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The best anime not only tell great stories, but they also manage to enchant viewers of all ages with their colorful characters, fantastical settings, and unique takes on coming-of-age narratives. Thankfully, there are a lot of extraordinary anime for kids, and plenty of them are also fun for adults to watch, too. To help you navigate the world of anime, we’ve curated a list of the 20 best anime for kids. We’ve also included our favorite episodes of each series, so you can get a sense of the quality and tone of each series and decide which are best for your child.

As we’ve just moved in with my parent in law so my wife can finish her studies I have a lot of time on my hands. What better way to spend my time than watching some good anime. I really enjoy anime, it’s a great way to take a break from the real world and just enjoy some good classic stories. My wife and I are watching these shows together, and so far I’m really enjoying them.

Anime has gained international popularity over the years, but it’s not always easy for parents to figure out which anime are appropriate for their children. Finding the right series is easy with this list of kid-friendly anime:. Read more about kid-friendly anime series and let us know what you think.Although anime has come a long way to acceptance and recognition, there are still some series that should not be watched in front of young (or not so young) people. Just as I doubt you would let your five-year-old nephew watch Elfen Lied, I doubt you would watch Kill la Kill with your grandmother. But what about appliances that are really suitable for the whole family? How about an anime that you can introduce to your children at a young age? That is the purpose of this ranking. The anime is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age, and is suitable for the whole family – from the little junior to the big-big.

20. Spirited Away

word-image-9827 I’ll start with Spirited Away. But honestly, every Ghibli film (with the exception of maybe Grave of the Fireflies) is a win-win. I chose Spirited Away in particular because the universe never ceases to amaze us. When I first saw it as a kid, I fell in love with all the interesting characters. And I imagined living among them. Now that I’m a little older, I look at all the themes in the film and how they might relate to real life events. For many people, this film is a magnum opus of Ghibli. And I highly recommend you bring it up at your next family movie night.

19. Haikyu!!!

Let’s face it: Children acquire many character traits and beliefs from a young age from the series they watch. Friends of Natsume should be a kind of anime bible here, because I think it teaches some very important life lessons while being very fun to watch. While your nephew explores the concept of freedom, you laugh at the cat when he has another jealous fit. Everyone will enjoy the show.

17. K-On!

word-image-9829 While your grandparents might still raise their eyebrows if you see this movie at 30, it’s a movie you might enjoy watching with your younger brother or cousin. It’s a patented formula of cute girls doing cute things, with very likeable and understandable characters and a catchy soundtrack. It never gets dangerous. Which for some reason is rare in anime in high school. And the topics covered in this show are never too serious or revealing for a young audience. So overall, I would say this is a very safe choice for young children!

16. My Hero Academia

word-image-9830 The MHA is in a strange position. It still has some pretty serious scenes, like the disappearance of a character, but I think it’s suitable for a wider audience. Anyone who grew up watching superhero cartoons can tell you that the occasional serious scene isn’t that scary if it’s not too obvious or important. And My Hero Academia, for the most part, is very clean. It also contains very important moral principles about work, friendship and helping others. So I can sympathize with the occasional combat injury. Keep the kids away from Mineta, because he’s the last model anyone should have.

15. Academy of Little Witches

word-image-9831 I see Little Witch Academy as a modern day Sailor Moon in a way. They are mostly girls who try their best to study at Hogwarts and become beautiful witches. The main character is new to magic, and she struggles to keep up with the lessons. But through perseverance and luck, she soon manages to catch up with the others. Good moral, attractive visuals, a good plot and a soothing soundtrack. What more do you want?

14. Barakamon

word-image-9832 There are two central characters in this series, an adult and a child. So you can already see why I recommend it to a wide audience. While younger kids can sympathize with Naru and the other kids having fun on the island, older viewers can really understand Cy and his struggle to break away from norms and become truly compassionate and creative. It’s one of my favorite shows of all time. And I highly recommend seeing it alone or with others.

