20 Best Red-Colored Shiny Pokémon (From All Games) –

This list is an attempt to showcase the most beloved shiny Pokémon from the many recent games. Many of the shiny Pokémon that were released in recent years have not made it into the upper tiers of competitive battles, so finding these lower-tier shiny Pokémon can be a challenge.

When it came time to publish our list of the Top 20 Red-Colored Shiny Pokémon, we did not want to restrict ourselves to only Shiny Pokémon that are not in the top 20 CP. Instead, we went through the entire list and made sure to include Pokémon that are both rare and shiny, and even Pokémon that are not shiny, but are red-colored. We also did our best to ensure that the list is representative of all games in the series, and include Pokémon that are not only found in the main series games, but also in spin-off titles such as Pokémon Snap, Pokémon Channel, Pokémon Battle Revolution, and the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.

Here’s my top 20 list of red-colored shiny Pokémon from all games! This list is based on the total quantity of shiny Pokémon you have on your team, and how much of a pain they are to get in-game. This is not a list of the best shiny Pokémon in the game, but rather the ones that are the most annoying to get.. Read more about shiny pokémon sorted by color and let us know what you think.Red is one of the most emotional colors in the entire color spectrum.

It can stand for anger, passion and danger.

That’s why this color is popular with people all over the world – and it’s been in the Pokémon game series since the very beginning, when the red version of Pokémon first appeared.

So it makes sense that the red glitter Pokémon are some of the best glitter Pokémon in the entire franchise, right?

In this article, we are going to look at the best when it comes to glitter on a red theme. So if you are looking for glitter with a red tint, we have many suggestions.

20. Glali

Let’s start with the details, shall we?

I’ve already said that red is the color of anger. And there are few Pokémon as bad as Glali.

It is therefore logical that the red appears in its bright form.

When Glali shines, her blue eyes turn red and… everything.

There is literally no other change.

And I love it!

It makes the floating ice skull even scarier than it already was.

While I would have liked to see more changes to make Glalley scarier, I think this is a good start to this list.

19. Solgaleo

Now the least subtle option on this list.

Solgaleo is essentially a resurrected Zoid (look it up, kids), and he looks classically metallic silver with tiny gold and black flecks.

This has been changed to the glossy version: Solgaleo has gone completely red.

I love it. This is so silly and ridiculous, especially for a Pokémon that looks as noble as Solgaleo.

It makes no sense, and I’m here because it’s not a choice for me.

18. Heliolisk

Let’s stay in the sun theme and take a look at Heliolisk!

The Heliolisk is a cool lizard known for absorbing sunlight with its hood to fuel its electric attacks.

That’s why I find it so funny that his yellow body turns red.

It seems that this lizard, which spends all its time in the sun, got burned on the only part of its body protected by the shade of the hood.

Why do the pine and other yellow parts of the Heliolisk stay yellow?

Again, this doesn’t make any sense, but it makes me laugh.

17. Ferrotorn

Ferrotorn is probably the best defensive Pokémon in the franchise.

He hurts opponents who try to hit him, and his draft shows it.

But as wax, Ferrotorn has a very different character.

His tendrils and the lines under his eyes turned red and his metallic skin turned yellow. This makes Ferrotorn much more aggressive.

It really looks like a Pokemon throwing spikes at you from the ceiling of the cave!

Seriously, read his Pokédex.

Ferrotorn is not to be taken lightly.

16. Flowering time

I’ve always been a fan of Breloom.

He was not only strong, but funny and fun to watch.

But this does not apply to his shiny form.

Breloom’s green skin turned orange-red.

This is no strange hybrid of a mushroom and a kangaroo standing before me.

I see a lone warrior with his hat down, hiding his eyes.

He doesn’t want to fight, but he will if he has to. Suddenly, Breloom is cool!

15. Rotiformes

I’ve loved the Rotom and its various forms since its first release.

Different orange devices with different colored electrical auras make each form look unique and important.

