25 Best Anime Cooking Shows (Our top recommendations)

There are many things cartoons are famous for.

From unique stories to a variety of colorful characters and styles, everything is available. But there is one thing that many hosts do very well: the presentation of the food.

Really, it may not seem that important. However, it has turned out that food in anime almost always makes both beautiful and very tasty. And remember, these are drawings.

They cook a lot of anime, which is quite fun. Although the food anime shows a different attitude towards food, it is a very entertaining kind of anime to test.

For cooking anime, on the other hand, it indicates extra dimension for the evaluation and presentation of food. There is an extra visual interest when it comes to anime cooking programs.

They often mingle, and that’s not so bad.

But with this list the emphasis is on anime, which has a culinary function. Or at least there’s some kind of kitchen in the story. Look what you’re thinking!

25. Silver spoon

Three words: Agricultural research. That makes the show.

Mainly through the eyes of Yugo Hachiken, a young scientist who decided to go to an agricultural school to avoid the stress of his parents.

You might wonder how that fits in a well-read cookbook.

The series not only observes how the food is grown, but also succeeds in slipping into good cooking scenes.

There’s just something fascinating about seeing the agricultural side of things and how it gets into the food.

As far as cooking is concerned, the series is not that big, but it is well presented and leaves a pleasant impression of the plot and characters.


24. Wakako bag

Have you ever wanted something to eat after a long day?

Murasaki Vakako is undoubtedly true, and the series follows her travels to different places where she enjoys delicious food and drinks.

In many ways the series can be seen as a travelling culinary exhibition.

It can represent different places and dishes that you can taste there, but it also offers good cooking moments.

All in all it is a very relaxing anime, with lots of good times to eat and have fun. If we consider that eating and drinking is more fun than cooking, we can say that the series makes the clock more relaxed. It’s great after a long day of work!

23. Bartender

It can be said that this series should not be considered as a culinary work compared to other… But for me, cooking alcoholic beverages counts as cooking all day long!

Especially because the series looks at how different drinks interact and what makes them so special.

It is a series that is very different from the traditional anime.

However, they cannot but appreciate the detail in relating to the production of beverages and its impact on those present in the show.

A bartender named Ryuu plays the leading role in this series and helps different people by offering them the drinks they need.

It’s not every day you find a whole episode of bartending, so if you like that stuff, I say jump on it.

22. Ristoranto Paradiso

From the first episode of the series, this anime finds a way to attract you, whether it’s a story, characters or (strangely enough) food.

There is a certain depth to this story because she explores different characters, especially Nicoletta, and how she finds out more about her mother through the restaurant Casetta dell’Orso.

The series says a lot about Italian cuisine and character study. But it also shows a large part of the culinary art to be appreciated.

Most of the series is quite fascinating in terms of the different stories and their relationship with the different characters.

The fact that he finds a way to blend and concentrate in the restaurant only adds extra layers to the series. Fascinating hours.

21. J.K. Meshi


For those who like short but sweet shows, it’s worth watching.

This series, which is mainly aimed at high school girls who learn to cook simple dishes, is quite simple.

However, each episode manages to slide into good cooking lessons and facts about food.

It’s not really a story, but there’s something to appreciate. And it’s sweet enough in its own way.

Compared to previous recordings, he cooks a lot more. The show has less than 5 minutes per episode, so it’s a fast clock.

As a culinary series it is not bad at all and presents some interesting facts. If you’re looking for a quick series with simple food and female friendship, you might want to give it a shot. The investment won’t take long either.

20. Cooking with the Walküre

Some may recognize these characters from the popular game Honkai Impact 3.

However, the link only reaches the characters, because the animated series is more of an alternative story.

Each episode consists of a few minutes of beautiful girls making simple dishes.

The format is similar to that of the previous shot, but more attention is paid to cooking and preparing a delicious meal with simple ingredients.

In short: It’s a handy mini-series featuring cute girls who prepare dishes with ingredients you can find in almost every grocery store.

A fairly simple but fun series with lots of tips for easy home cooking and cooking yourself.

19. Bonjour Sweet Love Patissier

It’s another short episode. But this time it’s got candy in it.

Here the emphasis is on romance, because it concerns a young girl named Sayuri who goes to a candy school and meets beautiful and talented men.

But he does have some good times when he makes pastries and desserts.

The variety of desserts in this series is actually quite interesting. And the fact that each character has a certain style gives it a sense of realism.

As short as it is, the bakery aspect (I think) could be more.

Yet it is soft and pleasant. So if you’re looking for a short but fun series with a piece about romance and baking, add it to your viewing list.

18. Ishikai Shokudou

Frankly, this series is about imagination and the joint evaluation of food.

But it also shows a lot of cooking and talking.

There’s actually a restaurant in this row… …but it’s definitely not an ordinary restaurant.

This restaurant has a door that opens every Saturday to the other world. Yeah, it’s an anime, so what did you expect?

Each episode has different products and characters that they appreciate.

It is interesting to note that to a certain extent the characters resemble food critics and mark the way food is prepared. There are not so many culinary scenes, but you can enjoy many shots throughout the show.


