The first anime that comes to mind is Death Note, but there are many other examples of cold and emotionless main characters. These character types continue to resonate with audiences because they provide an interesting journey for the audience along with intense action sequences.

The “anime with cold mc” is a trope that has become popular in anime recently. The main character is emotionless and doesn’t care about anyone else.

There’s nothing quite like a strong lone wolf protagonist to propel a series along.

In comparison to the normal loud-mouthed, hot-blooded, and excessively exuberant MCs, it’s a refreshing approach on the role.

And I believe these quiet, calculated personalities are a little bit cooler than their more outgoing counterparts.

Isn’t it true that all the gloomy and blank looks contribute to the character’s mystery?

So, which anime has a protagonist with these characteristics? Which ones are the most worthwhile to watch?

Here are some of our favorites.


17. The Shield Hero’s Ascension

Naofumi Iwatani from The Rising of the Shield Hero

First up, we have (at least in my view) one of the finest Isekai anime releases in the previous five years.

The primary character of the program is Naofumi Iwatani, who is a young and innocent guy who is misled as soon as he is called to the other side.

Although he did not become completely heartless or cold as a result of this sad occurrence, he became resentful and had trust difficulties.

He just got more aware of the genuine motives of others, which is a good thing.

He does, however, sometimes go overboard.

This “darker” aspect of him often causes him to clash with the other heroes, but Filo and Raphtalia were always there to keep him in control.


16. Slayer of Goblins

Goblin Slayer screenshot

The Goblin Slayer, unlike your ordinary adventurer, is just constructed differently.

He has no ambition for fame or fortune.

All he wants to do is rend and tear those annoying goblins that happen to cross his path.

He has developed a degree of coldness and alienation from other people as a result of his somewhat peculiar goals.

However, anybody who considers the Goblin Slayer to be a friend should know that he is a relatively easygoing person.

Throughout the series, he’s even aided a few strangers, including the show’s primary waifu, The Priestess.

However, don’t expect him to say much.

To be honest, you’d have a greater chance of finding a decent goblin in this show.


15. Arifureta: From Everyday to World’s Most Powerful

Hajime Nagumo from Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest

Arifureta is the latest in a long line of Isekai games that have been churned out at a breakneck pace in recent years.

And, although it doesn’t bring much to the genre in my view, it has its own pleasures.

The story follows Hajime Nagumo, a typical “bullied underdog” guy who has been betrayed by a classmate.

And if The Rising of the Shield Hero taught us anything, it’s that betrayed MCs mysteriously transform into ice-cold badasses.

Oh, and sometime along the road, they also become OP.

It occurred to Hajime as soon as he was deceived.


14. Breaker of Codes

Rei Oogami from Code Breaker

In every work of fiction, it’s a well-known truth that fire + any hue other than orange is cool.

Do you have any doubts?

What about Wildfire, for example? What about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? Amaterasu?

Dabi’s Weirdness? The Dark Flame of Rimuru?

I could go on and on, and Rei Oogami wields a special blue flame that vaporizes his foes to oblivion, much like these instances.

In fact, his flames are so intense that not a single one of his victims survives.

Yeah, this man has no concept of restraint at all!

He didn’t appear disturbed by any of it, to be sure.

His cold, impersonal manner, on the other hand, seems to match his character pretty well.


Hyouka (#13)

Houtarou Oreki from Hyouka

Houtarou Oreki, unlike the majority of the others on this list, does not have any special abilities or a “particularly specific combination of capabilities.”

He does, however, have an icy attitude that rivals Siberia’s ice caps.

At the very least, he was an unduly reserved person at first.

This was because he was a big supporter of energy saving.

He was so engrossed in it that, despite being in his early twenties, he couldn’t be bothered to put himself out there socially.

It all changed when he met his Classics Club pals, particularly Eru Chitanda, who was essential in his rehabilitation to become a somewhat more extroverted person.


12. The Elite Classroom

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji from Classroom of the Elite

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji (the protagonist of this underappreciated school drama series) nails the role of a “ordinary high school student.”

His pupils (and even the school administration) had no idea that he was a cool and calculated intellect who sought to look inconspicuous in public.

He did this because he didn’t want to bring attention to himself, allowing him to do anything he wanted while remaining undetected.

Given the kind of institution he registered in, this is a wise decision on his behalf.

He picks his partners with great care, and those he doesn’t trust are only pieces in his game.

Unfortunately for the others, he isn’t a particularly trustworthy person…


Saiki K.’s Tragic Life, No. 11

Saiki Kusou from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

No one — and I mean no one — can ever top our friendly neighborhood esper Saiki Kusuo when it comes to maintaining a straight face.

He has telepathy, telekinesis, flight, invisibility, invincibility, time manipulation, clairvoyance, x-ray vision, and teleportation, among other abilities.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to figure out why Saiki never appears to be surprised.

He’s emotionally unshakeable, and he often leaves other people to their own devices. Unless, of course, his pals and bugs are involved.

Only then do you see a flaw in his normally calm and restrained demeanor!


Mob Psycho 100 (#10)

Shigeo Kageyama from Mob Psycho 100

When it comes to espers, we have another one in Shigeo Kageyama, the series’ main character and a particular favorite of mine.

Shigeo Kageyama, like his pink-haired esper counterpart, doesn’t say much.

