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This is the first of a series of (not)giving feedback on Heroes of the Storm’s newest game mode – Infernal Shrines. I’m not sure what made me pick this game mode to start off with, but it seems like an interesting place to start. As I remember, someone asked me what I thought about this game mode, so I made a blog post about it. The feedback is rather mixed, so I hope to give feedback on this game mode to help others who are deciding whether or not to give it a try.

So, you’re a budding “Heroes of the Storm” player and you’ve never played “Overwatch” or “Overwatch: Origins” before. Or maybe you have, but only in the “Heroes” mode… That’s fine, but you want to play the “Overwatch” games… But you don’t want to play “Overwatch” again… Do you know the best way to play “Heroes of the Storm” with “Overwatch” characters? Well here is an “Overwatch” player’s guide to getting the most out of “Heroes of the Storm” if you’re a “Heroes” player.

We’ve been obsessed with heroes of the storm for a while now, but we’re still trying to improve on our skills. Here’s what we’ve learned so far on alexstrasza:

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