20 Autumn & Fall Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

Autumn in the world of Animal Crossing brings us trees in beautiful shades of orange and brown, and some of the bugs you’ve caught will soon disappear.

You will discover that acorns and pines mysteriously fall from some trees, and different types of mushrooms appear on your island.

And fall brings us not one, but two amazing holidays! First we celebrate November 26, turkey day, and the 31st. October we dive into the Halloween festivities!

But maybe you don’t know where to start with your fall decorating? Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration to find something.

Well, look no further, because I’ve collected some of my favorites here.

20. Workshop on outdoor art

Image source by @mooncrossings

What could be more relaxing than making a little art by the river?

To build this beautiful outdoor studio, start by terraforming some rivers around the area you want to turn into an art studio. Then add some trees and hedges.

The paintings are made by reproducing a personal design. Could it be any simpler?

Perhaps you could add a record player and recordings for your villagers to listen to while they create their art.

Just sprinkle some leaves on the ground with the custom design tool and add some plants. You are now ready to start painting.

19. Set turkey day

Image source by Sully0714R / @nellcrossing

What better way to spend turkey day than with your favorite residents!

This installation looks like a real Thanksgiving table. Mixed chairs and casually set tables are the perfect complement to bring this idea to life.

And using wood flooring on a custom pad is absolutely amazing!

Provide two brick ovens and a clay oven behind the dining room, and turkey day is almost ready for your villagers and their favorite dishes.

Then, to finish off this great idea, you’ll want to sprinkle some rustic pathways around and also add some colors to brighten up the space.

18. Scenario idea for autumn

image source by @crossing_lorien

This design evokes autumn, with its warm colors and lush waterfalls.

Recreate this pattern by adding rocks of different levels and lots of trees, and be sure to add a variety of mushrooms, shrubs and flowers.

Adding a custom pattern with leaves scattered on the ground is also a great addition, as it really makes the trees look like they are shedding their leaves.

Finally, we should add some rivers and waterfalls. That sounds great!

17. Mushroom farm

Unicorn mushroom farm Image source

If mushrooms on the farm aren’t synonymous with fall, I don’t know what is!

You really don’t need much space to give your island character. You can make this little mushroom farm by starting with a small area and closing it off with some hedges, trees and a barbed wire fence.

Then you have to put mud paths on the ground. We must be growing mushrooms for you somewhere!

Of course, you can’t plant mushrooms in the game. But you can put them on your dirt road and it will look like they are growing straight from the ground.

And to complete this little mushroom farm, all you need is a stone fountain, a watering can and a cute little plate of mushrooms.

16. Autumn garden

image source by @opal_oakoasis

There is nothing more relaxing than a walk in the garden on a cool autumn day.

This template is also pretty easy to make.

Just pick some fruit trees and scatter them (preferably here!). This design is perfect if you don’t want to devote an entire neighborhood to an orchard.

Or do you have a driveway to decorate? This orchard is a big thing!

Maybe add a pitcher of brewed water for your villagers to enjoy. It’s time to pick some fruit!

15. Pumpkin patch

Image Source

Who doesn’t love going to the pumpkin plantation in search of the perfect pumpkin to carve?

Well, now you don’t have to wait! It’s easy and fun to make your own pumpkin plantation on your Animal Crossing island.

This little pumpkin idea can be done in a jiffy. First, choose an area on your island and then fence it with a combination of wicker hedges, hedgerows, barbed wire hedges and rustic fences.

Decorate with a variety of new pumpkin themed crafts collected through October. You can add a table, a chair, a lantern, a set of lanterns and a scarecrow.

Add the finishing touches of a wheelbarrow and a shovel and your pumpkin patch is complete!

14. Pumpkin cutting table

Dark brush Image source

Have you been waiting all year to carve out pumpkins?

Well, you should like this idea.

To make it yourself, start with a custom fall theme on a few wooden stools and a table.

Then grab your cutting board and a set of knife blocks and you’re ready to start cutting!

If you have room for additional designs, place a few scattered leaves with another custom design to add extra detail.

All you need are a few planted pumpkins, a scary scarecrow and a big scary lantern to complete this design.

13. Autumn Lightweight Camp

image source with brushes – dark / @ afterglow. horizons

Create this little campsite on your island just in time for fall, and your visitors will never want to leave.

Try building it yourself by surrounding your campsite with lush trees and soothing streams, beautiful flowers and lots of candles.

The hyacinth lamp is an excellent addition because it gives off a beautiful autumn glow.

Don’t forget to add a campfire for your residents and a beautiful blanket with a custom track design, and you have the perfect place to relax under the stars.

You also need a dining area, and this idea has you covered! All you have to do is place a wooden bench and a homemade wooden table on the other side of the campsite.

Finally, put placemats and a special pillow on the sofa.

12. Cosy Autumn Cabin

Image source by three halftones4Ever

This cottage idea is the perfect place for your villagers to relax.

To complete this design, you’ll need a DIY log bed and a DIY log sofa, as well as a DIY rocking chair.

You’ll also need a rattan nightstand and a brown lamp to reach your cozy cabin.