He also has little interest in other people’s concerns, and he only intervenes when things have gone too far south for the other characters to mend.

When it comes to his pals, though, he’s the same as Saiki.

Shigeo will go to any length to defend them and their interests, even though he seems to be indifferent and chilly the most of the time.


Kiznaiver (nine)

Katsuhira Agata from Kiznaiver

Next, we have an anime with a protagonist that is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf

Katsuhira Agata has had a difficult time since he was experimented on.

He was so disturbed by the encounter that he went into an emotionally vegetative condition as a result of it.

In the Kizuna Experiment, Katsuhira lost a piece of himself as well as his capacity to feel pain, to the point that he couldn’t even feel hatred against his bullies.

On the other hand, he’s lucky to have his pals at his side, all of them helped him reclaim his original, cheery personality by breaking through his detached mental state.


Saga of Vinland No. 8

Thorfinn from Vinland Saga

It makes no difference how tough or mature a kid is.

Seeing a parent slaughtered in front of their eyes will undoubtedly have psychological consequences.

Do you have any doubts?

Just look at Batman and Thorfinn!

To seek vengeance on his father’s murderer, one became a caped crusader of the night and the other became a Viking assassin.

As you can expect, seeing such a horrible event made Thorfinn resentful and alienated.

Something that would have happened to the Dark Knight if Alfred hadn’t been at his side.


7. Lord Overlord

Momonga from Overlord

Human emotions are fascinating… But what good are they to a person who has already died?

Enter Momonga, the titular zombie protagonist of one of the greatest (if not the best) Isekai anime of the last ten years.

Simply stated, he’s a skeleton you don’t want to cross paths with.

After all, Momonga himself stated that as the series progressed, he began to lose all sense of what human feelings were.

This, in course, makes him very dangerous.

Those who dared to confront him and his guild, in particular.


6. Titanic Assault

Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan

Eren Jaeger was your average fiery and upbeat Shounen MC who would never give up or betray his comrades.

Someone who was not scared to grin because, no matter how difficult circumstances were, he always hoped for a better future.

Regrettably, let us emphasize the phrase “was”…

I must confess, his progressive transformation into a more intellectual, cold, and calculated figure surprised me.

In some ways, it makes sense.

Regardless of how profound the alterations in his mentality were, he did what he felt was right in the end.


5. Magic High School Irregular

Shiba Tatsuya from Irregular of Magic High School

Here’s a show with yet another underdog MC who doesn’t care about words or interacting with strangers.

Except when he’s with Miyuki, his adoring younger sister.

Unlike Miyuki, Shiba Tatsuya is born with very little ability as a magician and is the family’s black sheep.

Tatsuya, on the other hand, does not allow his disability stop him from accomplishing his goals.

After all, he makes up for his flaws with his extraordinary ability to wield magic much better than others, as well as his incredible intellect.

If I do so so myself, it’s not a horrible deal.


Death Note No. 4

Light Yagami from Death Note

One of the most vicious and ambitious villain-protagonists of all time appears in this program.

And, given how well-known this man is, I’m certain that most of you have heard of him or at least heard of his name.

Of course, I’m referring about Light Yagami, the famed Kira himself!

Friends and coworkers? That’s opulent!

This cold-blooded maniac is unconcerned about his own family.

It’s debatable whether or not the Death Note contributed to his heartlessness, but there’s no denying that Light is one of anime’s coldest mofos.


3. Ghouls of Tokyo

Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul – one of the finest psychological/action titles in anime — comes from one series that includes a main character with a significant mental problem to the next.

Ken Kaneki’s narrative, in retrospect, is all about cause and consequence.

It all comes down to the what-ifs, in the end.

What if he didn’t show up to the coffee shop on that particular day?

What if he didn’t keep up with Rize?

What if he hadn’t been apprehended by Jason?

What if he didn’t simp on the incorrect waifu at all?

Nonetheless, it’s pointless to think about this since all of Kaneki’s horrible things have already occurred… the same terrible things that turned him into a detached assassin with a shattered sense of self.

At least till he got well.

By the way, Touka and Hide are to thank for that.


2. The Berserker

Guts from Berserk

Guts, like Kaneki, wasn’t born to be a cold, heartless protagonist who would sooner die than display vulnerability.

It’s true that Guts has been stern and quiet since he was a youngster, but it’s clear that he was happier with Griffith and Casca during his mercenary days.

He used to converse more, interact with people more, and even smile more!

Guts finally became the Guts we know in the media after that epic occurrence in the deep depths of hell.

You know, the badass lone wolf who is constantly wielding his legendary bastard sword? Who enjoys slaying demons more than conversing with people?

That Guts, for sure.


1. More dark than black

Hei from Darker than Black

For our top slot, we have a program with a main character who was groomed to be emotionless in order to become a more effective assassin.

To give you a sense of how heartless the MC is, Hei’s face is almost unreadable almost 100% of the time, even without his trademark mask.

This man embodies the adjectives reserved and disconnected to a tee.

He’s a guy of few words who is unconcerned about anything other than his own objectives.

It’s especially obvious in the first season of the show, when he seldom gets involved in anything that isn’t directly related to his objectives.

Despite being a fantastic character whom everyone appears to like, he was a bit of an indifferent jerk to everyone around him.

Although, as the series progressed, Hei began to change for the better.

And, my, what a fantastic conclusion!

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