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Splitgate is a free-to-play first person shooter developed by the guys at Ubisoft Massive. The game is currently available for Mac, PC and PS4, but we have  only just recently discovered the Mac version (thanks to the guys at the YouTube channel “.MacGamingNews”). Splitgate is basically a teams-based FPS, with each team occupying an arena and then fighting to control all the points in the map. Each team has a number of distinct classes, and controlling the positions of the points in the map is key to winning.

Splitgate is a game that earned fame through the YouTube Let’s Play videos of a now defunct channel. It is a game that allows you to create your own team from a variety of “base” characters and then play various game modes. The multiplayer game has a unique way of bringing players together as they have to work together to take on a team of enemies, with each player taking the role of a different base character.

Splitgate is a brutally unforgiving arena shooter that’s been a staple of online gaming for nearly a decade. In Splitgate, there’s only one

Splitgate is the newest FPS fad to hit consoles, but with so many venues to choose from, it’s difficult to keep up. Each map necessitates a unique strategy, and we’ve explained the fundamentals of how to outsmart your opponents. We’ve compiled a list of all the venues in Splitgate, as well as tips on how to win.


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Abyss is a map set in a ruined environment with some technology strewn around. Short-range pathways connect with bridges, making this a shotgun-friendly terrain. It will be entertaining for those who like shooting people in the face in first-person shooters. However, there are chances for opponents to utilize long-range weaponry to take you down while crossing the bridge. For greatest success, switching between a long-range and a short-range weapon is the ideal approach.


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Atlantis is a pristine cruise-like place set underwater in the ocean. There’s a good balance of short- and medium-range sections to appeal to both types of gamers. The ballroom in the center of the map is a major hotspot, so avoid it at all costs if you can; but, if you’re very skilled, you can rack up the kills there. The map has three to four levels, making it extremely vertical. Keep an eye on the minimap in the upper left corner and listen for your opponents’ footsteps to gain the upper hand.

Club Silo

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The music is pounding in this elite nightclub, but the true celebration is going on all around you. The map’s central part has a tiny structure in the center, followed by two large spaces for mid-range snipers to exploit. Keep an eye out for assaults from above you, since there are many stairwells and approximately three levels of platforms.


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Crag is one of the game’s smaller maps. It’s essentially a square network of tunnels. Anyone who loves to snipe in Splitgate should be careful since shotgun users will grab kills like sweets from a toddler. Here, running and gunning is the ideal tactic.

Destruction is a given.

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Stairways, stairways, stairways are Foregone Destruction. There are several sharp corners to be cautious of, so keep an ear out for enemies and keep an eye on the minimap for their precise location. There are also several hidden platforms underneath the arena. Create a second portal around the stealthy platform by strategically placing portals in a crowded location. From there, you may grab some unexpected headshots from the portal’s perspective.


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Helix is a large, open terrain set in a cold metropolis. It’s also one of the most vertical, with a series of sharp drops. Use portals to their maximum potential in Helix to gain an advantage over your opponents.


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Highwind is one of the map’s tiniest sections, inspired by Japanese woods. Small passageways have been created in this treehouse-like environment to be used for fierce fighting. You should attend in a group, according to the Splitgate website. Going alone implies definite death since there are so few hiding spots.


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Splitgate gets up up and personal with its farmland-turned-arena setting. If you can locate the shotgun or plasma rifle in the area, you will have the upper hand. There is a tunnel part where you can stroll around, which is ideal for a shottie. Meanwhile, for mid-range fights outdoors, an assault rifle would be ideal. Snipers may struggle here because, unlike most other Splitgate maps, the map isn’t symmetrical.


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This lava-fueled research building is a haven for mid-range FPS players. With a rifle or an SMG, you can blast through your enemies like no one’s business thanks to the tightness of the outer and inner regions. However, in addition to the rail gun and the rocket launcher, be wary of ambient lava dangers.


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The Oasis map, which has a Middle Eastern feel to it, is a wide-open desert region ideal for long-range warfare. Tighter interior sections strewn throughout the terrain added variety to the gameplay. With that map diversity in mind, it’s especially enjoyable in Team Shotty Snipers mode. The map has some verticality due to the higher structures and taller sandhills. Weapons often spawn at the map’s middle.


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Olympus is a sky-high stadium, but instead of gazing at the clouds, you must concentrate on your opponents. The challenge that competitors must confront in terms of height is tremendous. You’ll have to keep an eye out for incoming sniper bullets over your head. Short-range weapons isn’t necessary here, so work on honing your long-range abilities. Olympus is so bizarre that you can use your portal power to go from one spawn location to the next.


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Pantheon is a map made out of linked bridges and tiny interior spaces. There is an easy route at the bottom, but keep an eye out for those who may snipe you at any time. To prevent being destroyed by the opposing team, it’s better to remain on the same level as them, although there are some incredible sightlines on the bottom part as well.


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The stadium map is what you’d expect from a first-person shooter. It’s for the purists among us. It’s symmetrical, with portions for both snipers and close-range attackers, and it’s classic in style. There are no surprises here, yet it’s still a lot of fun to play since this map is more about pure ability than a gimmick. This is the Splitgate Final Destination if you’re a Super Smash Bros. player.

Each map has its own look and feel, as well as distinct locations to explore. If you have an Xbox One X/S or a PlayStation 5, a native version of the game will most likely look even better down the road. You should also adjust your controller settings to enhance your game.

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