25 Entrance Designs & Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

When visitors come to your island, your entrance is the first thing that catches their attention. So you want him to stand out!

But maybe you don’t know where to start?

If you need a CPHA admissions inspector, I’m here for you.

Here’s my list of adorable entryway designs and custom ideas I recommend you try! They are sure to impress any visitor.

25. Inner city

image source by @cvndywaifu

As soon as your visitors set foot on your island, they find themselves in the middle of the city with this sophisticated entrance design.

If your lodging service is near the entrance to your island, you are one of the lucky ones!

So if you have a lot of space to work, this is the perfect design.

Build urban paths, lighting poles, trees and hedges to improve the appearance.

This design even used some simple exterior panels with custom design templates to convey the look of the house, although you can use any design you like.

24. Cliff Labyrinth

Image source by @alysavioletacnh

This entry arouses curiosity. Visitors can only fully see what awaits them when they dive into the labyrinth between the rocks.

(Of course, they’ve probably already seen your island on the plane, but you can still imagine it!).

To mimic this idea, start by building a series of towers and detours with your bricks leaving a path in the middle.

Throw a few waterfalls sprinkled with flowers, and of course a pointer for your guests.

23. The jungle feels

image source by @sheep_lattes

Welcome all visitors to your island with this tropical entrance theme.

Make it summery by adding lots of coconut palms and colorful flowers.

You can even add fruit trees along the beach to match your tropical theme.

Why don’t you put up a welcome sign? Use a custom design to put your own stamp on it.

Finish the look with some tiki torches.

22. Landing on the moon

@ArielNior Image source

This beautiful entrance is very easy to use and welcomes visitors with charm! when they set foot on your island.

What’s amazing about this entry is its symmetry. If you try to make this device yourself, make sure you make both sides identical.

Make two identical cliffs with room to pass in the middle. Then choose your preferred route and drop it off at your airport’s two rocky ledges.

Raise the two crescents on the rocks and add a waterfall on each side to complete the view.

21. Concrete Jungle

image source by @kohaku_crossing

Turn your entryway into a concrete jungle with this urban creation.

The use of simple panels here completely changes the appearance of the island. You can also do this by customizing some simple panels with custom tile patterns.

It’s about time we had means of transportation to get to our islands too!

Create a railway line that goes from your entrance to the other side of the island. You can even create a track by defining a custom design for the track and station.

Don’t forget to complete the urban look with a few vending machines, phone booths and bicycles. You’ll have a lively city.

20. Bright lights

image source by @difille90

This heavenly entrance is amazing in the darkness of the night!

When the lights, moons and star fragments shine at the entrance, DODO airlines will certainly not miss this island.

To make this impressive entrance, a two-story row of rocks had to be built. And inside these rocks you have to create a series of waterfalls.

You can add new and mossy lights to the edges of the rock, and then add a few half moons and even a full moon to complete this amazing lighting effect.

19. Cherry blossom

Image source by @MiraiFuture5

This post is for all lovers of cherry blossoms! Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms?

From cherry blossoms to custom walkways and lanterns, there’s everything you need to create the pink entrance of your dreams.

Don’t forget to build rocks so there is a path to your island, and then create custom cherry blossom paths to enhance the aesthetic.

Plant a few pink flowers to pick up the theme and complement them with cherry blossom lanterns. They will really brighten up the neighborhood on a dark night.

18. Wrong bridge

image source by @s_pennant

I love this bay with all its extra little islands. It’s super simple, but it sounds great.

This is a good idea if you have already used the maximum number of bridges on your island. (What a nightmare, isn’t it?).

If this is the case, you can simply form your rivers around the path to your island. And it will serve as a bridge.

Design the project to connect the airport to the island. And you can make stepping stones or small islands in the rivers.

You can even add new lights or star fragments to illuminate the area. And don’t forget to put a few trees here and there at the entrance.

17. Zen garden

Image source by @liezleyva

If you have a Zen garden theme, this entry will fit perfectly.

Don’t forget to set up your bench with bamboo stacks and bamboo dividers so everything is completely zen.

You can also trace a path to your island. The addition of a few stone steps leading to the first level of your island even gives it the appearance of a temple.

And don’t forget to finish off the look with cherry blossom lanterns.

16. Ticket

Transition Image Source @mile

There is so much going on at the entrance to this cottage club, and I love it!

This is a great way to personalize your entryway if you love the cottage aesthetic.

I like how those prison bars make you feel old-fashioned. Who says they should still be in jail?

Fill your space with beautiful antiques, perhaps with a few barrels, a park bench and an old trunk.

And make a lake in the middle of the area to connect it all together. Then finish the solid wood bridge that connects it to the rest of your island.

15. Mushroom City

image source by @nicolecrossing

Give your visitors the impression of entering a fairy tale with this mushroom-shaped entrance.

Make the fantasy theme fit the pattern of the magic theme path that runs through your island.

Decorate the area with as many mushroom-shaped objects as possible. And of course, don’t forget the pap lamps, so important!

Add a set of deciduous trees, shrubs and flowers to complete your magical forest look.

14. Discophone

Image source using @Intersection by Fish_Intersection

Your island will be the envy of all guests with this amazing disco entrance.

It takes a few design slots, but it’s worth it!

The beauty of this design is that you can make any type of welcome sign you want.

If you want to make it smaller, you can, or if you want to make a big welcome sign, all I can say is go ahead!

Palm lights are absolutely essential for this entrance. And of course you can add a chess dance floor for a real disco night.

