Amateur Radio Keeps Connected during Coronavirus Lockdowns

For those who expect 2021 to be a non-blocking year, the coronavirus may have a few more secrets up its sleeve. Again, the damage to your life and finances will be much less if the new virus finds you inside.

But blockades, when announced, can be extremely frustrating because they take away people’s freedom of movement. This is where Amateur Radio can serve as a means of staying in touch with friends, colleagues and other members of a close-knit community.

1. Amateur radio interception and relaunch

The first set of suspensions in 2020 has led many people to make amateur radio a recurring hobby, the WGGB said. While some have seen old radios dusted off, others like to order from digital vendors like Walcott Radio Online Shop.

This is how the massive breakdown of communication systems in the UK began on the first day of the virus outbreak. Panic replaced panic as people rushed to flee their homes and offices.

While the government tried to get the situation under control, it was the radio amateurs who were most concerned about communicating with other stations in London and the surrounding area. They were more reliable in conveying messages because they were individualistic and not corporate.

With the resurgence of amateur radio, amateurs are now acquiring equipment that was once considered obsolete. Modern radios with digital signal processing have made it easier for these enthusiasts to communicate with other remote operators without cables or multiple antennas.

Walcott Radio’s online store reportedly saw an increase in orders for accessories such as RTL-SDR receivers, which can be mounted on a Raspberry Pi computer card and used to receive radio broadcasts.
Regardless of the paths chosen, the amateur radio craze has begun to set precedents for the well-connected community.

2. How do radio amateurs connect people?

The concept is developed through wireless communication standards that allow people to communicate with other people in the same spectrum. More importantly, amateurs can use special frequencies to meet other people in an extensive social network.

Yet the blockchain not only helped develop people’s skills in the field of amateur radio, but also led to a 300% increase in license applications. There is also a huge demand for the purchase of call signs – a series of numbers and letters that radio operators use to talk to selected people.

It would be a good idea to pretend that amateur radio is perfect when social distance is at its greatest. While some still prefer phone and video calls, the lack of network bandwidth in some remote locations is becoming a major problem. This is where amateur radio acts as a virtual savior.

In short, amateur radio brings science into play and merges it with the digital world.

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