Ark Genesis Part 2 Spawn Commands Guide – All Spawn Codes

We just released Part 1 of the Ark Genesis Spawn Commands Guide, and it was so well received that we’re releasing Part 2. So, as before, let’s try to keep this as concise and simple as possible. I’d like to thank our friend and fellow gamer, Kairu, for making all of these public.

The Ark Genesis has been a blast to play for me, I’ve spent hours out there exploring it, finding all the cool little secrets and getting a sense of the areas I want to come back to and explore further. The process of exploring can be simply a matter of finding the large rock structures that appear in the game, or you can do some creative exploration by using the map editor to make your own structures.

This is the second part of the Ark Genesis Part 2 spawn codes guide, and it’s the most complicated one. If you need any help please post comments on the reddit thread here: Read more about genesis part 2 release date and let us know what you think. This Ark Genesis Part 2 spawn command guide contains all the spawn command codes you can use to make various items appear, from creatures and vehicles to important survival items in the game. Whether you want a creature of your choice to appear in front of you, or an item you can’t find or want to mine, you can enter the spawn codes and get everything instantly. Ark Genesis Part 2 is the latest and final DLC for the game Ark Survival Evolved. It contains new creatures, tools, structures and many other elements that can be created and used. Depending on the platform you play on, there are different methods required for team codes if you play on PC or consoles. Anyway, in all versions of the game you have the option to enter cheat codes to make the desired object appear. If you’re playing on a PC, just press the Tab key to open the game control panel. Then enter the code and press enter. If you play the game on a console, for example. B. PS4 or Xbox One, you must press the following buttons to access the control console:

  • PS4: Press Pause, then L1+R1+X+Triangle
  • Xbox One: Press Pause, then LB+RB+X+Y.

In multiplayer mode, you must enter the enablecheats command before using any of the following commands. Furthermore, you don’t have to enter any additional data when playing solo. Ark Genesis Part 2 Guide to Spawn Commands Below you will find all order codes for the Ark Genesis game. Creatures

  • Astrodelphis : Deception sdf cedo 1 150
  • Exo-Mek: Deception sdf exos 1 150
  • Macrophage: cheat sdf macro 0 1
  • Meiwing: Disappointment sdf lkg 1 150
  • Noglin: Deception sdf brain plug 1 150
  • ShadowMane: Deception sdf lionfi 1,150
  • Stryder: Cheat sdf strider 1 150
  • Defendant: Cheat sdf summon 0 1
  • Tek Wyvern: Deception sdf tekwyv 1,150
  • Eden Daedon: Cheat sdf daeodon_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Eden Direwolf: Cheat sdf direwolf_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Eden Equus: Cheating sdf equus_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Eden Gasbag: Cheat sdf gasbags_character_bp_e 1 150
  • The Megatherium of Eden: Cheat sdf megatherium_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Eden Owl: Cheating sdf owl_character_bp_e 1,150
  • The Parasaurus of Eden: Cheat sdf para_character_bp_d 1 150
  • Eden Procoptodon: Deception sdf procoptodon_character_bp_e 1 150
  • Eden Tilacoleo: Thylacoleo_character_bp_e 1,150
  • Rockwell’s Allosaurus: Cheat sdf allo_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Rockwell Bronto: Cheat sdf sauropod_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Rockwell Carnot: Cheat sdf carno_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Rockwell Dilo: Cheat sdf dilo_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Rockwell Giga: Cheat sdf gigant_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Rockwell Ketzal: Cheat sdf quetz_character_bp_r 1 150
  • Rockwell female mower : Cheat sdf xenomorph_character_BP_female_gen2 1 150
  • Rockwell Reaper Male: Cheat sdf xenomorph_character_BP_male_gen2 1 150
  • Rockwell’s turtle: Deception sdf turtle_sign_bp_r 1 150
  • Rockwell Velonasaurus: Cheat sdf spindles_character_bp_r 1,150


  • Rocks of fire: Cheating gfi er_f 100 0 0
  • Minigan: Cheat gfi minig 1 0 0
  • Net patterns (harpoon) : Fraud gfi vladi 100 0 0
  • Tek Bow: Cheat gfi tekbow 1 0 0
  • Technical rifle: Cheat gfi kpist 1 0 0


  • Maewing’s basic egg: Cheat gfi kglider_xs 1 0 0
  • Maewing’s base egg (female) : Disappointment gfi er_xsmall_f 1 0 0
  • Extraordinary masonry egg: Cheat gfi kglider_xl 1 0 0
  • Extraordinary Maewing egg (female) : Cheating gfi er_xlarge_f 1 0 0
  • An unusual masonry egg: Cheat gfi kglider_sp 1 0 0
  • An egg from an unusual female hummingbird: Cheat gfi er_special_f 1 0 0
  • This is an ordinary egg from Mauiing: Cheat gfi kglider_M 1 0 0
  • A lapwing egg (female): Cheating gfi er_medium_f 1 0 0
  • A simple Mauiing egg: Cheat gfi kglider_sm 1 0 0
  • Egg of a single mauiing (female) : Misleading gfi er_small_f 1 0 0
  • An excellent Mauiing egg: Cheat gfi kglider_L 1 0 0
  • Egg of the top butterfly (female) : Cheat gfi er_large_f 1 0 0


