22 Hardest Pokémon To Catch (From All Games) –

Catching Pokémon is pretty much the point of the games. I mean, it’s even in the slogan.

You might think this means it’s an achievable task, since it’s one of your main goals. But you’re wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Over the years, it has been very difficult to catch Pokémon. So I’m going to help us survive our collective trauma by shining a light on the worst offenders.

Note that I am not using catch and encounter rates exclusively for this list; otherwise the list would be filled only with captions.

Instead, I assume several factors. You’ll see what I mean.

22nd Generation I Snorlax

Was it particularly difficult to capture Snorlax in the traditional sense? No.

It wasn’t an easy fight, but it also wasn’t as egregious as some of the entries on this list.

What made Snorlax take its place in this prestigious article is that there were only two in the entire game. Remember, this is the 1st

There were no forums or guides we had access to when the red/blue/yellow ones came out.

That was before my time, so that should tell you how far away it is.

I mean, if you didn’t get one the first time, it’s just bad luck.

21. All important non-historical captions not included in this list

Okay, this is a little weird. But I have no choice.

All the major legends that don’t appear in the story (like the ones you don’t have to conquer to progress in the story) all have the same triple conquest rate.

This means that neither is harder to catch than the other.

If I counted them all for this list, each location would be the same. It will be a lucky bag of legends.

20. Phoebe

Since that day, Phoebe’s still hard to find.

It was one of the last Pokémon in my Dex SWSH. I had to trade to get one.

It’s not that he has a particularly high catch rate, but his success rate is ridiculously low.

I spent hours looking for it in the eighth generation, but I never found it. But SWSH is one of the easiest games to play.

The problem is that with the encounter frequency, there are only a few tiles in the world where Feebas can actually appear. So you have a small chance of running into him.

19th Gen III Regis

Generation III is the one that really introduced me to the Pokémon franchise. So I speak from experience when I say that no one in the playground knew that Regis was participating.

People were still trying to figure out how to catch Raquaza in Emerald, let alone learn anything about those glorified paper webs.

This was even before basic internet access, which is strange to think about. But that means that without a magazine or game guide, you would never have found these legendary people.

18. Manafi

I love the Pokémon Ranger games.

The fact that we have a new record coming soon gets me very excited, even if it is a one-man fan club.

I do want to say that you never have to buy a separate game to get your hands on a unique Pokémon.

This has been the case in the past with Ranger and Manafee.

The Manafi could only be obtained by hatching an egg that could be passed around by a Ranger.

The outbreak of the Legendary Pokémon has been quite controversial. But the fact that it was essentially a $40 DLC for people who weren’t interested in the spin-off was ridiculous.

17. Selebi

Celebi is not under the truck or in the woods.

In fact, Celebi is nowhere to be found.

The only way to get this Pokémon is by participating in an event.

He still hasn’t emerged as a legend, which is downright ridiculous.

You can’t catch a Pokémon if you can’t meet it at all.

I don’t know why Game Freak didn’t bring Selebi back. Especially when you consider that King’s Tundra has all the legendaries and their mothers, but this adds to the influx of Mon’ hacked for the sole purpose of completing the Pokédex.

16. Dzirachi

Jirachi is Chelebi, but worse.

The only non-random way to get it is through the Pokémon Coliseum, which used to… And not everyone had access to this game.

Jirachi appears so rarely in Pokémon that I still talk to people who swear it’s a newcomer to the series, even though it’s been around since Generation III.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Victini has become Giraci’s replacement in a sense.

But Victini doesn’t get much love either, so I don’t know.

15. Other Pokémon

Celebi and Jirachi are the worst offenders in the Mon’ event, but there have been many over the years.

Shaimin, Darkrai, Cresselia and many others have been exclusive to timed events for far too long.

This is an outdated practice that Game Freak needs to do away with.

To intersperse the fun and make the content of this article more entertaining and interesting, I will add the other participants in the event in this post, as I did for the captions.

14. Volcarona

Volcarona is the first memory of a non-legendary appearance in the world.