13. Runway holiday domain

image source by @myrnnea

Actually, I live for this driveway!

This works well if your residential service building has the misfortune to be close to your airport and you have little free space.

First of all, you need to design a custom floor. To create such a beautiful shape, it is good to find a design that also has a border for the edges.

The whole is decorated with many trees and statues to create the atmosphere. Ground lanterns also do the trick, as they illuminate the road at night for visitors.

Add a few nice benches in the middle to create a small seating area, and finish the edges with iron grates.

12. Ice wonderland

Image source of Isolagrande

I can feel the cold looking at this incredible ice cream!

Fill the entrance area with two large waterfalls, and they can be as big as you like.

I think the two level waterfall works well, just add ice sculptures overlooking the island.

Pair it with a range of different blues to get that cool vibe.

Then finish with a row of bushes and trees to spice things up (and bonus points if it snows).

11. Statue in the woods

image source Coendan

This magical entrance draws attention to every island.

Make brick walkways and fill the edges with flowers and light sticks to illuminate the walkway.

Add a few steps leading to the cliff edge around the entrance and to the top with the moon, and of course add lots of trees and hedges.

Place your favorite statue in the center for a dramatic effect!

10. Rainbow Island

Image source : @ratso0_

Who doesn’t love being greeted by a rainbow?

This bright color palette is the perfect, colorful starting point. It’s incredibly easy to do!

Just make a few rocks as you like, and don’t forget to leave a small path to your island.

Once that’s done, you can cover the top with many different types/colors of paint, and you’ll find yourself in a welcome rainbow!

9. Japanese garden

image source by @milkiss_acnh

This idea of a Japanese entrance is simply stunning!

I like to lead visitors directly to the dormitory.

Again, you can create this using a set of cherry blossom elements and a custom path leading to this area.

Using simple panels here works like a wall, and this can be easily reproduced by customizing the panels with some of your own designs.

Don’t forget to add a few trees on either side of your path, and maybe those Japanese telephone poles.

This entry will be great in the fall!

8. Botanical entry

image source @_LunarLeo

Keep your forest theme alive with this super green and natural entryway.

Don’t forget to start by planting a mix of hardwoods and cedars to create your woodland setting.

Rustic paths and tree stumps preserve the natural look of the area. You can also plant some flowers around the trees.

It is the ideal starting point for a walking tour, or just a common entrance. Advise visitors to wear appropriate footwear!

7. Tropical entrance

image source by @Skelly36210659

Now that’s what I call a sunny entrance!

Make two levels of rocks and decorate the top level with pyramids.

Use the rocks to create a path from the airport to the island, then align the edges of the rocks with the coconut trees.

Visitors will love walking under the tree arch, but you can make it even more incredible by including a stone arch in the walkway.

You can even turn your stone arch into a moss-covered arch to add a rainforest feel.

6. Super Green

image source by @Crossing_Lorien

This entrance is a plant lover’s dream.

The geometric style is unusual, with two rocks opening onto a wide path leading to a third rock in the middle.

Provide lots of greenery and cover the area with cedar/trees and shrubs.

The addition of plants and flowers is a must for this botanical entry.

You can also create your own welcome panels to add a personal touch. And don’t forget a few benches to create a charming seating area so you can sit and admire your creation!

5. Gold deposit

Orange Picture Source

This golden field has to be one of my favorite entries.

With grass and rocks covered in a mixture of yellow and gold flowers, and a bouquet of new lights, it is truly spectacular in the evening.

You can even add some waterfalls on the side of the cliff to give an extra atmosphere to this beautiful area.

Don’t forget to photograph the moon in the background to capture the glow!

4. Waterfalls

image source @dudebvster

A huge waterfall is always impressive. Then why not place it at the entrance to your island?

Show off your terraforming skills by creating a two-level waterfall surrounded by flowers and fruit trees.

Add a few streetlights on the side just in front of your airport to light the way.

You can also cast a little less light on your stones. And these crisp apple trees are even more beautiful.

Your visitors are sure to be impressed as soon as you step outside.

3. Single-flowered forest

Unknown image source

If terraforming isn’t really your thing and you prefer to keep it simple, this entry couldn’t be easier.

Take a custom design that you use to create a stone path and frame the edges with flowering shrubs.

Throw some hardwood on the road. You can even leave some weeds around them.

It’s a prop to look natural, right?

Then add a few light poles and a wooden fence and that’s it. It’s so simple!

2. Light input

@MoopToot image source

Just look at this fantastic entry. You can almost feel the magic just by looking at it.

If you want to be a little adventurous, try this mix of rocks and waterfalls.

Choose your favorite custom path to make your way to the depths of your island.

Add trees, flowers and shrubs to give it a natural look. Then sprinkle mushroom and hyacinth bulbs around the mixture to create a magical glow.

To complete the look, maybe add butterfly motifs! You can get them by order of Flick. If you give him three of the same beetles, he’ll come back with a model for you.

1. Mermaid case

image source by @valentine_vixen

That’s my favorite appetizer. And it’s not as hard to replicate as you might think!

Create this mermaid entrance by first building two huge waterfalls that flow on either side, leaving room in the middle for a path and a few steps.

Choose your favorite siren pattern to place in the center. He’s coming your way.

You can line the sides of the path with lots of bushes and then place mermaid objects and flowers on your steps. Mermaid shell is a nice touch.

Complete your entry with a mermaid bow, and bonus points when the Northern Lights appear!

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