2015 Super Bowl Commercials: the ‘Best and Worst’ Ad Awards

The greatest sporting occasion in the whole world (or at the very least in the US) – Super Bowl – has come and gone.

The sport, on which New England’s Patriots gained towards Seattle’s Seahawks, attracted more than 110 million viewers and apparently broke the all time viewership document in the United States – and that’s already insane.

What’s even more insane, is that with a view to get in entrance of such an enormous viewers, you must pay an enormous quantity money, or about $four,500,000 for a 30 second-long business – sure, that’s a heck loads of cash, however for a lot of eyes and attention too.

And even if I have little or no curiosity in the recreation itself (hey, we play actual soccer with our ft on this part of the world, and we’re simply method too captivated with basketball than anything in Lithuania), Super Bowl is one of the most enjoyable promoting events, ever – and it’s undoubtedly value learning.

Naturally you may assume that if corporations have been prepared to pay at the least $4.5 mln. for something that’s solely 30 seconds lengthy, they’d certainly make some mind-blowing advertisements, proper?


I went by means of all the Super Bowl 2015 advertisements and was not impressed. Though there were some great ads, there have been additionally too many terrible ones, so I made a decision to create my own awards listing and announce the winners and losers, greatest commercials and worst ones of this yr – let’s have a look!

The Greatest Commercials:

Let’s start by recognising these advertisements that I feel did a very good job.

The Largest Awwwww:

There was simply no approach we might survive the Super Bowl with out seeing any kitties or puppies. Equally to what Budweiser delivered in 2014, their 2015 advert was a heart-warming story about the friendship of a small pet and a horse:

I’m actually uninterested in seeing puppies in all the advertisements, however hey – Budweiser deserves the credit for telling such a fantastic story.

So the first award for the “Biggest Awwwww” goes to Budweiser!

The Greatest Dad:

Three brands competed for the “Best Dad” award this yr and, surprisingly, two of them are automotive makers: Nissan and Toyota. (The third brand is Dove but I’m giving them a special award already – on that in only a second).

Although Nissan did a good job with their ad, I really feel Toyota was a lot better at telling the story about the joys and struggles of fatherhood, both visually and verbally, which is why they receive the “Best Dad” award.

Nevertheless, I additionally discovered the patriotic card they threw in (the daughter leaving on a army mission) relatively low cost. Positive, it’s going to in all probability evoke even stronger emotions among the People (and that’s high-quality, as a result of they are the actual audience – not I, proper?) nevertheless it’s nonetheless an affordable effort by Toyota.

Critically, why the military? What does Toyota need to do with it? Why not a police officer or another person that can be equally referred to as a “wonderful human being”?

I’m waiting for a special reply than ‘to woo American soldiers, veterans and their families into buying a Japanese car’.

The Consideration Grabber:

Two advertisements, one by Budweiser and one other by Weight Watchers, stood out from the rest. Both grabbed my attention from the first seconds through the use of brief however robust video cuts to tell their stories:

I don’t know what about you, however I used to be captivated by the Weight Watchers’ ad.

The velocity at which the story goes from displaying innocent food pictures to disturbing ones, the advert copy, the reverse psychology, that straightforward ‘Right?’ at the very end… this advert did an excellent job at evoking uncertainty in me about how I eat, making me more weak to what they’ve to supply.

The award for the “Attention Grabber”, thus, goes to Weight Watchers!

The only factor that I missed, is a concrete call-to-action at the end of the advert – something as ‘Take back control. Get help with the hard part at Weight Watchers.’, in order that individuals are truly taking an action, not just considering about it. Perhaps that’s just me.

The Act of Kindness:

Each McDonald’s and American Household Insurance, AmFam, performed the ‘our brand is sooo kind’ card, however one delivered higher than the other:

Whereas McDonald’s is making an attempt to point out itself as a model that rewards kindness, they reveal that the sole objective of the advert is to get extra individuals come by means of the doorways as much as the Valentine’s Day. I’m positive many individuals will discover it candy to have the ability to pay for a burger with a hug, however it’s a lazy effort to make extra gross sales, wouldn’t you agree?

