs he has to make beforehand.

If you haven’t seen the series, this may not seem like a bad thing, as it certainly has devastating power. But the other villains are just completely superior.

In Bungo Stray Dogs, we have thieves who can create a pocket size and bend gravity, and my buddy here is just immune to his own damage source.

3. King’s cold

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

I think we can all agree that Freeza was a legendary villain.

His fight against Goku will go down in anime history, and the heroes really had to pull out all the stops to defeat him.

So you would think that with the return of such an epic villain, along with his father (the literal king), all hell would break loose. But no.

Both can be wiped off immediately without much effort.

Even Jinyu’s troops fought better than that.

But especially with King Cold in the lead, it was just pathetic.

2. Pacunoda

Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

This is another case where the villain was very useful and had a lot to offer the group, but was just bad at fighting.

To be precise, their Nen was a non-striker.

She could rip memories out of people and/or force them to reveal important information, but that was what she was talking about.

Compared to the other members of the squad, who could blow up an average of one or two buildings, their usefulness just wasn’t enough.

It’s a sad truth, but sometimes information doesn’t save you from a maniacal, murderous clown.

1. Toya Setsuno

Anime: My heroic academy

The villains in My Hero Academy are usually either gods or terribly weak. So I had a hard time limiting the number of records to two.

Toei’s quirk may be strong, but it’s so ridiculous.

It easily allows him to move an object from your hand (when he sees it) and put it in his own hand.

In other words, he can kill cops who point a gun at him.

Any other Quirk user could have eliminated it immediately if they were alone.

And because it’s so situational, I can’t even say it’s that useful.

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