All new Dungeons and Raids coming in Lost Ark’s June and July updates

Lost Ark will be updating its popular sandbox game on June 5th, with the addition of a new system that allows users to create their own dungeons. In July they’ll update the player versus player combat and introduce raids in which players work together against bosses. With these updates, Lost Ark is taking steps towards becoming one of the most fun games out there to play today.

Once players reach the endgame, Lost Ark offers a ton of dungeons and raid content to explore, and this library of boss-slaying, mob-killing bliss is growing by the month. The number of Dungeons and Raids is increasing in June and July, with a slew of new challenges on the way. There’s a wide variety of tasks available, from solo to group, so there’s something for everyone.

Smilegate RPG outlined all of the new dungeons and raid content coming to the game in the June and July roadmap. A new Legion Raid, a new Guardian Raid, a new solo dungeon experience, and remixes of old dungeon material are among the new PvE content. All of these new dungeons provide a plethora of goodies for players to enjoy, so it’s critical to stay on top of everything that’s new in the game.

Vykas – Legion Raid

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Vykas is the game’s newest Legion Raid, and it will be accessible to players who have reached Item Level 1430 in Normal Mode and 1460 in Hard Mode. Valtan developed a new kind of group content in the game, one that requires a great deal of collaboration (even more than Abyss Dungeons and Abyss Raids.)

There will be gates and checkpoints with various monsters, but the main antagonist will be Valtan. When Vykas is released, we’ll go over all you need to know about her.

Kungelanium – Guardian Raid

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Guardian Raids are daily quests in which you and up to three other players face off against a powerful adversary. Although some of these Raids are challenging, they provide valuable daily benefits such as Honor Leapstones, Destruction and Guardian Stones, and Accessories.

Kungelanium, the second Level 6 Guardian Raid after Deskaluda, is the next Guardian Raid to arrive in the game. Kungelanium will be available to players with an item level of 1460 or above.


1654124010_63_All-new-Dungeons-and-Raids-coming-in-Lost-Arks-JuneSmilegate RPG provided this image.

The Tower is a solo dungeon instance for players with a particular item level that offers a plethora of fantastic prizes. The Tower consists of a series of 50-story dungeons. Each level has a unique difficulty, and clearing just one Tower dungeon may be challenging.

Thronespire is the second Tower dungeon, and it’s for players with an Item Level of 1325 or above. Unlike the previous Tower dungeons, you only need to complete the first 25 levels to get awards, with the remaining floors focusing on prestige and completion speeds.

Reworks that have already been completed

All-new-Dungeons-and-Raids-coming-in-Lost-Arks-JuneSmilegate RPG provided this image.

Valtan will face a new “Inferno” challenge. Unlike the previous difficulties, you will not acquire any resources to help you improve your gear. Instead, you’ll be awarded titles and honors to show off your prowess in defeating Valtan.

The Scale of Balance will be used to bring everyone’s item level to the same level. Your Weekly Limit will not be affected by playing on Inferno mode. Valtan can be done anytime you want since it’s merely a task.

“Challenge” modes will be added to Abyss Dungeons as well. Challenge Guardian Raids used Scale of Harmony to balance your strength level versus monsters in previous Guardian Raids, and these Challenge Abyssal Dungeons will do the same.



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