AMD X670 and B650 Motherboards for Ryzen 7000 Series Processors Will Only Support DDR5 Memory

Ryzen 6000 Series is the first mainstream desktop processor with support for DDR5 memory. So will you be able to get your hands on a motherboard that can make use of these powerful new CPUs? We found out what might happen if you purchase an AMD X670 or B650 motherboard before Ryzen 7000 series processors hit the market on April 19th, 2018.
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The “x670 motherboard” is a new AMD motherboard that will only support DDR5 memory. The new motherboards are for the Ryzen 7000 series processors and will not be compatible with any other processor, including the older Ryzen 2000 series processors.

AMD X670 and B650 Motherboards for Ryzen 7000 Series Processors Will Only Support DDR5 Memory

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Due to restricted memory choices, AMD customers who want to upgrade to the red team’s X670 and B650 motherboards can expect to pay a larger premium. Multiple sources have told Tom’s Hardware that these AM5 platforms would only accept DDR5, a choice that will guarantee Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs are coupled with today’s fastest memory but will irritate enthusiasts who believed they could get away with less expensive, easier-to-find RAM. Due to AMD’s switch to a chiplet-based architecture for its chipsets, the magazine also announced that AM5 motherboards would contain twin chipset dies.

For Ryzen 7000, AMD’s AM5 will launch with just DDR5 support and a dual-chipset design (Tom’s Hardware).

Given the long-term eye-watering pricing we’ve seen for DDR5 memory, AMD’s decision to only support DDR5 could be a disadvantage in comparison to Intel’s Raptor Lake, which we’ve confirmed will continue to support both affordable DDR4 and expensive DDR5 memory, allowing two pricing tiers for Intel platforms.

AMD has previously said that its AM5 socket platforms, which will replace the old AM4 platform, would offer PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 interfaces, similar to Intel’s Alder Lake – but AMD hasn’t stated that DDR4 support will be unavailable. According to our sources, the X670 and B650 motherboards lack DDR4 compatibility, and it’s unclear if the Ryzen 7000’s memory controllers even support DDR4. If they do support DDR4, AMD may have plans for DDR4 support on lower-tier A-Series motherboards, but that doesn’t seem plausible.

In compared to their DDR4 predecessors, both low-end and high-end DDR5 kits seem to be exorbitantly priced. G.Skill’s Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-6400 (F5-6400J3239G16GX2-TZ5RK) 32 GB kit costs $449, whereas a similar choice in the shape of the Trident Z Neo DDR4-4000 (F4-4000C18D-32GTZN) costs just $169, according to a chart published by the newspaper.

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The “am5 motherboard” is a motherboard that supports AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors. The board has been confirmed to only support DDR5 memory.

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