AmFam’s advert, on the contrary, makes their members the actual stars: a couple of million dollars have been already spent to make their goals come true. There’s additionally barely promotion of AmFam’s providers, as an alternative, the focus is on helping other individuals realise their goals.

I feel it speaks more about their values, so the “Act of Kindness” award goes to American Family Insurance coverage.

The Killer Consistency:

This one is short – Coca-Cola really deserves an award for protecting their advertisements sensible, and doing it so persistently.

For the past few years they’ve been working actually arduous on the ‘Creating Happiness’ theme, and I feel they’re delivering on it superbly. This yr’s ad additionally hooks you up from the very starting and turns unfavorable things, one thing we will all relate to, into a really constructive story – nice stuff.

The A lot More Than Just an Ad:

There are some advertisements which are making an attempt to be humorous and entertaining, however there’s just no depth in them.

And then there are advertisements like this one made by All the time:

This ad had an actual objective, and it’s a lot, a lot greater than simply getting more gross sales or elevating model awareness – they’re taking over the problem of changing stereotypes.

The supply couldn’t be any easier, however that just makes their point so much extra highly effective too – great job, All the time, and congratulations with the “Much More Than Just and Ad” award.

The Strongest Ad:

And my most favourite business of this yr’s Superbowl is the NO MORE ad, which in lower than 30 seconds makes a very robust statement about domestic violence.

I feel the approach they chose to convey attention to this drawback is completely sensible: it begins virtually as a joke, but after just some seconds you begin realising the grim reality of girls that have violence at residence and stay in constant worry:

Other Worthy Mentions:

Although there gained’t be an award from my aspect, I feel these advertisements are also fun:

I especially commend Snickers for preserving their communication on “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry” so constant and entertaining.

And now that we’ve looked at a few of the greatest Super Bowl commercials of 2015, lets recognise the worst ones too…

The Worst Commercials:

The What the F… Did I Just See:

Loctite Glue, a first-time Super Bowl advertiser, is probably an organization no-one actually heard of earlier than the recreation.

However this yr individuals will speak about them for two cause: 1) they ran an advert on Super Bowl with a transparent hope to get it viral, and 2) they blew their complete annual advert price range on it.

Was it value it?

Should you’d ask me, I’d say NO. But then again, their promoting glue to anybody really, in order that they might win rather a lot by just getting in front of the 1/5th of the inhabitants in the US.

In the event that they’re not coming back in 2016 with one other advert, I just hope it’s not as a result of they went bankrupt after spending all this cash for nothing.

The It’s Getting Previous:

There are two nominees for this award: Dodge and Clash of Clans – each concerned something previous, however for different reasons.

As Dodge is celebrating their 100th anniversary, they requested numerous 100+ yr olds to share wisdom on methods to stay a fantastic life. And truly, I fairly favored the approach they delivered the advert, kudos to them.

Conflict of Titans, on the other hand, acquired Liam Neeson to ship the too well-known revenge speech to somebody he just lost a recreation to:

I’ve nothing towards Liam, and the video’s already been seen more than 18 million occasions on YouTube at the time of writing this text, but come oooon – it’s been 7 years since Taken was launched, perhaps it’s time to move on and discover something newer?

So the “It’s Getting Old” award for lacking creativeness goes to Clash of Clans.

The (Un)deserved Hate:

Clearly considered one of the most talked-about advertisements this yr is the Make Protected Occur by Nationwide Insurance coverage – simply not in a very constructive means.

Although the ad is powerful and nicely finished, it acquired an enormous backlash from the viewers – in any case, it’s a story a few baby who gained’t realise his goals as a result of… he died:

As one individual put in on YouTube: “I would have appreciated the intent of this commercial if Nationwide had not taken the decision to show this during the Superbowl.  This is a gut punch to anyone who has suffered a recent (or past) loss.” – and I feel it’s an awesome remark.

Nationwide made a mistake of not considering enough about the context of the event – tens of millions of individuals are watching the Super Bowl because they’re on the lookout for leisure, not for saddening tales about lifeless youngsters.

By ignoring this easy reality, Nationwide disenchanted the viewers and, thus, receives the award for the “(Un)deserved Hate”.

The Soiled Boobs Vendor:

As yearly, there had to be somebody enjoying the attractive women with massive boobs card. This yr it was Carl’s Jr. and Victoria’s Secret.

