AMC Charging More for Batman Tickets in Potential Push for Variable Pricing

AMC announced that tickets for the new 2018 and 2019 theatrical releases would be sold in two tiers: one tier with a $40 ticket price, and another tier with an $80 ticket price. The company warned customers that they might not be able to purchase those cheaper tickets if demand is too high on either side of the variable pricing divide.

AMC Charging More for Batman Tickets in Potential Push for Variable Pricing. AMC is testing variable pricing by charging more at certain locations, according to a report from Variety. Read more in detail here: amc locations.

AMC Charging More for Batman Tickets in Potential Push for Variable Pricing

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Normally, moviegoers aren’t concerned about ticket price differences between features, but for Batman fans intending to see the next picture at AMC, this has become a major problem.

During a recent webcast after quarterly results, AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron disclosed that tickets for The Batman would cost more than other films when it debuts this Friday, March 4. It’s unclear if AMC plans to expand variable pricing to include U.S. moviegoers, but Aron pointed out that the theater chain has been doing something similar in Europe for years.

“At the moment, our pricing for The Batman are somewhat higher than our prices for other films showing in the same theaters at the same time,” Aron said.

“This is all very new in the United States, but AMC has been doing it in our European theaters for years.” Indeed, in Europe, we charge a premium for the finest seats in the house, as do almost all ticket vendors in other sectors, such as sporting events, concerts, and live theater.”

If “we continue to be inventive” on pricing, the CEO sees “huge upside possibility ahead.”

AMC Is Charging More For ‘Batman’ Tickets; CEO On Variable Pricing And “Transformational M&A” (Deadline)

  • He said that the decision comes after the company successfully boosted weekend prices beyond midweek levels at certain of its U.S. sites a few years ago.
  • He didn’t provide any details, and he wasn’t even questioned. However, a simple internet check of the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square revealed that tickets for The Batman were a dollar more expensive than tickets for Uncharted and Dog, at $18.99 each.
  • Four rounds of NFT freebies, three tied to large films, with intentions to charge for them and take commissions for secondary market sales; accepting cryptocurrency as payment; beginning a retail popcorn selling blitz; and going into goods are among [AMC’s] recent activities.

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