Basics of SB for new players

Since I hate to be TK’d by crappy SB players who ruin the game for everyone, I decided to hand out some general SB information for new players.

First, playing a tank in SB is the same as playing a tank in RB, pretty much everything is the same except for 3 things.

  1. With the station commander you can only look at the outside of your tank, there is no third person camera.
  2. Teamkilling is included in SB, so you can kill teammates in a tank, which will really piss them off, so don’t do it (and how not to do it, further down in this post).
  3. Parallax of the weapon type. Parallax is the difference between the point your weapon is aimed at and the point your OPTICAL arrow is aimed at (see below).

Simply put, parallax forces your sniper to look at your main shooter’s automatic position in optics. How do you know what your optical position is? It’s simple, go to the x-ray machine in the hangar and find a box or cylinder that says optical but contains information about your zoom and FOV.

Machine gun optics

Ok, now we know where our optic is, and even if you forgot to check it in the hangar, you can easily figure out which side of the tank your optic is on! For example, on tanks with more than 3 crew, the gunner sits in front of the commander, while 2 gunner crews sit on either side of the gun turret (so if the commander sits to the right of the gun turret, the gunner’s optics are on the left because that’s where the gunner sits). You can also see your weapon in certain lenses.

like the IS-2.

How do you combat parallax? The best thing to do in SB mode is to switch to test mode and test a few dishes to see how much you need to compensate for parallax. There are also special custom sights on WT live that are made for SB to show you where to aim, given the range of shooting inside. Another thing that is very useful to know and do is to use the scope to set the range, rather than aiming the entire scope with the rifle before hitting the tar hole – especially at long range this is very bad.

to aim for 800 metres, but the optics went further.

The shooting distance is set at 800 m on the pistol.

How to set the range in the optics – it is very simple under CONTROLS – GROUND DRIVES – CAMERA CONTROLS -.

and select the distance to target control for the mouse wheel

if you use the zoom axis for your display, it is better to use the right mouse button, you can do this in the general controls under


Again, parallax – if you have a RANGEFINDER LASER in your tank, the range that your laser emits is placed in your optics. Always use a laser if you have one! One thing the laser does that you can’t do otherwise is compensate for horizontal parallax. If you do not have a laser, the range setting will compensate for the vertical parallax, but not the horizontal, so you will see your projectile hit far horizontally from your scope.

Now that we’re done with parallax, avoid TK-and TK-ed. SB has no markers for teammates or enemies, so we use radio chat commands to communicate with teammates.
If you use T-4-1 (follow my orders), your position is shown on the map for your entire team.

T-4-1 sends a message

This will put you on the map for your team.

This way, when someone sends a map to your location or nearby, it asks : Hey, is this hostile or friendly? and you respond by signaling your position with a T-4-1. If you don’t know if the vehicle you’re looking at is friendly or hostile, ping it and wait for a response. If you don’t get a response, it means it’s an enemy or a stupid teammate who isn’t paying attention to the map. Before you even get to TK-ing, you need to figure out which vehicles and countries each side can play for the SB round of the game! This is very important, and you need to know what you are up against to know who to shoot and who not to shoot.

The best way to know if the enemy is there or not is to use a direction finder! How it works, well again it’s just that you aim at the middle of your transition on the tank and press F (this should be the default and you can’t change it as far as I know)

If you ask for the location of the allies, you get 2 possible messages

No allies means: Shoot, it’s the enemy.

If the message comes from allies at the coordinates, it means they are friendly vehicles. This works for helicopters, land vehicles and even airplanes! The only inconvenience is that when the loading lane is fully loaded on the vehicle, the crossing must be made on the vehicle. It’s the best way to confirm the enemy/goodness and it’s free, so use it!

That’s a start. That’s really all you need to know, but I’ll give you a free tip for CQC (close quarters combat): don’t use a sniper scope in CQC (you can if you have a laser rangefinder, but it takes 1-2 seconds to get the range), but shoot from your commander’s point of view, which won’t give you any bounce issues. True, but it is a parallax commander that is much easier to aim within 500m or so if you have a good projectile velocity.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find my post useful and share it with your friends who play SB.

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