Isekai Shukudou brings a sense of calm to Isekai’s theme. As a food/animation kitchen I find it good for a good combination of food and imagination.

17. Jura bearings

Although it is mainly a series of campsites, there is also a kitchen.

It’s mainly about cooking, whatever you can do while camping.

You may think that this is the second part of the series you can enjoy while outdoors.

Yuru Camp is talking about a group of girls who make contact through the camp. But it also has a good level of food prices.

Most dishes are quite simple, but it’s nice to see them cooking.

It is a series that shows the appreciation for the beautiful nature and a good meal to accompany it. So if you like fun series with outdoor participation and good food, you should take a good look.

16. Rokuhudou Yotsuiro Biyori

There are many cooking shows that have a female or male cast.

This series takes a left turn and is part of the anime with all-male.

The way she presents the different dishes and sweets is also very pleasant. But I think this one will appeal much more to the female audience.

There’s not much work with Japanese sweets, so it’s an excellent addition. Of course there are also some culinary scenes to enjoy. And although the story of four men working in a Japanese cafe is not so strange, it is a pleasantly little-known series.

In general, it is a funny anime that presents both Japanese sweets and traditional dishes. A discreet show sprinkled with delicious delicacies.

15. Isaac Isaac Nobu


Here is another series that presents a modern place with a door to another world. What are these plots?

The special thing about this programme is that more attention is paid to alcohol and the accompanying dishes.

Each episode of contains a different dish to enjoy the drink, and even includes a live action segment during the meal.

The format is different from the usual anime, but makes the clock interesting. I fully understand why some people don’t like it, but I’d say you should at least try it if you’re open to it.

The other world is also rather medieval, and the characters do not always have a single appearance there. So there is a general combination of judging food and alcohol and taking into account what makes the difference between food.

A simple anime, but of a different kind to enjoy.

14. Muteki Kanban Musume


It’s a rather unorthodox anime, to say the least.

The series is about Miki Onimaru, a young girl who works for her mother in a Chinese restaurant.

At first, you might think that the series was mostly about cooking with combat missions.

Well, has a lot more fights than you thought.

Because of this, less attention is paid to cooking, but there is a lot of food in the series.

It’s a pretty weird show, honestly, but it has a certain appeal. Try it if you like beautiful things.

13. Kakuriyo no Yadomoshi

Mixing the supernatural and cooking is something you don’t always see (well, outside Japan).

But Kakuriyo no Yadomoshi makes it possible.

Cooking isn’t always about food, but there are times when you enjoy it.

Originally it was a series of novels about a young girl named Aoy who was taken to become the wife of a demon.

Eventually she opens a small café, and most of the story shows how her cooking influences different people.

It may be a more supernatural genre, but the way he moves through the kitchen deserves such an important place on that list.

In short, it’s a kind of culinary journey with the supernatural.

So for those who are interested in the supernatural and want to see something else, this is a good series to make a connection. You can also check the comments to see what you think before you submerge the driver.

12. Oishinbo

A cynical food critic named Yanaoka and a writer have been commissioned to write a book about Japanese cuisine and culture.

One would think it would be more like a series of crop and food assessments, but it is not.


Culinary work is also very hard work!

Much attention is paid to Japanese culture and cuisine. This means that there are many cooking moments in the episodes.

Few people know that the series is quite old (first broadcast in the eighties).

But as a series of saucers / kitchens, it holds up well for the present time.

Besides the fact that you can gain insight into cooking and the use of ingredients in the kitchen, there is a story to keep things interesting along the way.

11. Series: Watashi not Italian

Would you like to try a different kitchen?

So why not in Italian, because that’s the essence of the anime Piace.

This is a short series, but it contains as many and as varied as possible cooked Italian dishes.

Now he can be a little fast, but he has interesting characters and gives the best of himself in terms of presentation.

The story mainly tells the story of the heroine Nanasa and her childhood in an Italian restaurant. The way they show her, how she learns and how she finally cooks her own dish is really very interesting.

You could say it’s a bit of a weird show. But it’s also a rare series that explores other kitchens outside of Japan, so it’s really inspiring.

10. The glorious goddess of food


When you start this series, expect a few surprises.

Although it begins with a girl named Ye Jiaoyao, who goes back in time to the body of Ye Jinshuan, it will … …bigger. A lot more.

This anime is a mix of different genres.

But the series is dominated by the kitchen, and it is clear that the animation efforts have really focused on this aspect.

History may be a little too strong, but you can still enjoy the perfect cuisine while immersing yourself in history.

I also love the way this anime investigates how different ingredients can work together, even if they are only mentioned in passing.


We can discuss the plot and the characters, whether they’re very nice or not. But the way this show presents cooking is quality work.

9. Mr Ajikko

We have a rather old series with Mr. Adjikko, which came out in the late eighties with almost 100 episodes.

This was , the first culinary series, published in Japan as an anime.

It shows a young culinary prodigy named Yoichi and explores his growth as a chef while competing with different people.

Focus on how the food is prepared and what makes it so tasty. So it’s actually a real classic of the anime genre.