And I have to say, the use of the star garland here is great because it adds light without being too bright.

Then add a stacked craft book for your residents to enjoy.

Finally, no cottage is complete without a kettle and a hot cup of tea from the stove.

11. Picnic

Image source @marino_anuenue

I think we could all use an autumn picnic by the river.

But for now, Animal Crossing should fill the void!

To create this area, start by surrounding a room with colors.

Then you need a quilt, which you can find on the custom design portal. Add a few cushions and a pitcher to enjoy a cool drink.

And if you really want to exude this look, throw out the bike and some trees, and you’re ready to relax in the afternoon.

10. Farmers’ market

image source by @virtualboo_

There’s nothing like a farmer’s market on a quiet fall day.

The core of this idea is a beautiful garden with shrubs and flowers. And I must say that this cozy little commercial space is the perfect place for you country folk to get outside, enjoy nature and shop at the same time.

Create your business with a variety of stands as you wish!

Then put everything you want to sell on the counters. Be careful.

Maybe you want to open a toy store, or sell flowers, or maybe local vegetables. The possibilities are truly endless.

9. Maize maze

image source from poppier

This idea is super creative among all the other maze designs, and it really doesn’t take much to make it.

The DIY straw fence is the main element used here, so it is very important. Then just develop a model for your villagers to follow.

And your corn maze can be as complicated or simple as you like, it’s up to you!

Maybe even add some dead ends to increase the challenge.

You can also bury the treasure somewhere to make it an exciting treasure hunt. You can also use the game timer, which turns the maze into a game, and see which of your friends can get through the maze the fastest!

8. Cider Brewery

image source by tzelli

Nestled among apple trees, this small brewery is the perfect place for your villagers to meet.

Start by creating a small apple orchard yourself, place a handful of apple trees on a dirt path and then surround it with a fence made of coral. Any size works here.

Then add a crate of apples, and a ladder to get to the big apples.

But now we need to focus on how we’re going to make the brewery itself. Here we would use a wooden floor and recreate the original shape of our brewery with a fence made of coral.

Now we need tables, and judging by this idea, they used a few different DIY ironwood recipes. But if you don’t already have it, any table will do!

To finish it off, we placed some barrels with garden taps in the front. But try to match this design with your own furniture ideas too!

7. Fall Fantasy Forest

image source by rapunzel316

This beautiful interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood is a unique way to use some of the new fall items such as a mushroom umbrella, a pile of red leaves, a mushroom stool and a bow made of greenery.

And the use of the path in this design is incredible!

You can find this drawing under the drawings portal in Able’s using the search function, and find your way around. There are many options for this path, and each will look absolutely stunning in your scenic forest.

Complete this design by adding some flowers nearby, as well as some trees!

And maybe you’ll find a little leprechaun friend to keep you company ….. Let’s hope we don’t run into any scary wolves on our adventures.

6. Fallen leaves

Image source: Vulpixy

Autumn is the time of year when many trees begin to lose their leaves.

And this simple design is ideal for adding the little details that make your island extraordinary.

Just take a custom template and place these leaves along the bottom, perhaps with cones under the cedars.

This takes the realistic forest design in Animal Crossing to a whole new level.

5. Autumn road

Moonlight Image source_

This simple leaf corridor is a fun way to decorate for fall.

A simple to make, but truly beautiful design that can be used almost anywhere: in rustic homes, or along paths, or even outside Nook’s!

To do it yourself, go to the custom design portal and enter the designer code in the image above. This incredible autumn road is lightning fast.

4. Witch house

Image source FragilePunkKid

This witch house has a very scary atmosphere!

With potions, a cauldron and even some bugs, you can make all your witching dreams come true with this model.

Try building it yourself by adding some plants, dry or live, and some shelves.

For even the most experienced witch must use her books from time to time.

3. Light trap yard

image source: unknown

This rustic backyard decoration definitely has that fall vibe.

A lot of wood has been used here, which gives it an even more rustic look.

And you can even leave room in the garden to grow your favorite vegetables, as well as a nearby river to dip your toes in.

Just add some trees, shrubs and anything else outside to bring this idea to life.

I would say the hardest part of this project is deciding who will get this beautiful garden.

2. Autumn garden

image source by emi_clare

Autumn is known as harvest time.

What better way than to create an autumn garden?

This idea is completed by a greenhouse for your plants.

And designing custom walkways is a great way to separate the garden from the sunroom.

To make this idea a reality, all you need to do is add dirt roads, a wheelbarrow and a stuffed animal. Now you are ready to start planting vegetables.

1. Walking route

Image source by @dalmatiacrossng

A walk is the perfect way to spend a warm autumn day.

And there’s nothing better than breathing fresh air in your virtual paradise.

To mimic a walk similar to this idea, fill the space with a rustic path (this is the perfect place to use your fall path design).

Add a few trees at different stages of growth and create flower beds and shrubs.

You can then build a small fence to separate this area from the rest of the island. Or use fences sparingly to give a sense of openness.

Finally, you will need a custom sign indicating the starting point of your route and possibly several signs along the way.

And these travel telescopes are a good thing too.

Now you can bring your friends and lead the way!

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