This is interesting because the shiny versions of these rotomolds do the opposite.

All the electricity around the devices turned orange, and all the devices turned bright red.

It makes them all look the same.

And that may seem like the opposite effect you want from a lip gloss, but I think it’s more suited to the Rotom.

Rotom likes to have different gadgets and surprise people.

Don’t you want to achieve a certain uniformity if you want to surprise people?

I’d like to believe that.

14. Skuntank

I’ve always had a soft spot for Skuntank.

Yeah, it’s a feathered skunk.

But he’s hilarious when his tail is a combination of a mohawk and a pompadour.

This thing looks deliciously ridiculous.

And his shiny form is even more ridiculous, because now he’s bright red.

Even the white stripes and legs have been given a slight red tint.

It also makes Skuntank even more evil.

Really, a shiny uniform only makes a dumb Pokémon look dumber. And that makes me happy.

13. Rampardos

Rampardos is already an intimidating Pokémon. He has some of the best offensive numbers in the game and is known for hitting everything that moves with his head.

Because of these qualities, I love the Troll Rampardos.

All blue parts are replaced by red parts, including the head.

This makes Rampardos even more deadly, as the crown on his skull is now bright red.

It perfectly matches his already red eyes that stare at you through furrowed brows.

Rampardos’ blue and gray made the whole design blend together. Red makes everything beautiful.

12. Dhelmise

I’ve always liked the idea of Dhelmise.

However, its design makes it look like a bunch of objects one would see on a boat tied up with seaweed.

Is there any way to make it more… scary?

In fact, there is one.

Make the kelp red.

Suddenly, Dhelmise seems intimidated.

Blood red tendrils hold everything together. Not only that: The ship’s wheel used to make the face has changed from brown to white.

This change in color brings out other characteristics, such as. B. The compass used as an eye, disabled.

Finally, Dhelmise seems to be more than just a Drake yard sale.

11. Obstagon

Obstagoon was designed to sound very much like punk rock. And the combination of black and white works well with this pattern.

But you know what else is punk rock?

A combination of colors that do not match at all.

Instead of being all black with grey armor, the shiny Obstagun now has bright red fur with sky blue armor.

This. That’s it. Good.

Even his tongue has turned sky blue. How cool!

My only criticism is that they missed the opportunity to give Obstagun a bright green mohawk, but I think mohawks are the way to go for Toxtricity.

10. Yveltal

Yveltal is an evil Pokémon that absorbs the life force of all living things around it. It also has the craziest color combination, black and red.

But its shiny form seems even more evil than the original.

All black parts have turned white.

His red body does not change color, but becomes richer red.

By making the main body darker and the outline lighter, Yveltal looks like a much scarier creature.

It also reminds me of uncooked bacon.

And I’m sure you see it now.

9. Havlucha

I’ve talked about Havlukha’s genius many times in my articles.

And yet, here I am again, praising this beautiful design.

Overall, Havlucha has a nice luchador.

The mask, cape shaped feathers and bright colors remind us of the greatest Mexican wrestlers of all time.

But the shiny form is much darker.

What was red is now black.

What was white is now red.

And what was light blue before was now deep, deep purple.

That’s how Havlucha can get very angry. And I couldn’t agree more.

8. Aggregate

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from studying this list, it’s this:

If you want blue or purple Pokémon to look more menacing, change all those colors to red.

This is certainly the case for Genesect.

The Genesect is intimidating enough. It’s an old Pokémon that Team Plasma converted into a robot with a laser cannon on its back.

And while it was cool when it was purple with red eyes, it’s much cooler to be all red.

This is especially the case when using the hard disk.

How much scarier does the red make Genesect? His arms and legs are pink, yet this creature looks scary!

7. Solrock

I’ve always preferred Solrock to Lunatone.

The Solrock is jagged and looks like stone, while the Lunatone is much smoother and polished.

Not only that, but Solrock has a much better shiny form.

Solrock’s orange body turned dark red. It feels so much warmer. You know, like the sun.

