All stats in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero and how they work

If you are playing My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero on Android or IOS, be sure to check out this stats page for the characters. It is a great resource for learning the details of each of the characters in the game, whether you are a veteran or a beginner. The stats page can be found here:

Stats determine the effectiveness of characters in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero and are the driving force behind how powerful attacks and other abilities are. There are two different kinds of stats in this game: basic stats and derived stats. Basic stats are always the same, but derived stats are calculated based on the stats and level of the hero. Basic stats determine how effective a hero is in battle and derived stats affect how effective their attacks are.

“My Hero Academia” has been an incredible anime. It has a great story, good characters, and a somewhat unique setting and cast of characters. The main character, Izuku Midoriya, is a teenage boy who dreams of one day becoming a hero. Unfortunately, Izuku was born Quirkless, meaning that he has no powers. However, he dreams of one day becoming the world’s greatest hero. He ends up getting a chance to as a result of a chance encounter with one of the world’s greatest heroes, All Might, and it turns out that he has a Quirk that is incredibly similar to his, called “One For All”.

All the heroes from the mobile game My Hero Academia: The strongest hero has the same stats. You can find these stats by clicking on a particular character you’ve unlocked, opening their character sheet, and then clicking on the small detail icon in the bottom right of the screen. It’s important to know what stats mean, because you want to give certain heroes special tokens and upgrades to increase the stats they use most in battle. Here’s a breakdown of the 11 of them.

All My Hero Academia classifications The Strongest Hero

This is what the full stats page looks like when you explore a character in your roster. Screenshot


The attack value indicates how much damage your hero can inflict on his opponents. The greater their attack power, the more direct damage they can do in battle.


The protection value reduces the damage the hero suffers when attacked. The higher their defense, the less damage they take from enemies that hit them, both in PvP and PvE.


The HP indicator shows the health level of a character. If his HP reaches zero during the fight, the hero faints and no longer participates in the fight.

Strength, technique or speed

The value of strength, technique or speed is different for each hero, depending on his type. For example, All Might is the hero of strength, while Midoriya is the hero of speed. Whatever his name is, he does the same to every character: It increases his overall attack power and gives him more strength.


The critical hit probability indicator indicates the probability that your hero will get a critical hit. It’s not one for critical odds. Midoriya’s critical rate may be z. B. 103, corresponding to a critical probability of 7.24%. The higher you go, the more likely your hero is to make a critical attack.

Critical damage

The critical damage value indicates how much damage your character takes on a critical hit. As with the values of critical probability, critical harm is not one in the same. For example, Myrodiria has a critical damage value of 51, meaning it does 157.44% more damage with critical hits than with normal attacks.

Increased damage

The damage increase indicates how much extra damage your hero does when he makes a basic attack. This value is in addition to the normal attack value for each move.


Your hero’s penetration values determine how well his attack ignores the enemy’s armor. Like critical probability and critical harm, this metric is not unambiguous. For example, a hero penetration rate of 41 means a 1.31% penetration rate for the hero’s attacks.

Tariff rate critical possession

Your hero’s resistance to critical hits indicates how likely it is that your hero can avoid a critical hit. The higher the value of the critical resistance of your hero, the less chance he has of being hit by critical hit attacks from the enemy or other heroes.


The resistance value reduces the amount of damage your hero takes on critical hits. Even if they are hit by an opponent’s critical hit, the toughness value reduces that value so they are not completely hit by a critical hit.


The decreasing indicator is a decrease in damage. Even if they get hit, the defense value reduces the total damage your hero receives from an attack.It’s been a little while since we’ve had a My Hero Academia article, so I thought it was about time to talk about the stats that matter most in the game, especially when it comes to building the strongest hero. I’ll assume you already know what Heart Points, Strength Points, Speed Points, and Mind Points do, but if not, check out our previous article on the topic.. Read more about my hero academia: the strongest hero english version and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my hero academia the strongest hero Cancelled?

In the world of My Hero Academia, there are so many heroes that their deeds are recorded by the media. However, not every hero can be strong, and some heroes are not strong at all. In this regard, My Hero Academia, this is a very interesting game, because we will know what kind of hero we are. In addition, we will also know how strong our hero is and how to optimize it. My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is a very popular shounen anime, with lots of good looking characters. However, the best looking one is just the best looking. There are many reasons for this, but I will explain the most important reasons.

Where is my hero academia the strongest hero available?

So, where exactly is my hero academia the strongest hero? To answer that question, I created a graph using all information that I could get my hands on. The vertical axis is a weighted average of each hero’s HP, Attack, Speed, and Defense. It’s important to note that this is a weighted average, which means that Heroes with higher base stats for a given category get a slightly higher score than those with lower base stats. The horizontal axis is an average of each hero’s Attack Type and Elemental Affinity, as well as their Special Move. A hero’s score on this axis is based on how often they are used in a given role, with the most used heroes having a score of 100. This was calculated by analyzing over 100 So, to get started with this guide, we have to answer the question: where is My Hero Academia’s All Might the strongest hero available? All Might has two different forms, and his stats are different between them, so there are two answers. His stats are:

Will there be a My Hero academia RPG?

The anime and manga My Hero Academia just got an anime adaptation, and a lot of fans are looking forward to the upcoming games. (At this juncture, I could also mention that the manga is extremely popular, or that the show has been renewed for a second season.) But, there’s one question fans are asking: Will there be a My Hero Academia game? We’ve been covering My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero for a while now, and while we don’t know for sure, (at this juncture I could add something like “it looks like we’re getting a game adaptation”) it’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything from the developers. If the game is still in development, it could be The My Hero Academia franchise has been increasing in popularity rapidly, with two recent anime series, and a third series coming out soon. The series is well known for it’s unique spin on the superhero genre, with the world and characters based on a combination of western comics, and traditional anime tropes. But I’m not here to talk about anything like that, I’m here to talk about the videogames. There has been a variety of My Hero Academia videogames, ranging from small mobile games, to large console and handheld games. The latest game, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, is a 3D fighter game for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s a good one. In this blog, I’d like to talk about

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