  • Canoeing : Kano Cheat gfi 1 0 0
  • Mutagel: Cheat gfi mutagel 100 0 0
  • Mutagenic : Misleading gfi le_mut 100 0 0
  • Seeds of plant species R-1 : Cheating gfi r_rawmeat 1 0 0
  • Seeds of plant species R-2 : Trick gfi r_rawfish 1 0 0
  • Seeds of plant species R-3 : Cheating gfi r_spoiledmeat 1 0 0
  • Seeds of plant species R-4 : Deception gfi r_primemeat 1 0 0
  • Seeds of plant species R-5 : Cheat gfi r_primefish 1 0 0
  • Canteen Tech: Cheat gfi kcanteenr 1 0 0
  • No dismantling of the exo-mechanism: Cheat gfi exos 1 0 0
  • Unassembled sail : Cheat gfi hoversail 1 0 0


  • Federation leather Exo boots: Cheating gfi ots_g 1 0 0
  • Federation Chest Exoskeleton: Cheating gfi irt_g 1 0 0
  • Federation Exo glove skin: Cheating gfi ves_g 1 0 0
  • Exo-Helma Federation skin: Misleading gfi with_g 1 0 0
  • Federation Exo-Leggings skin: Gfi nten of cheating_g 1 0 0
  • a complete exosuite of the Federation: Givearmorset tek2 0 cheat
  • Modern canoeing: Cheating gfi oe_mo 1 0 0
  • Tek Kano Leather : Cheating gfi oe_te 1 0 0
  • Viking Canoe Skin : Cheating gfi oe_vi 1 0 0


  • Ammunition box: Cheat gfi moco 1 0 0
  • Incubator for eggs : Cheating gfi ggincu 1 0 0
  • Unloading the dummy : Cheating gfi tdummy 1 0 0
  • Remote control console camera : Cheat gfi tycon 1 0 0
  • Remote camera: Cheat gfi tycam 5 0 0
  • Land for plant cultivation : Cheat gfi ot_tek 1 0 0


  • Astrodelphis : Cheating gfi cedo 1 0 0
  • MilkGlider: Fraud gfi lkg 1 0 0

For more help with the game, check out the guides below: This is the end of our guide to the Genesis Ark spawning orders, part 2. Post your comments below.There are over 300 different spawn codes for the Ark Genesis mod. Some are easy to figure out, but others can be very confusing. This guide will help you find all the spawn codes for Ark Genesis Part 2 (2017) and help you get the best spawn you can.. Read more about astrodelphis ark and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spawn items in Genesis?

In previous installments of this series, we’ve covered how to spawn items in Ark Genesis, as well as how to spawn a single item in the game. In this guide, we will be covering the different spawn commands and variations available in the game for spawning multiple items at the same time. In the previous tutorial I have shown you how to spawn items in Ark Genesis Part 1. Here I will show you how to spawn items in Genesis Part 2. I will show you how to spawn anything in Genesis, from locked chests to more complex items. Also, I will show you how to spawn locked chests in Genesis – which can be used as a tutorial on how to spawn locked chests and much more.

Is Ark Genesis Part 2 free?

The Ark Genesis Part 2 is a new Ark: Survival Evolved game that takes place in the time of Ark’s first game. Which means that it is the same game, but in a different time. The Ark Genesis Part 2 is a spin off the Ark: Genesis and gives new players the chance to see what the world was like before Ark was an established game. Ark Genesis is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game that has been in the works for quite some time, and now it is finally here. With a lot of positive feedback from the Ark community, they have decided to release a second part of the game as a free download.

How do you spawn a volcano Rex in Ark?

Ark: Survival Evolved was released to the world last week, and everyone is still trying to figure out how to breed their very own volcano Rex. It is a pretty simple process, really. You just need to find a Male and Female of the same species. Then you need to find a cave with a specific temperature and an underwater cave (Sharks can help you find these). You will also need to have a tamed Rhino, you can call it “Lear”, or “Tara” if you are on console. At this point you will want to have “Tara” in your inventory. Once you have all the pieces you need, you can breed the male and female and you will get one of the best dinosaurs in “Ark All of this was for a good cause, and you can read up on it here. Also, I would like to thank all of the members in the community that helped me. You were all awesome and I’m so glad I found someone to do this with! We’re going to do more things like this in the future.

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