20 Best Lore-Friendly Skyrim Hair Mods (Mal & Female)

Okay, I’m really going to try to find a great legendary fashion for Skyrim, but don’t forget that I can expand the definition of legendary a little to include some of the coolest mods on this list.

I mean, technically, any type of hair can be unwise – especially since the fluid in the mucous membranes can be a gel.

But I’m retiring. I have decided to make this list to help you choose the best hairstyle to add to your character in the game.

I really hope you find this list useful, because I had to go through a lot of irrelevant content to find these radio modes (try to find the mode and avoid adult modes – I challenge you).

Now, some of these mods are actually pretty well done, and I was very surprised to see how well some of them manage to get an idea of what Skyrim’s hair looks like. Other people have different feelings, but as I said before, if your character is crazy enough, everything will be friendly.


Before you go any further, remember that there are a lot of enthusiastic mud, if you know what I mean.

The number of modifications specifically aimed at changing female characters is striking, because the modifiers try to make their characters more sexual for certain reasons. So there will be a lot more female than male hairstyles.


Believe me, if you want to preserve your innocence, be careful looking for fashion designers in the Nexus. You can go there if you want, without judging yourself or your thirst. Let’s go to the list!

20. Best female eyebrows

Highlight this mode.

Okay, let’s start with the basic transfer.

Better Feminine Eyebrows makes the game a great addition, adding a bunch of new eyebrow styles to the female characters in the most sober way.

They all look quite realistic, although some seem a bit modern.

With Skyrim action figures, they’re still very likely to have those eyebrows. None of them look away, so that!

19. Legs forever

Highlight this mode.

Argonians are people too, readers.

Horns are Forever is a mode where the Argonne tips cut through the texture of most hoods so you can see those fantastic horns no matter what you wear.

I’m adding this mod to the list because I’m a hardcore argonne player and I found it very useful. It’s also very well connected, and I know some of you will love it!

18. Hair type vanilla plus

Highlight this mode.

A simple fashion that adds both 4 new hairstyles for men and 4 new hairstyles for women.

They all look like vanilla hairstyles and adapt well to each character in the game.

I like the fact that the designer of this fashion says he thinks he is a little friendly when in fact this fashion is much friendlier than most people who call themselves friendly.

In any case, the hair looks completely natural and ideal to play with.

They are not imported from other games, but are handmade, which means that this game brings you superior quality in every sense of the word.

17. Best vanilla hair

Highlight this mode.

This mod replaces for each vanilla structure in so that each hair looks less like a broom and more like a real hair, according to its creator.

All the hair in the game will immediately become much smoother and everything will become clearer.

In terms of improvements, it is certainly one of the best.

16. Combined hair collection

Highlight this mode.

Modernization of the combohairstyle collection adds 39 new women hairstyles to the game that will quench the thirst of most players and make the female characters look a little more feminine (and depending on their style, some may even look more like cartoons).

Like I said, I don’t know what your boat does.

But this fashion will certainly make your feminine characters look a little different without losing the vanilla feeling (for the most part).

15. My hair type

Highlight this mode.

My Type of Hair is a mod that changes most of the vanilla styles in the game and replaces them with others that are more beautiful, at least in the eyes of the creator.

I think they’re much more fun, so maybe you should try them yourself.

All hairstyles should be suitable for all female characters in the game, provided that they look human in all cases.

In any case, this modification makes rather complex additions and modifies many basic files. You may want to back up all the files in the game before you install it.

14. Direct hair shrinkage

Highlight this mode.

This change is a fairly simple addition to the game, so I won’t explain it for too long.

It simply makes the texture of your hair more natural and uniform.

So this mod will not bring anything new in the game, but at first glance it will do what seems to be much better in the game.

I can only recommend it to anyone who cares about the little things in life.

13. HH headgear

Highlight this mode.

Small collection of 5 hairstyles (three of which are bean cups plus two ponytails) that have fully vivid hair.

Ideal for players looking for a more realistic experience.

The fashion has some small shadow problems that I noticed, otherwise I would have put it in a much higher position.

It’s still a pretty cool trend, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy fixing your characters with it.

12. Put on Lorraine hair

Highlight this mode.

This mod could only add 7 new hairstyles to the game, but they are just as beautiful as in the game.

She is amazingly well groomed and her hair adapts fantastically to any female figure.

And whether you play the warrior or the wizard, there is a haircut that will please you, even if there are only seven.

