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Is there anyone who doesn’t like a good movie?

I’m sure everyone has a favorite movie, and often the experience of watching a movie changes for the better.

I know it was great for me to see Avengers Endgame at 11pm on opening night.

As for your Animal Crossing island, there are many ways to make a fun movie for everyone!

And with these ideas, you can safely get started.

10. Film premieres

Image source AmIAGyradosYet.

Sometimes the most entertaining movies are the ones you make at home with your friends and family.

This idea of cinema gives the impression that the film festival will present their work in the near future.

First, I like how the tiles and red bricks alternate in rows on the floor. They complement each other well.

Start by buying auditorium seating and a director’s chair from Nook Miles to seat your audience.

You’ll also want to buy a movie projector so you can proudly display your videos.

Then show a few simple panels like a screen and you’re ready to navigate!

9. Open-air concessions

Photo source: Unknown

No movie experience ends with an appetizer, even if it’s overpriced.

You can create this concession zone with a few simple elements (and a little work!).

Buy dining room tables and arrange them into a counter.

Next, you’ll want to buy lots of goodies in the form of popcorn and candy machines.

What’s really cool about this design are the simple, customizable panels with posters of some of the movies being shown.

So pick your favorite movies and make posters for everyone.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to buy a big popcorn and watch Harry Potter!

8. Single room theatre

image source by @ACNH_Barkenos

While this design is nothing special, I still find it fascinating that the entire theater was built in this man’s basement.

I especially like the heavy curtain wall to set up this indoor theater.

The concession stand is fairly typical and includes a dining table, popcorn machines, snack machines and an espresso machine.

Since it is a small room, the film projector is placed on a snack machine opposite a single screen at the end of the room.

Finally, install rows of benches to provide seating for the auditorium.

With this setup, you don’t even have to go far to grab a snack in between!

7. View of the village

Image source: nintendokermit

If you want to get the whole island together for a movie night, here’s an idea to get you started.

Set up a nice seating area with a stone walkway on the floor.

The chairs are all wood here. That’s a little wood for you.

Don’t forget to make enough for everyone!

Then put a few custom projects on the side to indicate which movie you’re suggesting. Be as creative as you want.

Add a movie projector and a candy and popcorn machine and everyone is ready for a movie night.

6. Classic home theatre

Image Source by Rank Interest.

Instead of creating an actual movie theater in your home, this idea creates a more intimate look for your home theater.

As usual, you will want to buy concessions.

I’m talking about the snack, drink, candy and popcorn machines.

I really like that there is a slot machine here, because many theaters often have small machines in the lobbies.

This time, you’ll also want a pair of double sofas to sit more comfortably while you watch a movie.

The 3-D glasses on the wall are a nice detail. After all, 3D movies are a lot of fun, right?

5. Theatre at night

image source by_tiny_carpenter

I’ve seen quite a few outdoor movie room ideas on ACNH, but this is probably the only one that combines a movie room with a bedroom.

Honestly, I love watching movies in bed. And this design is very comfortable.

For starters, you need to set up a few simple panels to show the movie at night.

Bring your own blanket as sleeping on the grass is not ideal.

Next, set out a few bedroom items, such as. B. a papa bear and a futon that can be purchased at Nook Shopping, and a peach chair that can be made from peaches.

Slippers and a candle are also interesting little details.

4. Horror Movie Night

image source @acnh_mikayla

Are you a horror movie fan?

Personally, I don’t like them. But you can always enjoy it on your island if your heart desires.

As a do-it-yourselfer, you can set up a small space between the trees with a custom-made blanket and a few matching seat cushions.

Buy a movie projector and put up some simple signs to display your creepy selections on.

The outdoor decorations create an autumnal evening atmosphere.

Then make a row of spooky jack-o-lanterns, a wild bank log and a mushroom log to make a movie theater for Halloween horror movies.

3. Cinema lobby

normal model Image source

Of all the ideas in the theater lobby, this is probably the most dynamic.

Because this guy really went crazy with the movie posters on display!

You can also create (or upload) your own design with all of your favorite movie posters to showcase what will be featured in your theater.

Some of the posters, such as. B. The Shape of Water, needs two separate drafts.

Other wall decorations also work well with posters. You will need a studio projector, equipment and potted climbing plants.

The lobby floors are perfect for a movie lobby (of course), as is the wallpaper with blue crowns.

Finally, put tables in the living room and a popcorn machine to get the movie craze going.

2. Christmas movie night

Image source by intersections @juniper.paras.

What could be more fun than a Halloween movie night?

It’s Christmas movie night after all!

For some reason, I got more into the Christmas spirit last year than usual. So I had lots of Christmas movie nights, but not with the right decorations.

To do this on your island, set up the screen as usual, with a few simple custom panels to display your favorite holiday movie.

The sitting area needs blankets on the floor and some pillows.

Use the snowflakes and ornaments you’ve collected to make holiday candles, lighted snowflakes and frosted poles for decorations.

Only when you have placed the Christmas tree next to the film projector does the Christmas story really begin!

1. Ground drive

image source by BigBangBeige

Ah, the days of drive-in movies I haven’t even lived for. What a pleasure!

Using Apex wallpaper to create an outdoor scene inside is ridiculously intuitive.

Also, place custom park designs on the ground to create the rest of the outdoor scene.

Then just build a stall and buy a popcorn machine to make a fun stall.

A film projector, a professional tape recorder and a 20-inch wall-mounted television are essential for making a movie.

But the star of this design has to be the race car beds, all in the parking lot for retro drive-in fun.

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