Alolan Graveler Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

Graveler’s weakness is ground type Pokemon. With a plethora of Ground-type Pokemons in the game, players are already able to take advantage of this vulnerability. This can be done by using pokemon like Sandslash or Aron that don’t require close combat encounters with Gravelers and have higher Attack power for when it does get caught up in a fight.,

The “alolan graveler weakness pokémon go” is a Pokemon in the Alola region. It has a variety of weaknesses and counters, which are listed below.

Alolan Graveler Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

Normal Gravelers are formed of ordinary rocks (don’t ask how), but some of the rocks have inherently conductive characteristics owing to the topology of certain of the Alolan islands. Gravelers aren’t choosy about the rocks they consume, so they ingest them and develop electrically conductive crystals on and throughout their bodies, resulting in their unusual type. This is why an Alolan Graveler cannot be fought in the same manner as a conventional Graveler. Here are Alolan Graveler’s vulnerabilities and Raid counters in Pokemon GO to help you discover the difference.

Resistances and Weaknesses of the Alolan Graveler

While a regular Graveler is a Rock/Ground type, Alolan Graveler is a Rock/Electric type by swapping out the secondary typing for Electric. That is to say, its defenses are broken down as follows:

  • Normal, Poison, Fire, and Electricity are all resistant.
  • Flying/Flying/Flying/Flying/Flying/Flying/Flying/
  • Fighting, Water, and Grass are all weak against it.
  • Ground has a double-weakness against it.

Pokemon GO Alolan Graveler Moves

Meanwhile, Alolan Graveler has the following moves in its arsenal:

Quick Actions

  • Toss a rock (Rock)
  • Switching Volts (Electric)

The Most Important Steps

  • Edge of the Stone (Rock)
  • Blast of Rock (Rock)
  • Thunderbolt is a fictional character (Electric)

Alolan Graveler has a CP Range of 1,023–1,084 for its current 3-Star Raid version, and a Boosted CP Range of 1,278–1,355 for its Boosted CP Range.

Counters for Alolan Graveler in Pokemon GO

Garchomp, Excadrill, Rhyperior, Rhydon, and Landorus are the top Pokemon Go Alolan Graveler counters. When faced with Rock-type Pokemon, your initial instinct is to deploy a Water-type Pokemon. While Alolan Graveler is still vulnerable to Water attacks, utilizing a Water type here isn’t a good idea since Water types are vulnerable to Electric attacks. While being an Electric type has mitigated one of Graveler’s major flaws, it has also accentuated another: Ground types. Ground moves are weak to both Rock and Electric type Pokemon, therefore Alolan Graveler is doubly vulnerable to them. Ground kinds are even superior when it comes to DPS.

List of Counters for Alolan Graveler in Pokemon GO

  • Mud Shot/Earth Power – Garchomp
  • Mud-Slap/Earthquake Excavation
  • Mud-Slap/Earthquake Rhyperior
  • Mud-Slap/Earthquake in Rhydon
  • Mud Shot/Earth Power – Landorus
  • Mud Shot/Earthquake – Therian Landorus
  • Mud Shot/Earthquake Groudon
  • Mud-Slap/Earth Power – Golurk
  • Mud-Slap/Bulldoze Mamoswine

Any of the regular suspects will do the trick when it comes to strong Ground types. With minimal effort, Garchomp, Rhyperior, or Excadrill may pound an Alolan Graveler into a fine, rocky mist. Not only do they all have a lot of Ground-type attacks, but they’re also all resistant to Rock-type moves and double-resistant to Electric-type moves (in Garchomp’s case, triple-resistant). Because Alolan Graveler’s basic stats aren’t very outstanding, going at it with one of these Pokemon will be laughably one-sided.

It’s not required, but if you want to add insult to injury by using a Legendary, Therian Landorus is the man for the job. His Ground/Flying typing compensates for the Flying type’s vulnerability to Rock techniques, thus there’s no need to be concerned.

The “alolan graveler counter” is a Pokemon GO raid counter that allows users to know the weaknesses and counters of an alolan graveler.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alolan Graveler weak to?

A: Alolan Graveler is weak to Rock and Electric-type moves.

How do you beat Graveler in a raid?

A: You have to use a bug in the game.

Can you solo Graveler raid?

A: Yes, you can solo any raid.

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