I think it’s the first one, but I could be wrong, so let me know.

Anyway, this grotesque, moth-eating Buffalo Bill was a nightmare to catch.

Not just because of catch rate or 100% collision. But since this movement failed in Gen V, and there was only one for the eighth generation.

It’s like the Snorlax of generation 1, only worse.

We happen to have internet now, so Volcarona probably won’t surprise anyone.

13. Chengxi of red and blue

Chancey? Hard to catch? You’ve lost the plot. I heard you talking.

Now gather around the fire and let Grandpa Ein tell you a story.

Although Chancey is a popular Pokémon today, there was a time when it could only be caught in the Safari Zone. At least I was told I wasn’t born then.

I digress: there was no walking in the Safari area at that time. It was a trap, at best.

In fact, it wasn’t that easy to catch a Pokémon. Most of the time it was easy, but if you had a Mon’ with a low encounter rate, like Chancey, then you were lucky.

Not only were the chances of getting that glorified hard-boiled egg alive minuscule, but this thing had a minuscule success rate.

Add to that the fact that you only have a limited number of steps in the Safari area, and you’re basically paying to be tortured.

12th Gen II Hera Cross

Did you only know Heracross was made of gold and silver? Because I didn’t, and I get paid to know a lot about Pokémon.

I wasn’t there during the glory days of Gen II, but I was still shocked to learn that Heracross was not the original Sinnoh.

Instead, you can face it first by having your Pokémon bang its head against a tree in Johto.

It was a meeting with Mon’, but a concussion is just the beginning of your problems.

Additionally, your ability to encounter Herakrosros was determined by your Trainer ID combined with randomly generated trees that could actually spawn Pokémon.

In other words, it was an RNG lottery.

That was before they had all those fancy bus ID scanners. So you made the D1000 run every time you tried to chase it.

11. MWva

With this entry, I pay tribute to the OG boss Pokemon.

Mewtwo is far from the hardest Pokémon to catch these days, but it was the hardest when Pokémon was first released.

For a limited time, Mewtwo was the undisputed king of the hill.

Mevtwo was the first part of his full name, King of Pokeballs and ruler of the Kanto region.

Nowadays it can be old and grey. But there’s no denying how difficult Mewtwo once was.

10. Entei

Okay, the next five items will be flash-flash-flash.

Mainly Entei of Gold and Silver (and the remakes). If you’ve played the games, you’ll know why. If not, let me give you some context.

Entei was one of the first wandering legends.

This meant you had to scour the map to find the place where he was supposed to meet him to have a chance of catching him.

The problem is that every time you enter a new area, it changes position. He was about to flee the fight, and running made him jump on the map.

So if you don’t feel like traveling the entire Johto region for one of them, you’re out of luck.

9. Raikou

Raikou was the second rover to be introduced to Entei.

They are both legendary dogs, so functionally they are the same.

But, Entei is in a way the protagonist of the dog trio. So you’ve had it easier than Raikou in recent years.

Looking at the three dogs, Raikou looks very much like a dwarf litter, so he remains the elusive one.

8. Suicune

Suikun is the last wanderer of Generation II and something of a Pokémon cult classic.

Suichun has had his fair share of Pokémon spin-off titles. but it’s been a long time since he’s made much headway in the main series (get it? because it works on water?).

Again, the functionality between this item and the previous two is identical, I’m just taking into account how the difficulty of getting them has changed over the years.

7. Latias

Another bummer, but this time it gets harder and harder to get as time goes on.

While Crown Tundra has made almost every legend in the world easily accessible, I’m pretending to write this list before the DLC comes out.

Latias appeared in the third generation.

Still, it was an exclusive outing.

It was a Hobo for Pokémon Sapphire, and I had Ruby, so I put them on 7 and …..

6. Latios

There are six people in the room. When I played Gen III, I used my base ball against Latios, so I was lucky.

If you had to search for such a tool without having access to it, you would have a hard time.