It is rather, very low cost to make use of women with barely any clothing to promote your burgers, Carl’s Jr. – I don’t have any respect for that.

On the other hand, I feel Victoria’s Secret ad deserves kudos – they are selling lingerie in any case, and they did an attractive job of doing precisely that for the righer(er) causes.

The “Dirty Boobs Seller” award, therefore, goes to Carl’s Jr. for utilizing ladies’s body to sell utterly unrelated products.

The Furthest Stretch:

I discussed above that a minimum of three manufacturers competed for the “Best Dad” award, Nissan, Toyota and Dove, or at the very least tried to – I watched Dove’s effort and was left confused:

I really like all the mini stories about fathers taking good care of their youngsters, however I wish it ended there…

Making an attempt to persuade us that using Dove’s men+care products by some means results in caring about others and being an incredible dad is the furthest stretch ever.

Dove products won’t make a man stronger, and they won’t assist men grow to be more caring or loving of their youngsters – considering in any other case is ridiculous and deserves the “Furthest Stretch” award.

The Largest Bollocks:

I named it the “Biggest Absurd” award at first, but the “Biggest Bollocks” matches even better: the single nominee is Newcastle Brown Ale – the, apparently, “No Bollocks” model.

Positive, you possibly can tell us every thing about how “No Bollocks” you’re, however a Super Bowl advert that tries to slot in as much as 37 brands right into a 60 seconds long business is nothing however the most absurd, non-sensical concept – actual bollocks:

“Equally Bad” Mentions:

The record is even longer with these, but we’ve to cease someplace..

  • Halftime Touches Down by Pepsi – gosh, a flying stadium that sucked up a couple of cans of Pepsi, a guitar and a blue wig ought to be thrilling?
  • Newfangled Concept by BMW – unsure how this obtained accredited by BMW. Significantly, as an alternative of displaying electric automobiles as a cool and luxurious thing, the advert is portraying their drivers as some stupid individuals – would any potential i3 consumers need to be related to them? It additionally creates an impression that the automobiles don’t deserve any critical attention – is that your concept about getting them extra fashionable?
  • Avocados from Mexico – the strategy of drafting an avocado ‘about for billion years ago’. Sufficient stated.
  • Make Some Noise by Lexus – simply forgotten, nothing sudden or attention grabbing.
  • KimsDataStach by T-Cellular – similarly to BMW, T-Cellular’s advert is using the irony to inform that the individuals who use their providers are all obsessed with Kim Kardashian and are… sort of silly – if I used to be a T-Cellular shopper, I’d already be gone. The truth that virtually 60% of feedback on YouTube are dislikes, should say something too.

Aaand there you will have it! That’s the complete listing of the greatest and the phrases advertisements of the Super Bowl.

Although there are numerous extra, I feel they’re not as worthy to be mentioned – they’re both respectable, or okay, but nothing distinctive.

Lessons Discovered:

To finish off, I need to share with you three ideas that I actually consider will make your promoting a lot better:

  1. Know your context – it’s absolutely crucial you start by evaluating the surroundings through which your content shall be seen. Take into consideration the viewers’s expectations for the content material and analyse what are the rules for every of the channels, traditional media or social networks. This yr Nationwide burnt really dangerous by not taking the context under consideration.
  2. Take into consideration perceptions – so many brands failed at this. It appeared like the majority of the brands had little concept about who they’re truly concentrating on, and how that viewers would understand the advert. Otherwise, they wouldn’t go around insulting the similar individuals they need to turn into shoppers, would they? If you wish to drive individuals closer, not further out of your model, be laser-specific when defining your audience and think about how they may understand your advert.
  3. Study storytelling – my all time favourite advertisements are people who tell an ideal story. Some use photographs or words, others – each, however they all inform tales. And for those who really need to evoke an enduring emotion amongst your viewers, you’ll want to tell stories too. It’s time you began learning the right way to do it correctly. Interval.

That’s it! Straightforward, proper? ?

Should you needed to observe all the Super Bowl advertisements of 2015, be happy to do so:

Thanks and take care!

So what do you consider the listing? What have been the greatest and worst advertisements of this yr to you? Let me know in the comments under:

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