And the shiny shape now really looks like a rock made of sunshine.

But what’s even better is that his red eyes have now turned blue.

It looks like the blue circles you see when you look at the sun too long.

Solrock is another example of a well-designed Pokémon. And the glossy shape really highlights these design elements.

6. Graplockt

Remember what I said earlier about Havlucha?

With the ingenious Grapploct, the opposite is true.

The Grapploct is originally black and blue. It makes it look like a paragraph.

But when those colors change to red and white, suddenly we have a hero!

And the yellow lollipops remind me of Hulk Hogan, one of the most popular wrestlers of all time!

Congratulations, Graploct, on a successful spin.

5. Giarados

Gyarados has always been an evil and intimidating Pokémon.

He even learns dragon rage when he evolves from Magikarp!

And its shiny shape completes the look perfectly.

But that’s not why he’s on this list.

For many trainers around the world, the brilliant Gyarados was the first brilliant Pokémon they had ever seen.

That’s because in Generation 2, you really had to go fight/catch the awesome raging Ghiarados in Sea of Wrath. It was to introduce players to the mechanics of glitching, and it was also part of the main story (i.e. it was inevitable).

Gyarados Shiny is not only one of the best Red Shiny Pokémon, it’s also a classic Shiny Pokémon. And that deserves respect.

4. Clavitzer

Shiny Clawitzer is probably the most American Pokémon I’ve ever seen – and there’s even a Pokémon based on a bald eagle!

Since the shiny Clawitzer is predominantly red with blue stripes and white details, it really reminds me of the American flag.

But there’s a science behind this color choice!

Although we think of lobsters as red, they are usually darker in color. That’s because we see them when they’re cooked, which changes their color.

It’s especially clever because Clawitzer is the signature Pokémon of Siebold, an Elite 4 member who is a chef!

3. Trevenant

Trevenant is one of the scariest Pokémon around.

The spiky mouth, claws and single eye are terrifying.

But even more terrifying is Trevenant’s shiny uniform.

Its brown bark has turned white and its leaves have turned crimson. Not to mention that his bright red eye has been replaced with purple, perfectly matching the other new colors.

A normal Trevenant looks like an enchanted tree.

The brilliant Trevenant is a ghost.

2. Heathmore

As I’ve mentioned in previous Shiny lists, there is no cooler color combination than red and black.

And this is put to good use in Heatmor.

The usual Heatmor looked rather cheap with its combination of brown, red and bright orange.

But in its shiny form, it suddenly seems threatening.

His limbs turned black, his red turned darker, and his orange turned bright red.

It makes Heatmor look like he’s really from the depths of a volcano and not just a dirty anteater.

That’s why he’s one of my favorite trolls.

1. Crab

As good as Heatmor is, it’s not my favorite in these rankings.

Because the brilliant Crabrawler is definitely at the top of this list, and he might be in my top 3 best shiners of all time.

That’s because the shiny shape finally does the Crowler justice.

I loved the design of the Crabrawler. He looked awkward, but he was ready to fight. Purple and blue look good next to each other.

But if you replace the blue gloves and eyeball with red, Crabrowler looks like a fighter.

I’m not just watching a crab pretend to fight.

I look at Rocky Balboa like a crab.

And he won’t give up easily.

Crablov is my favorite Battle-type Pokémon. And its shiny shape is perfect for an original design – that’s why I think it deserves the top spot as shiny red chenille.Let’s just call it “The Shiny List”. For each Pokémon in this list, I show the shiny variety of the Pokémon, what game it appears in, and how to get it. The shiny-colored Pokémon will be shown in a red font, and the regular color variants will be shown in a blue font.. Read more about all shiny pokémon and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which shiny Pokemon are red?


What is the most beautiful shiny Pokemon?

The most beautiful shiny Pokemon is a shiny Charizard.

What is the rarest shiny Pokemon ever?

The rarest shiny Pokemon ever is Mew.

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