Again, it’s the same diffusion mechanisms we all know and hate. But Latios and Latias have been almost exclusively Pokémon since Emerald.

5. Articino galarien

Articuno galley? Really?

Yes, not all items on this list have to be dinosaurs.

Although Pokémon has become easier these days, Game Freak missed a few moments when introducing this legendary bird skin.

You see, Galarian Articuno has the usual legendary capture speed. This means you need to bring your daily kit. Grab a bunch of twilight balls,your fake steer and your DA and go to work….. unless you don’t.

Normal articuno may ice. But the regional option is not, it’s psychological.

You meet the Galarian Articuno on the slopes of the mountain. Where’s the hail?

Where this hailstorm hits him at every turn.

If you want me to explain it in detail: No. Lies. Wipe it off.

Plus, you have to start over every time you fight him, and you have to play some stupid guessing game with him every time.

I spent a lot of time packing one, which, admittedly, was a pleasant change from the ease with which the Crown Tundra unpacked.

4. Beldum

Metagross is one of the most powerful Pokémon without a legend around it.

However, this does not justify the difficulty in obtaining it.

The games it appears in rarely have single-digit stats, which are the lowest in the entire Pokédex.

Plus, it has the same catch rate as the legendary.

Why? Nobody knows.

The last time I played a main title, I spent about two hours trying to catch one in the middle of the field with my, admittedly, limited supply of ultrabars.

That’s more frustrating than having trouble catching Beldum. But there’s no excuse for this floating rock to be so hard to catch.

He has no limbs, how does he get out of the ball?

3. Spirits of diamond and pearl

Who needs friends when you have Pokémon?

People who want to get rid of Dex, of course.

Spiritombom is the first big case where you had to do ridiculous extras to hit Pokémon.

It was like a zombie Easter egg from Call of Duty.

Getting one of the tiles on the keyboard was no problem, but interacting with the other 32 players below was.

You can do this with the same player if you update the basement every time, but it still takes a lot of time, much more than it should.

Then Pokémon began to adapt to the internet as well. So all global connections have been cut.

Although the GTS was a great idea that I would love to bring back.

2. Diamond and Mother of Pearl Mouthpiece

Oh. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Ask someone which Pokémon is the hardest to catch, and chances are they’ll tell you it’s this one.

These days, you have to smoke your Snorlax before you get a hit to get a Munichlax.

But life hasn’t always been this easy.

When Muenchlax first appeared, it was only found on honey trees scattered around the area.

Okay, so?

Well, you only had a 1% chance of running into him. It’s terrible.

But when you consider that it only occurred in four of the county’s 21 potential honey trees, it gets a little more complicated.

But that’s not the worst of it.

Plus, we had to wait six hours to know if we had even a 5% chance of meeting. That is, if you have the right tree.

They couldn’t mess with the DC clock either. It was all internal.

The trees were also based on your coach credentials, but we didn’t know that then.

If you add it all up, you have one chance in five of encountering Munchlax every six hours.

1. Original painting Magearna

I wish entry #1 was as interesting as Munchlax. But it’s not.

Magerna isn’t a Pokémon either. At best, it’s an artificial animatronic.

It’s Mewtwo, if Mewtwo was a robot and not a clone.

To get the original color of Magearna, you had to add it to the Pokédex of the Pokémon House.


At one point, you had to own every Pokémon that existed and bring them home.

There is not much more to say about this difficulty.

It is the culmination of more than 20 years of work, and it is an irrefutable conclusion.

frequently asked questions

What is the hardest Pokémon to catch?

The hardest Pokémon to catch is the original-colored Magearna. Catching Magearna has always been difficult, but to get Magearna in its original color, you’ll need a full Pokédex in Pokémon Home.

What is the hardest thing for a legend to catch?

Pokémon is the toughest cop…

What is the hardest Legendary Pokémon to catch in Pokémon?

Mewtwo. Mewtwo is a special case in the Legendary Pokémon department. This powerful Pokémon is usually only available during Guest Raids. So trainers better hope Niantic sends them an invite so they have a chance to catch it.

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