The alien race has been the most interesting and frustrating antagonists of the Alien franchise. They are the toughest aliens in the Covenant, and their weapons are just as tough. Here are the toughest weapons in the Alien franchise, according to the Alien: Covenant official strategy guide.

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As part of the Aliens: Fireteam weapons reveal, Gearbox and Gearbox Research have revealed the full Fireteam weapons list for the Aliens: Colonial Marines side campaign. The list includes all the weapons, attachments and toolkits that the marines will come across. Check out the full list below.. Read more about aliens: fireteam classes and let us know what you think.

Aliens: There are five classes in Fireteam, each of which can equip two specific weapon types. In the game you can choose from four weapons: rifles, combat weapons, pistols and heavy weapons.

You can choose different weapons, or even switch from SMG to shotgun if your class uses melee weapons. Weapon customization is also a part of Aliens: In Fireteam you can also equip your favorite weapon with various accessories, such as muzzles, magazines and optics. These are the weapons we’ve discovered so far.

  • M41A2 pulse rifle
  • Kramer’s assault rifle
  • Type 78 heavy assault rifle
  • Type 78 serial fire pistol
  • L56A3 Smartgun
  • M39 machine gun
  • M42A3 sniper rifle
  • Automatic revolver
  • Light machine gun (possibly M41AE2 heavy pulse rifle or other variant)
  • Portable grenade launcher
  • OCAP-91 Volcano
  • M37A3 pump gun
  • Bear DT-57
  • Kramer .50 Magnum

While we wait for the details of their weapons, check out the first screenshots and the official trailer, which thankfully includes some gameplay footage.

Aliens: Fireteam will be released on PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4.

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