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A Link to the Past is one of the most influential games in the Zelda series and sets a precedent for Link’s future adventures.

It was published in 1992 and was praised by all. It quickly became one of the best-selling SNES titles and made history as the ultimate action-adventure game of its time.

Due to the high quality and popularity of the game, it has been remade several times on the GBA, Wii, Wii U and 3DS, but the original SNES game has an undeniable charm.

If you’re going to play this great game again, you should do it with one of those ROM hacks with new stories, new levels and new gameplay.

Here are our best picks.

12. A Reference to previous DX

Link to the title menus of old DX games.

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Some people are just happy with the classic Overworld, dungeons and ALTTP scenario – but that doesn’t mean ROM hackers have nothing to offer them.

ALTTP DX is a set of minor quality of life improvements and bug fixes. This includes the ability to switch from one object to another by pressing L/R and to break pots with a sword. You can also use the knife to pick up objects that are otherwise out of reach.

Other minor improvements include rotating when using Pegasus boots and stopping the internal death counter increasing each time you save and stop.

Above all, this ROM hack shines with its enhanced CD-quality soundtrack, which is surprisingly refreshing to experience.

11. A reference to the previous translation expansion

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Nintendo’s internal games have always had some of the best localizations in the industry, but they’re not perfect and censorship is always an issue.

This translation extension uses the ALTTP script on the GBA and a literal translation of the Japanese game script to create a more accurate and easier to understand translation.

It’s much closer to the Japanese original and gives us a glimpse of what the authors had in mind for Link’s adventures. It’s always nice to get a fresh look at such a beautiful game.

10. Zelda with Zelda 2

Zelda with a screenshot of the game Zelda 2

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Not all pirates have new detailed stories or incredible visual improvements. Some are as simple as adding a new character. In this case, it’s Princess Zelda.

This hack replaces Link’s sprite with Zelda and adjusts many of the game’s tooltips to his gender and status. Pretty cool if you always wanted Zelda to have a chance to prove she can take care of herself if she needs to.

It’s not perfect. And you’ll notice some little bugs, like the palace guards not recognizing you as a princess.

But it’s a great way to change things up a bit and relive the fantasy warrior princess experience.

9. Zelda III: Hyrule Explorer

Einstein's Revenge of the Game

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As the name suggests, this ROM-based puzzle game is designed to test your intelligence.

He does this by introducing a series of LoZ-style block puzzles.

This is the latest in a series of brain teasers from the creator of PuzzleDude, in which Einstein’s Revenge remains the greatest challenge to your intellect.

Some pieces are easier than others, so you can rest and recover from the puzzle before tackling the next one.

7. Zelda3 Cube

Screenshot of the game Zelda3 Cube

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Creator PuzzleDude lets us have an experience inspired by the movie CUBE.

The connection is made in a 100-piece cube of puzzles, intense combat and everything in between. When you die, everything goes back to normal.

If you want to get rid of Cube and continue your heroic venture, you’ll have to do it all at once and without any death.

If you like challenge modes and things like Savage Maze in Wind Waker, you’ll love it.

6. Reference to a former random device

Link to the earlier game with the outlaws.

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If you enjoy watching other people play Zelda ROM hacks online, you’ve probably heard of ALTTP Randomizer, a website that helps you create a new and unique game every time.

It does this by reorganizing the location of essential items and equipment.

In the first chest you unlock, you can get a fire stick that radically changes your game.

You can also jump to the last treasure chest.

The randomizer allows you to choose what to change and set certain restrictions to keep the game as playable as possible. For example, you can also set a goal for the game. For example, defeat Ganon or collect 30 Triforce figures in the region.

You can even start the game in the world of darkness instead of the world of light, which is pretty unique.

5. Zelda3 PuzzleThe Man’s Quest

Zelda3 PuzzleThe Man's Quest

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Part of what makes Zelda so fun is the balance between action-packed combat, exploration, and challenging puzzles – but some players are only interested in the latter.

If you want a hack ROM that challenges you, try PuzzleDude’s Quest.

This addictive hack places much more emphasis on puzzle solving than fighting. You’ll need a sharp mind to work your way through these dungeons, and the other world is also full of barriers that must be overcome by solving puzzles.

The puzzles are quite complex and different from Nintendo’s style. So even Zelda veterans can spend a few hours stuck in a particularly unpleasant puzzle.

If a puzzle frustrates you, spend some time getting the air out of it by destroying vases and anything else you can get your hands on.

There is a lot hidden in this hack ROM, so you have the great advantage of being able to clean it all up.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Wisdom

Goddess of Wisdom game

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For a ROM hack that looks like a brand new game, I recommend Goddess of Wisdom.

It presents an exciting new story, an expanded Hyrule to explore and new puzzles.

This expanded Hyrule includes areas copied from previous games to match the ALTTP style.

My new favorite game mechanism is the puzzle pieces that you push and pull to place them on the pressure plates.

Goddess of Wisdom is an improved version of an old hack with a similar name. It has been simplified to make it more accessible to the average player.

Try it if you’re looking for a more serious challenge.

3. Reference to old Redux

Link to a screenshot of an old Redux game.

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If you don’t want to completely change your ALTTP, but just improve it, you should consider the Past Redux link.

This hack changes many small things to be more in line with the current tradition of Zelda.

It also removes some of the censorship applied to international liberation.

So you can see that Link is now blonde instead of pink, and Aganim has a color palette more in line with his official work. The flute is now called the Ocarina, the wise men are called the Wise Men, and the Star of David is back on the floor of the Eastern Palace.

It’s kind of the definitive edition of the ALTTP game, and it’s great.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Parallel worlds

Parallel Worlds game

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One of ALTTP’s most popular hacks is Parallel Worlds, featuring a new storyline and a redesigned outside world with a cleverly designed dungeon that challenges even the best explorers.

The brand new dungeons are a highlight, but they’re also the hardest part of hacking. Every great dungeon has one that is unfair or simply impossible.

Still, the beautiful soundtrack, too beautiful and updated, justifies giving the game a chance.

Even if you get angry, you’ll leave eventually.

Or, if it’s too easy for you, don’t forget to retrieve the seven mysterious tablets scattered throughout the dungeons.

By completing the set, you unlock a second loss with great difficulty, as well as other interesting tricks.

You can also use the Remodel version, which is much simpler.

1. Conker’s High Right Tail

A game that follows the rules of Conker.

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Yeah, you read it right.

It’s everyone’s favorite squirrel from the most dangerous part of the N64.

It’s probably the only Zelda ROM hack that would only get an Adult rating if it were rated by the ESRB.

That’s where things get complicated – but that’s always been part of Conker’s appeal.

If you’re wondering how bad it is, consider that they turned Tingle into a drug addict.

Raw humor aside, the hack has numerous references to games and movies, like Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

In fact, this hack opens with scrolling text, like in Star Wars.

But humor and links are far from the only opportunities for hacking. It’s packed with new dungeons, items, and a huge world that you’ll need to explore deeply to get the upgrades you need to complete the game.

Expect incredibly difficult puzzles too.

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