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A Case for Why Marco Polo’s Secondary Guns Need a Buff

Rather than waste time writing a post accusing Wargaming of not being vigilant about the new Marco Polo ship, I thought I’d go ahead and explain why the Marco Polo’s secondary weapons should absolutely find favor in their current state. I bought this ship last night and played a few games in it to test it out. I have seen mixed reviews from Mountbatten, Flamu, Flambass and other players. I’ve also seen this ship used very well in clan battles, so I thought I’d take it since it seems to be a great ship overall. The EWS is causing significant damage to ships from every angle. The AR was also very powerful, as I was able to do about 20-30,000 rounds of damage to some of the heavy and BB cruisers that showed me their signs. I think the basic battery performance is excellent, not too operational and not too powerful. The only thing that bothered me were the secondary weapons. In one of my fights, I thought I was going to be up against Hizen in one fight and FDG in the other. When I confronted these ships hull to hull, I was able to deflect a significant number of secondary hits, but I noticed in both cases that my overall damage did not increase. I wasn’t surprised at all, since I’ve heard the analysis that secondary guns can only handle 15mm armor, and with IFHE they can only handle 18mm armor. I think the Marco Polo has great potential to be a great ship, both accidentally and competitively. A secondary weapons fan is absolutely necessary for this ship for the following reasons:

  1. This allows this ship to better compete with other T9 battleships that have much better secondary guns, such as the Georgia, Pomeranian, FDG or Iowa.
  2. It will provide players with alternate builds with captain assist capabilities and ship modules.
  3. This will better protect Marco Polo from DDs, because in many scenarios (I’m a big DD myself) it was very easy to get to Marco Polo and bring him back to port.
  4. This will make the ship more attractive and competitive to the player base, increasing the number of players willing to buy or grind it for use in ranking or clan battles. Who wouldn’t want more revenue or players on their servers?

Overall, I think the Marco Polo is an excellent ship to have among the many Tech Tree battleships. A simple upgrade to handle at least 21-26mm armor would make it much better, but not overpowered. I hope wargaming reads this, because they prefer technical explanations to user insults. If anyone reading this wants to add anything to this, please do. I have attached a picture of the missing secondary power supply from one of my games and provided evidence to support my case.

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The post The Case for Why Marco Polo in Secondary Guns Need a Buff for World of Warships.

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