13. Sweets and éclairs

word-image-9833 This series goes even further than Barakamon, as it not only stars a child and an adult, but also a teenage girl. Let’s briefly describe the plot: This is the story of a widowed father who works all day to support his daughter. Time constraints mean lots of grocery shopping for meals and very little time with the family at dinner. At that moment the girl appears, and the motley trio begins to eat together and enjoy their time at the table. It’s very healthy and sweet, so I would definitely try it for all ages.

12. Tamaco Market

word-image-9834 Tamako Market is another fun and interesting anime, mainly a slice of life about a young girl in her first year of high school. She works in her family’s restaurant and does her best to balance her school life, friendships and work. Young people will definitely fall in love with Tamako, because she is absolutely adorable. And I’m sure all the parents watching also want to tell you to get a job. Or maybe it’s just my parents. Either way, it’s fun for the whole family!

11. How do you keep your mouth shut?

word-image-9835 I highly recommend this series, it’s just too charming. It tells the story of a man named Sora who becomes the owner of the smallest and cutest mummy you’ve ever seen. Mom remained a child at heart, always running away from scary situations – or crying when she was ignored. I swear, this series is so interesting and charming that there isn’t a population on earth that can’t enjoy the sight of this little ball of bandages running around.

10. His name is

word-image-9836 Your Name is a great film about teenage love and the random twists and turns of time and space. That’s a winning combination, isn’t it? This anime broke all records when it was released – and for good reason. The characters are all very likable, the animation is excellent and the script has something for everyone. While adults may wonder what fate started it all, young viewers may laugh at the hilarious dynamics of the characters. And everyone will be amazed by the scenery.

9. Dr. Stein

word-image-9837 Watching Dr. Stone is like watching Bill Nye, the scientist, but with better visuals. Although the series is set in a more apocalyptic world, the emphasis is on science and how everyday objects are made. Even something as ordinary as a CD suddenly becomes a great adventure. And I’d be lying if I said I learned nothing from this show. The characters are also very cartoonish and funny. So even if you think the science will bore you to death, you’ll quickly fall in love with the actors and their antics.

8. One Punch Man

word-image-9838 The first season of One Punch Man is an absolute masterpiece in my opinion. And it’s sure to please everyone, in one form or another. Unlike My Hero Academia, there’s not really anything at stake in this series, and a good character never dies. The series just plays with superhero tropes, with the protagonist killing every enemy in his path at once and then freaking out because he missed a big sale at the supermarket. The animation alone is so breathtaking that it will leave no one indifferent, young or old. Not to mention the excellent soundtrack and brilliant script.

7. The disastrous life of Saiki K.

word-image-9839 Since we’re already in the comedy business, I might get Saiki involved too. This series is very reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons, as there are very few episodes and the atmosphere is always optimistic and positive. The series has a good mix of slapstick humour and very well-crafted jokes, so it spans the age spectrum when it comes to making you laugh. The episodes are also very compact. And there’s very little outdoor space, making it a great place to watch series or spend time with younger siblings.

6. Serenity Camp

word-image-9840 And we’re back in the realm of nice girls doing nice things. Laid-Back Camp is exactly what it sounds like: a very casual, comfortable series about girls who decide to go camping. The biggest appeal of the series is the way the girls interact, as well as the lightness of the settings. While adults may find a strange peace in watching this series, younger viewers may find themselves begging you to go for a walk. So let the kids watch at their own risk.

5. Pokémon

word-image-9841 To say that a Pokémon game is for all ages is an understatement. It’s just universal. I mean, when a presidential candidate can refer to the show, you know you’ve reached the maximum. Because who doesn’t love seeing three friends go on adventures and fight with their Pokémon to become the best there ever was? If you (or your kids) have been living under a rock for the past few decades, you need to discover Pokémon. It’s always a safe bet, and there’s something to be gained.