Basically, it is also a pure cooking anime.

Then why not take first place on that list?

The age of the show and the new kitchen of the anime have to be taken into account.

It’s always a great show, and it lasts like a culinary anime, even as you get older, and I strongly recommend you watch it if you like old shows from this time. But know that there is much more culinary anime to discover.

8. Torico


In a world where the food is different than we know, this series tells the story of Toriko, a gourmet hunter looking for the rarest and tastiest ingredients.

You’ve read it well.

The cooking part of this series is presented by partner Torico and chef Komatsu.

Besides the story of Toriko, the series also shows the history of Komatsu as a cook and how he grew up.

In a way, the series is a culinary journey with food and (literally: looking for food), mixed with a lot of action.

It’s creative, it’s different, and it’s definitely an anime test for good schooner entertainment with food.

7. Chuka Ichiban!

This series may not be known to many people because it dates back to the 90s.

But with the release of the sequel at the end of twenty teenagers, this series should be considered.

She is in China and talks about a little boy named Mao and his journey to become a legendary cook like his mother.


Given the setting of the series it is expected that it will be mainly Chinese cuisine. There are many things, but many things from East Asia are mixed.

What puts him at the top of the list is the theatrical side he can have with the culinary scenes.

Really, maybe it’s a little too much. But it does make the show more fun.

It’s usually old, but delicious for fanatics.

6. Yakitats Japan


The bread. He’s the star of this anime series.

The story tells the story of Azum and how his love for bread led him to fight for the best bread there is. If this sounds great, you really should watch more anime.

In the series you can find a lot of creativity, and sometimes it can jump over, but you always feel sharp in a real story.

Although this show might be weird because she owns a bakery.

It’s pretty stupid, but the way he gets involved in the bread baking process is pretty fascinating.

As a culinary series, it is one of the most memorable parts of the classical anime era, which includes the mid-2000s.

Now, I know the bakery just doesn’t seem that important. But believe me, Yakited! Japan has found a way to make it interesting.

5. Pâtissier Jumeiro

Now it’s about cooking, not baking, but she’s at the forefront of her research into cooking for the Troika.

In this story, Ichigo’s legs, along with other talented characters, are about to become a real confectioner.

The way he searches for different recipes for cakes and desserts has received a lot of praise on the show.

What’s more, the characters in the whole series can be weird and charming.

As a Show Jo series, it could be more focused on romance and drama.

But the bakery aspect of remains strong and one can only appreciate it.

Soft and sweet on the eccentric side would be the best way to describe the show.

4. Graffiti Kufuku (Gourmet graffiti)


If you like anime where pretty girls do cute things, then this is the show you should watch.

The whole show shows good food in good company.

The best way to describe the series is a piece of down that is guaranteed to be entertaining.

This does not describe the cooking process in detail, but you can understand the connection the numbers make.

The most important story is that of a young girl named Machico who found her happiness in the kitchen when she met her young cousin and came close to her, especially when she is considering getting married and learning how to be a good wife.

It is a wonderful story that emphasizes the pleasure of enjoying a home-cooked meal and what it means to cook for other people. There are some interesting things about mixed reviews in MyAnimeList, so check this page if you want to know more.

3. Emiya Chi no Kyou no Gohan


In many respects, this line can be considered quite similar to the previous record.

The difference between the two is that in Koufuku’s graffiti he puts more emphasis on eating with someone and enjoying the food.

This series focuses more on the overall process of making the court and the time spent together. The idea that food can unite us.


This anime is in fact an alternative piece from the fairy tale of life in the saga of fate.

You don’t have to know the whole Destiny series for this, so don’t worry. But even if you’ve never seen it, it’s very good.

This is a very relaxing series with a simple plot that follows the ideas of a heart warming during dinner at home.

You get all these fluffy things by watching, and you even get the chance to learn how to cook on the go.

Pay attention: If you are looking for it in English, you will find it under the name Today’s Menu for Emiya family. Although it is best to see the supporting version.

2. Amama – Inazume


Heartwarming is the best way to describe this series as well.

Because they have a father and daughter who have settled in a shop with purchased food, they start learning to cook with a new classmate.

The way the series shows the characters and the efforts they make to train is fascinating.

It just feels like they’re moving during the show. What also makes this series great is the way the characters relate to each other.

It’s the way the series creates a balance between cooking and holding that makes you want more.

Of course you can see it as another part of life that includes cooking. But there are a lot of sweets and fabrics in the subtext.

1. The Food War! Shokugeki without Soma

Of all the series mentioned here, Shokugeki no Souma is the one that embodies the greatest culinary anime.

The description is simple: This is a beautiful version of a culinary journey involving a school that raises the ranks of students through cooking competitions called shokegi.

As a culinary anime, the first priority is to get to know different narrative styles with different characters.

In addition, takes into account the importance of learning from and what it means to work in the food industry. But this doctrine can be applied everywhere in life: We must always strive to get better.


You will then be attracted by the creativity of the dishes and the beauty of their design.

Shokugeki no Kuma is in its fourth season since this article was written and continues to rank as the best culinary anime one can wish for.

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