Ark Noglin Guide (Abilities, Taming, Controls, Saddle, Location & Breeding)

Ark Noglin Guide is a comprehensive guide to Ark Noglin, the latest Ark: Survival Evolved update, full of additional information about the new content. This includes information on the Tameable Creatures that can be fished, hunted, and tamed, as well as the new abilities and gear that can be found within the new update.

Ark Noglin is a new game from Zootnik Studios, makers of the popular hunting game, Survival of the Fittest. In Ark Noglin, you play the role of a small ark, called a noglin, and you must survive in a hostile environment. To get around, you can use the noglin’s climb and glide abilities to get from one place to another, or you can swim. However, you cannot fly: you must land to move around. The game has a heavy focus on battling, and while there are many different enemies you can battle, the game also features a lot of different ways to kill them. You can use your ark’s weapons or abilities to do

Every gamer has dreamt at least once in their life of flying to the skies and being a part of the epic battle to save humanity (or whatever it is you like to do in the game). Well, after  the release of Ark Noglin, you’re finally able to join in the fun!. Read more about ark noglin spawn command and let us know what you think.

ARK Noglin

A little animal known as a Noglin is one of the odd alien-like species seen in the Genesis Part 2 map.

Do not be fooled by its charming look; this creature may be very mischievous and even dangerous to those who are taken off guard.

The Noglin is a monster capable of controlling other creatures in Ark, and if given the opportunity, it may even control a player.


1) Self-control (Shoulder Mounted)

Players may throw the Noglin at a target in an effort to mind control them, giving them control over the target (which they will control) while their character remains stationary.

Players may return to their character by using the “Access Other’s Inventory” button while the monster is still being controlled.

To regain control of the creature after exiting mind control mode, just approach it and engage with it.

When a Noglin is mounted on your shoulder and you don’t have any items on you, a crosshair appears, which turns green when you’re targeting a mind-controllable opponent.

When targeting a friendly creature, the mind-controlling crosshair becomes crimson and displays the word “friendly.”


  • a (for PC)
  • the letter X (for Xbox)
  • a rectangle (for PS4)

2) Participate in a Brain Hunt (Noglin Tossed With No Target)

If you throw the Noglin when it’s mounted on your shoulder, you’ll be able to interact with it using the “Use” button and control it.

This grants you control of the Nogling, letting you to move and act with it while your character remains in the background.


  • E is a letter (for PC)
  • YES (for Xbox)
  • triangle triangle triangle triangle triangle triangle triangle triangle triangle (for PS4)

3) Pounce on the Mind (Controlling Noglin)

When you hit the ADS or Alternate Fire button while commanding the Noglin, it will leap forward and take possession of the first creature it comes into contact with.


  • Click with the right mouse button (for Pc)
  • LT (Long Term) (Xbox)
  • L2 (PS4)

The Noglin will cling on to the target mind-controlled creature’s head, which is due to the fact that it is manipulating it through a brain link.

You may regain control of the mind-controlled creature or free it from Noglin’s grip by interacting with it.



The Noglin is tiny and may go undetected for long periods of time, but once it is discovered, it can take possession of a creature or player to inflict harm.

Killer of Wild Creatures

The Noglin will inflict 10,000,000 damage to a wild creature after gaining possession of it for a period of time or until you forcibly stop the mind-control.

Controller (temporary)

If you need to control a particular creature, the Noglin will enable you to do so, which may be very useful in certain circumstances.


The Noglin has the ability to manipulate a variety of animals, including big and deadly ones, allowing you to wreak havoc on your foes.

What is the best way to deal with Noglin?AKNOGLIN-3

To tame a Noglin, you must allow it to mind control your domesticated animals, which adds to the taming process with each mind control session.

Because the Noglin will try to attack you with the monster, it is best to use animals that are sluggish, tanky, and have a better probability of surviving various circumstances.

Noglins like to mind control a variety of animals, so it’s best if you bring many to mind control. If you’re bringing a lot of tames, you’ll need to utilize Cryopods.

The taming process accelerates each time the Noglin takes possession of one of your tames, and once complete, the tiny creature is yours to keep.


You can only tame a Noglin by enabling it to mind control your tames, but once tamed, it will devour meat like other carnivores.


You don’t need a Noglin Saddle or any other equipment to ride the Noglin; just pick it up and it will cling to your shoulder.


Because Noglins can’t be bred, you’ll have to tame many of them or clone your existing ones to acquire more of them.


Resources taken from the Noglin Body


In the Genesis Part 2 map, Noglins may be seen racing around the center of the Corrupted Biome, as well as a tiny river south of the center.

You may typically locate Noglins by searching about 59 – 27 and the surrounding regions, but be aware of the carnivorous plants in the vicinity.


Because they are tiny, quick, and have a low spawn rate, Noglins may not be the simplest animals to locate.

If you are fortunate enough to come across a Noglin, taming it should be quite simple as long as you have animals capable of withstanding the mind control sessions.

When a tribe or player possesses a Noglin, or even a few of them, they get a significant advantage that may change the course of a fight.

Ark Noglin Guide (Abilities, Taming, Controls, Saddle, Location & Breeding). Read more about noglin ark id and let us know what you think.

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