Angel Wings – How to Unlock All Character Outfit

This guide describes the steps you need to follow to unlock all Angel’s Wings outfits. Learn how to get outfits for Kei, Zhei, Yuzhong, Hedong, Nuri, Seola and Cheng.

Before you begin, keep in mind that this guide may contain spoilers about the game. Read on at your own risk.

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Unlock the angel wings outfit

The costumes are unlocked in the story and serve as the girls’ default clothing when they are unlocked. You can change them by going to the “Extras” tab in the main menu. Currently, at the time of publishing this guide, we have outfits for all girls with a suffix other than Y. The costumes are largely based on the eras of the respective K-Pop bands.

To make it easier for you, you can take the respective paths to get them all at once. Some of them will be unlocked, of course. The days are route selection days, not the normal pass, unless otherwise noted.

Kay’s costumes

  • Daily – you start with this default setting.
  • Beach – End the day at the beach.
  • Occasionally – All day 1.
  • High heels. Choose “help her” on the fourth day.
  • Summer breeze – 15th full day.
  • Classic – Complete the game for the first time.
  • Red Carpet – Set the Boulder value to 3+.
  • Overload – Complete the first day of the new game+.
  • The Queen of the Drift – Demonstration of the angel’s wings.
    • You can currently unlock it by deleting it and downloading the demo from the store page.
    • You cannot download the demo version if you have the full set installed.
  • Super Slate – Kaye’s Complete Good Ending.
  • Crimson – bring Kay to a value of 7+.

Yu-jeong’s costumes

  • Daily – you start with this default setting.
  • Beach – Choose a berth at Yuzhong.
  • Rescue – to bring Yuzhon’s score to 3+.
  • Rescue – On the 36th day of full departure and choose Yoojong.
  • Green leaf – all day 16.
  • Bang Bang – Give Yoojong a score of 6+.
  • Evening Gown – Complete every part of Yuuzhon.
  • Vanilla is supposed to complete Yuri’s route.

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Zhei’s costumes

  • Daily – you start with this default setting.
  • Beach – Choose a bed next to Jae.
  • Drift – choice D on day 16.
  • Scratched. Ends at both ends of Zhei.
  • Eclipse – set the Jei value to 2+.
  • Diva – Day 36 Full start and choose Jei.
  • Partisan – increase the cost of Jei to 7+.

Hedong Costumes

  • Daily – you start with this default setting.
  • Beach – Choose an accommodation near Hedong.
  • Pinstripes – Bring Hyedong to a score of 4+.
  • Velvet – wear Hedong at a value of 11+.
  • Black Tie Event – Choose Hedong on Day 16.
  • Seaside – Take a dip in the pool located at the top of the hotel.
  • Starberry Dip – On day 36, fill and choose Hyedong.
  • Munekyun – End every end of Hedon.

Nuri’s costumes

  • Daily – you start with this default setting.
  • Beach. Choose a bed next to Nuri.
  • Scream – On day 36 of the full launch and choose Nuri.
  • Endless night – set the Nuri value to 4+.
  • Perfect Blue – Complete both ends of Nuri.
  • Red movement – Delete Z.
  • Lips – 16th full day.

Seola’s costumes

  • Daily – you start with this default setting.
  • Beach – Choose an accommodation near Seola.
  • Cat burglar – a victory over the Muses on Day 22.
  • Nerfed – brings Seol’s score to 3+.
  • Modeler – On the 36th day of the full launch and selection of Seola.
  • Think of yourself. Finish every game of Seola.
  • Giri Giri – set the value of Seol to 7+.
  • Blue sky – choose “Excellent…” on the 11th day.

Chang’s costumes

  • Daily – you start with this default setting.
  • Beach – Choose a berth next to the Chang.
  • Urban revolt – all day 16.
  • Darkness and Storm – Set the Chang value to 2+.
  • Bottom – Fill each end of the Chang.
  • Chocolate – increase the cost of Chang to 6+.
  • Twilight – brings Hyori to a 3+ score.

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