Let them try it – the textures look pretty cool!

11. Hair packaging requirements

Highlight this mode.

If you are looking for user-friendliness, you will not find anything more suitable than the hairdresser’s kit supplied with the TES IV: Oblivion (best game in the old roles, if you disagree, fight with me).

This mode is an improved version of the original, published by the mud that made it, because it makes hair of the game much better than the first.

And this mode adds plus 50 new hairstyles for all your characters, so you can have a much more varied aesthetic experience on Skyrim.

10. More realistic hair


Highlight this mode.

A simple way that changes the hairstyle in the game.

It makes hairstyles more natural, even if they are light colored.

This prevents colours like yellow from making the characters in the game look like clowns. Again, a simple but very effective way.

9. Hairdressing salon

Highlight this mode.

Well, I have to admit I add this fashion to the list, because it’s very funny what you can do with it.

In fact, it adds a spell to your list of powerful spells that allows you to change the hairstyle of each character in the game.

There are fun hours ahead of you when you set up a hairdresser with a sense of humor, a baby like me. You won’t regret it, I promise you.

8. PhysicsWomen’s hairstyle

Highlight this mode.

Five new hairstyles with physique plus 8 other haircuts without physique as an addition.

I have to admit that some movements on some of this hair look a bit clumsy, but the stylist has put a lot of work into it and it works as expected.

7. Horsetail haircut


Highlight this mode.

You may be wondering why this trendy hairstyle (which only adds 6 new hairstyles) is so far off the list?

Well, just because they’re beautiful and they fit the theme of the game

Cock will always be a sensitive subject when it comes to economics.

But as long as they’re well done, there’s no reason why a Skyrim character shouldn’t excite one of the beauties.

6. KS Hair Physics – HDT

Highlight this mode.


Wait, don’t download it yet!

The mod that was the second in my list has a complete collection of KS hairs, but this mod adds 75 of those hairs in the game, where the physics is encoded.

I advise you to first download the second change and then install it.

If you wish, you can download this mod as a separate version. Anything that makes your boat float. Without them you would have missed a huge collection of extra hairstyles!

5. Beautiful haircut

Highlight this mode.

Oh, another thirst on my list. Mod Lovely Hairstyles makes a lot of money with the surprisingly well made textures that go with it.

Every hairstyle of the model seems to be unique. But most importantly, all s feel like they belong to Skyrim.

As such, they’re very friendly.

Believe me, each of these hairs is suitable for most female characters in the game.

4. carry


Highlight this mode.

Do you want to try a new expression on your character’s face or just try to see what your facial hair will look like because it doesn’t grow on you as well as it does on me?

Maud bear is the way! This changes all the basic fucking game textures that go with every beard in the game to make them much more HD-ready.

This beard mod also adds new textures to the beards that were in the game, but were inaccessible for strange reasons.

The mod will also unlock them so you can play with Bethesda beards that you’ve probably never seen before, unless you run into one of those weird YouTube videos.

3. Navigator


Highlight this mode.

Browsers are an integral part of the character’s appearance and also change the appearance of the average person.

However, all Skyrim’s navigators look almost the same. Did you ever notice that?

Even eyebrows that look different are very similar.

Well, this change adds a ton of new browsers to the game, making the faces of the characters much more unique than in Vanilla Skyrim.

He also turns all eyebrows into vanilla to make them much more beautiful. So even these old things won’t look out of place next to these great new additions!

2. КС Hair – Update

Highlight this mode.


Are you not only looking for quantity but also quality?

If this is the case, enquire about the KS Hairdos Renewal mode. Damn it.

This mod adds a total of .755 hairstyles to the game, most of which are exclusively designed for women (real hairstyle). Although, I have to admit, she’s very pretty.

In any case, this mod adds hairstyles that may not seem suitable for Skyrim characters.

But they all look great, and the textures are beautiful. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

1. Enhanced hair compatible with Lorra – HDtextures


Highlight this mode.

There’s no way this mode isn’t at the top of my list.

Respecting superior traditions, the Hairmod allows you to create any texture in HD.

They’re brand new and handmade, but do you know why they come first?

Because it replaces the vanilla capsule associated with the game and adjusts it so that is much, much better than.

If you are looking for legendary changes, you can consider this fashion as a real hair repair.

It is absolutely fantastic in every way and certainly one of the best if you want to improve the graphics throughout the game. Often the little things are important when muddling.


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