4. A place beyond the universe

word-image-9842 If you’re looking for a great adventure series with extremely likable characters and beautiful scenery, A Place Further Than The Universe is worth a try. The story revolves around four young girls who decide to travel to Antarctica to spend their youth together and find the missing mother of one of them. The series has some great scripts. And I’ll be damned if by the third installment you don’t feel like you’re part of this adventure. The story gets a little more complicated in the second part of the series. But I really think it’s suitable for any audience.

3. These white notes

word-image-9843 Most of the series I’ve listed so far are staples in the anime world. So you may have seen them all before. That’s why I want to include a later series, the Snow White Notes. It tells the story of a boy who rediscovers his love for music after wandering for a while and then being sent to school. The instrument in question is the shamisen, which is a really nice change from the acoustic guitar or ukulele – especially if you’re into Asian culture. So far this seems to be a very quiet series with an important moral.

2. Rise of the Bookworm

word-image-9844 This is probably the only series in the isekai genre that I would recommend to the general public – for obvious reasons if you like the genre. And Ascendance is a real gem. Although the story begins with the death of the main character, she is soon transported to a new world where she can spread her love of books. Because their new home is set in the Middle Ages, books are a scarce commodity. And she’ll have to do her best if she wants her old passion to shine again. This is very helpful and may encourage you to pick up a book as well. It’s a win-win situation.

1. Love, Chunibyo and other delusions

word-image-9845 If there’s one thing kids and adults need more of in life, it’s imagination and creativity. And that’s the whole point of this show. The cast is just made up of people who don’t want to face reality and instead turn everything into a cute little adventure straight out of a fantasy book. The characters are very funny and likable, so I have no doubt that young viewers will enjoy their antics, and adults will get such a dose of nostalgia that they’ll feel like children again. This is one of those anime that is really for kids and the whole family!Anime is a style of animation originating in Japan. While most anime is typically aimed towards children, anime is not exclusively for children. In fact, many of the best anime series for adults have been inspired by these classic shows. While some of our favorites, such as Inuyasha and Pokemon, have been previously listed as kid-friendly, there are many others that are entirely suitable for all age groups, and will make a wonderful addition to your family’s Netflix queue.. Read more about anime for 12 year olds and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What anime should I watch with family?

Anime has been a staple of Japanese entertainment for the past few decades. With the success of anime such as Spirited Away and Miyazaki’s other works, as well as the popularity of several anime shows in the US, anime has become a common fixture in American entertainment. However, children’s anime is particularly hard to find. The anime industry has seen a rapid decline as the years have gone by, with many people nowadays finding themselves bombarded with different kinds of animation. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, there are tons of anime shows that are both entertaining and interesting for everyone in the family. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best anime series out there that are appropriate for the entire family to enjoy.

Is anime ok for 12 year olds?

Every year, several dozen anime titles are released and every one of them is new to someone. And, while we can’t go around watching them all (we have lives, too!), we’ve had the opportunity to watch a number of the most popular anime out there, and we can give you our opinion on whether these shows would be appropriate for your child. When it comes to anime, there are many questions parents have in regards to what is appropriate for kids. Anime can be a great way to get kids interested in a new culture, but because of the way anime is produced you need to be careful what you let your kids watch. As a parent, you want to find anime that you feel comfortable having your kids watch. The best way to do this is to know what to look for in an anime. So, without further adieu, here is a list of 20 anime that are kid friendly.

Is there a family friendly anime?

Anime is often a bad word at home, and a lot of parents would rather their kids watch the latest cartoon on TV, because they fear most anime is full of graphic violence, sexual content, and other mature content. Most of those parents are right, but some anime is family friendly. The following 20 anime are all recommended for the entire family. Anime is a great medium to get lost in for a few hours. Some series, however, are better suited to kids than others. Anime that involve violence, fan service, and general creepiness aren’t appropriate for young children. So, what are the anime that are great for your younger siblings or your own young children?

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