Battle Royale Figures: How Many Players Does Fortnite Have?

For better or worse, Fortnite has already made its mark on both the players’ and the industry’s side of gaming—even in popular culture. However, just because it has already made history doesn’t mean it no longer has the player base to be a present-day hot topic. That’s why we’ll be acting like a Fortnite tracker and look at Fortnite stats in numbers and the reason behind them.

Fortnite Stats: The Population

What’s amazing about Fortnite is that only two weeks from its release date, it already managed to garner 10 million players–a feat not a lot of games have managed to make. That was in the autumn of 2017. A few months later, March 2018 to be exact, the game’s population was almost fivefold: 48 million, to be exact. Then three months later, Epic Games announced that the game already has 125 million players.

After that, Fortnite’s player still kept growing and growing. While no longer exponential, getting from 125 million in June to 200 million in November is already impressive. The following year, in March 2019, the game hit 250 million players–the game’s latest big milestone. Right now, the game is on its way to 300 million, which is definitely a milestone in its own right.

All About Demographics

Lots of analysts see Fortnite’s meteoric rise akin to that of World of Warcraft and Minecraft. Fortnite was compared to these two because their popularity didn’t simply stay within gaming circles, but instead managed to convince even people who weren’t into gaming in the first place. It’s also not unlikely that it managed to reel in gamers that aren’t exactly fans of the genre. Such a shame there are no exact figures for these, as they’re very interesting to know.

Aside from the fact that it managed to convince non-gamers to pick up the hobby, it also managed to get a rather sizable female population. While we live in a day and age where gaming is for the ladies as it is for the men, not a lot of games manage to attract women. This is especially true when it comes to shooters. That’s why Fortnite managing to have a 35% female player base at some point is definitely noteworthy. Whatever the reasons may be, Epic definitely did a good job of garnering a diversified audience.

Beyond the Total

But despite Fortnite’s astounding numbers and growth, there are still some games that have CrossFire, a much less popular MMO shooter which has over 600 million registered users. However, unlike Fortnite, its name isn’t going to be in the annals of gaming history. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, aka PUBG, boasts of the same number of hardcore fans, and unlike CrossFire, will definitely be remembered by a lot of players.

One can even say that Fortnite wouldn’t have existed without PUBG. And while PUBG, despite the drop in popularity, is still by no means irrelevant, Fortnite managed to outshine it even though it has a much lesser number of registered players. This goes to show that, aside from the ability to appeal to a huge and diverse demographic and make an impact, retaining the number of active players is also important.

The problem, however, is that there’s no Fortnite tracker for this ever-fluctuating parameter. At best, you can have either check the total within a particular span of time, or check the highest numbers of concurrent players. The highest recorded one in a span of an entire month was back in August 2018, which was over 78 million, while the most number of concurrent players was rather recent: 12.3 million, as it was for the Travis Scott event. This beat the previous record, which was on February 19, 2019, when 10 million players attended Marshmello’s online concert.

Some would say that this is a rather unfair comparison, as the world is on lockdown and therefore use their long-dormant Fortnite accounts because they can’t do the things they usually do. But hey, a win is a win!

All things considered, Fortnite has made quite the digits. And despite the very natural slowdown all online games go through, it’s still doing quite well, and will continue to do so in the near future.

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