Apex Legends Seer Guide – Abilities, How to Play as Seer

The Seer is a Support Defender/Off-Tank hero in Apex Legends. I have played as the Seer in the past and have since decided to write my guide on how to play as this hero in Apex Legends. This is the third installment of my Seer guide, and it will cover the following topics: Overview of Seer Abilities, How to Play as Seer, and Tips and Tricks.

This guide will cover all of the abilities and how to play as a Seer in Apex Legends. Special thanks to our Seer community player: TheWizard42

Seers were a big topic in Apex Legends for a while. This character type has been a long running fan favorite and the devs even teased a Seer class for Apex Legends in the past. Additionally, the Seer was the first hero to be released in season 2, which set the tone for a season of characters that could be played as Seer. After a couple of weeks of being playable, the developers began to test the Seer and the rest of the season 2 heroes, and now they seem to be at a point where they are ready to let everyone try them.

This Seer Guide for Apex Legends will teach you how to play as the game’s newest legend, the Seer. Seer is an Ambush Artist who debuted in Season 10 of the game and has already shown to be very effective against opponents while preparing for an ambush.

Even if you aren’t a professional player, having Seer on your team offers you a huge edge at this point. However, Respawn Entertainment has recognized that the Legend is very strong, so anticipate a nerf in the near future.

Seer, on the other hand, is ready to participate in the game right now so you may test out his powers, learn how to utilize them, and fight against opponents.

Apex Legends Seer Guide

Before we go over how to utilize Seer’s abilities and how to play as Seer, let’s go over each of the abilities and their consequences.

Capabilities of the Seer

This is a comprehensive list of Seer’s skills.

  • When shooting down sights, use the passive ability Heart Seeker to hear and see the heartbeats of surrounding opponents.
  • Tactical Ability – Focus Attention: Seer calls his micro-drones to fire a delayed blast that breaks through barriers and reveals adversaries.
  • Create a sphere of micro-drones that disclose the location of opponents moving rapidly or firing their weapons inside. Ultimate Ability – Exhibit:

Combat Strategies for Seers

Now that we know what the skills are, the game is all about how you utilize them. In its present form, Seer is a very strong legend due to his ability to highlight opponents, disclose their health and armor condition, and set you and your squad up for a great ambush from various perspectives.

When Seer utilizes his Exhibit and Focus Attention skills combined, he hits opponents and reveals their whereabouts for a short period of time, giving them a small chance of survival. Many players in matches use Seer as an offensive and aggressive character, taking the lead in most confrontations while their teammates follow.

Seer’s passive ability Heart Seeker allows you to hear and see the heartbeats of opponents within 75 meters before engaging them. A blue circle will appear around the crosshairs as you aim down sights, and orange arrows will indicate to the opponent’s nearest heartbeat. This prepares Seer for an assault or, at the very least, a smart ambush strategy. Another thing to keep in mind with this ability is that if the opponent has low health, the heartbeats will be quicker, and the sound of the beats will get louder as you approach closer to the target.

Moving on to the Tactical Ability, which is the most potent and, if you’re on the receiving end, very unpleasant. A cylindrical-shaped beam is thrown forwards to a distance of 75 meters by the Focus of Attention. Any targets inside this area of effect take 10 damage before disclosing their position for 8 seconds, but it also prevents actions like resurrecting or utilizing healing items. This skill is most useful when you wish to keep attacking while the opponent regroups or retreats for healing.

Finally, Exhibit is Seer’s Ultimate ability. This ability summons a huge sphere that exposes all enemies inside it. When opponents are running or firing their weapons, their positions are highlighted. Inside, opponents may get around this by staying motionless or crouching to avoid detection. When they run, however, their highlighted location not only shows their position, but also their armor and health condition.

Exhibit works best with Focus Of Attention since most of your endgame battles will take place in confined spaces like buildings or huge structures, and Exhibit’s enormous sphere may envelop an entire structure, exposing what’s within. When you know where your opponent is, the Focus of Attention ability comes in useful, allowing you to unleash the tactical ability and set the stage for a clean takedown of the opposition squad.

The gadget you employ in your ultimate ability can be destroyed, but it’s tiny enough to be concealed or hidden behind cover that opponents won’t be able to reach. If you wish to assault or defend against tracked opponents, you have a lot of options, particularly if you want to recover a fallen comrade or grab their flag and flee.

Our Apex Legends Seer Guide is now complete. Please leave your thoughts in the box below.

Seers are an interesting addition to the Apex Legends roster. They’re not a brand new game mechanic, but they do come in handy when you play the game on higher difficulties. Because of this, we’ve reviewed the abilities of the Seer extensively, and we’re going to show you how to get the most out of their capabilities.. Read more about seer apex legends reddit and let us know what you think.

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