All Berlin Undiscovered Areas in Hitman 3

Hitman 3’s nightclub offers much more than just a playground for taking down CIA agents; there are many secrets to uncover, including 22 undiscovered areas.

These areas can be difficult to find without the proper camouflage. Therefore, dress like a member of the technical team or club staff. This makes map navigation much easier. It’s a popular spot, so many people will be there to dress up.

The search for all these areas is done according to Achievement/Trophy Trails, so what are you waiting for?

Level 0

Image taken in the game.

Club Holle – Walk down the path from where you start the mission and go through the broken fence to find Club Holle.

The water channels – right, through the parking lot, over the concrete barriers and around the large reservoirs to find the hidden water channels in the corner.

Radio Tower – Back in the parking lot, there’s a small building to the left of the broken fence you went over. Go to him and you’ll find a stone on the floor in front of the door. Lift the stone to reveal the key to the radio tower below. Take that, and now it’s time to go back to the road where you started the mission until you come across a giant radio tower. Unlock the gate with the key and go upstairs to finally unlock the radio tower area.

Club entrance – Find a way to get into the club. After you passed the guard, open the entrance to the club.

Relax – go to the clubhouse and follow the main corridor to the right. Eventually you come to a door that leads outside. Come out and open the chill-out room.

Cloakroom – Look at the back of the relaxation area and you will see a guard blocking the service entrance. Run ahead of him by hiding or letting him out, go through the open window, through the next window in front of you, and you will find the Wardrobe.

Red toilets – return to the club via Chill Out and turn right. Follow the corridor around the corner and you will see a large group of people waiting to use the toilets. If you go inside, you will find the red toilet.

Image taken in the game.

Back Entrance – Leave the club through the back door and park in the car park at the back entrance.

Juice Bar – Go through the door on your right and through the small shipping container and you’ll come to the juice bar.

Garage – Go behind the bar to find the entrance, which is guarded by two enemies. Sneak in or get in by firing shots. Enter the room and the garage will open.

Biker Hangout – Go through the first hallway on the left and through the first door on the left to find the Biker Hangout.

Drop Packaging – Leave the biker shed and go through the second door on the right to unlock the Drop Packaging.


Image taken in the game.

Grow House – Leave the drop-off area and go directly into the large room. In the corner, there is a ladder to climb. At this level, go to the back of the room and take the last door on the right to open the grow room.

Level 2

Image taken in the game.

Sniper’s Nest – Go back to the stairs you used to reach this level and keep climbing. Go to the other side of the building and you will find the Sniper’s Nest area.

Level 3

Image taken in the game.

Overpass – Go back to the stairs and go up to the next level. Turn around and you’ll see a footbridge which will take you back to the building where the club is located. Once inside, we unlock the man.


Image taken in the game.

Projection Bar – Head back to the entrance of the club (we know it’s a long walk) and you’ll find stairs going down on either side of the entrance. Standing in front of the entrance, go right down the stairs, which will lead you to the projection bar.

Pipe Room – There is a small alcove next to the project bar that you can enter that seems to be a dead end. But you can jump over the ramp and over the other side of the barrier in an hour. Climb behind the railing and walk a little further to clear the trumpet room.


Image taken in the game.

Basement Bar – Return to this level and go down the stairs. This will take you to the basement bar.

The dance floor… And now onto the dance floor. You really can’t miss it.

DJ Buffet – Go to the DJ buffet and you will find an unlocked door on the right to go backstage. The door to the DJ buffet on this side is locked, but you can enter through the other side or lure one of the members to join you. Anyway, get in there as soon as you can and open it up.

Hirschmuller’s Office – From the door of the DJ’s office, turn right and go through the doors of the next hallway. There are some guards on your right, you can pass them and go through the door on your left. This is Hirschmuller’s office.

Boiler Room – Go through the door you came through and turn left, following the corridor to the boiler room.



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