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All Wielder Trials locations in Chicory: A Colorful Tale

For those who don’t know, Chicory is an online role-playing game where you can be the hero of your own story. There are infinite stories to tell in Chicory, and as an action-oriented game it’s not lacking in story. You are not required to go any specific ways, but the stories that you make are always unique.

Back in the day, All Wielder Trials was the go-to place for gamers around the world to discover new games. These days, we haven’t forgotten about our roots and have continued to provide new users with exciting and unique titles to play. When we came across a mysterious location called Chicory, we weren’t sure what to expect, but it turns out it is a place full of surprises.

Before we get to the root of all the corruption of chicory: In Colorful Tale, Chicory challenges you to complete four master of ceremonies events to strengthen your bond with the brush. You’ve already completed the Temple of the Conqueror, now it’s your turn to go to the four corners of the Providence Picnic to finish it off. You can do these tests in any order, but you need to find your own locations. We suggest you start with the nearest study and show you how to get there.

Rainforest Banquet

Screenshot From Luncheon, you need to go southeast on the map. Instead of going to the golf swamp, all the way down on the right, go to the supper forest, which is one of the first places you’ll come into the game. Now that you know how to swim, jump and climb, it will be much easier to get around. There are several ways to get into the Banquest Rainforest through Supper Woods, but the basic idea is to go through the screens down and to the right. You’ll eventually come to a screen of trees blocking the path on the right. Now that you can swim, get past those trees. On the next screen, scroll to the top right. In Banquest Rainforest, you’ll discover these plants that act as mobile platforms and elevators. You can draw them to move as you like – click on the middle sphere to go up, or click on one of the leaves pointing in a certain direction to go in that direction. If the plant shakes, it cannot continue and will retreat the next time. You must use these plants in the first challenge to collect at least four brush flowers.

Canyon Junction

Screenshot word-image-5541 Keep in mind that this is the most emotionally challenging chicory for historical reasons, and while this guide indicates the best order for testing in terms of distance, it may be a good idea to do it last. At the very beginning of the game Banquet Rainforest, you have to go to the left screen via the flower platform. From this screen, go higher and jump off the rocks. Once you reach the intersection, swim to the right. Follow this path until you reach Teatime Meadows; you will see Hammus sitting in a tree. Swim across the river and reach the screen. Continue until you see a bridge, an exploding paintball and rocks to destroy. Swim to the platform where the ball is located to get into position to push the ball. Destroy all the stones and then go to the right screen. You have arrived in the charming town of Brecky, on the east side of the picnic, but you actually want to walk to the water. To reach Branch Canyon, float upstream to Misty Branch Canyon, where chicory awaits. During the challenge, you must constantly make your way up the tree, where you will come to a damaged tree; inside the tree is a flame that you can use to destroy branches in your path. They can be difficult to control, but aim the flames with a paintbrush at walls and ground, away from water, where they will immediately extinguish.

Desert mountain

Screenshot word-image-5542 They want to get to Eleusins quickly to pass the test of the Lord of the Northwest. Go up a screen from the Elevenses transit bank. From here, follow the river to the right – the trail on the left will lead you to Simmer Springs. One screen to the right and one screen down, then you should be on the right side of the mirror, which you can now easily swim over. You may have seen holes where the paint leaks when you go over it with a brush. You can travel through these geysers and swim in them when they erupt. Use the geyser pointing to the right and climb the hill. On the following screens you can ride on geysers and jump on clouds. You can jump into these clouds and linger there for a few seconds, as their emptiness shows. Eventually you have to climb up and reach Chikori at the foot of the mountain. Your main goal in this challenge is to climb the whole mountain with more geysers, clouds and explosively colored balls. The trick to this challenge is to use the wind to your advantage, so you can keep jumping while it’s blowing back and forth strongly.

Spoon Island

Screenshot word-image-5543 Relatively speaking, Spoons Island should be the easiest place for you, since you have the best swimming skills. Head south from the potluck and fill the colored water on each screen you reach. Head southwest and you’ll find Chicory on the beach at Curved Island. After Chikori explains the process, head to the south of the island. You’ll end up on platforms that can go up if you fill in the dots on the ground. You will manipulate these platforms to create simple jump sequences. Don’t underestimate the distance you can jump and the directions you can jump. In the hardest part, you have to control these platforms to solve linear puzzles – it boils down to connecting two black dots at opposite ends of the screen to form a continuous line. Go through these puzzles one platform at a time, from the first point to the end.

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