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A college recommendation is a major turning point in a person’s life. For many people, this is the first time they have left home – in fact, it may be the reason they are leaving. It’s a whole new world, very different from school.

You have new responsibilities and new people, and perhaps the most anticipated part: living in a new place.

When you go to college, you’re an adult. That means you can do whatever you want!

А… Maybe not, to be honest. There are always rules. And the same goes for your Sims.

There are many ways to decorate and furnish your dorm room, but also to show your pride as a student. There are lots of Sims 4 CCs for all your university needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the best.

1. Wall of Happiness

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Living in a dorm means you have very little space to decorate and express yourself, which is why tapestries are very popular among students.

It’s a quick (and usually cheap) way to put your own spin on an annoying piece that doesn’t seem to be his – because it isn’t.

These Helen sims tapestries are sure to look great and can be installed in any dorm room or shared apartment. When it comes to mural art, I don’t think it’s a bad choice. Cheaper and less formal than paint, cleaner and less illegal than graffiti.

A perfect compromise if ever there was one.

And the images in these tapestries are beautiful.

There are pastel colored nature scenes, colorful mandalas, a few world maps and one with Joel and Ellie from the video game The Last of Us.

I’m always happy when the passionate Simmers give us so many opportunities like this, thanks CC!

2. Polaroids

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Polaroids are not only popular these days, but they also look great, as if your Sim has brought souvenirs from home to her dorm.

All of these prints are very diverse and beautiful, from cats in hats to group photos of friends and silk.

Decorate your Sims’ rooms beautifully and give them memories of good times when school gets tough.

And of course there will be. College is tough.

3. Backpack Flowers

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These basic playback backpack colors are a much needed update and provide you with options suitable for sims beyond elementary school.

I don’t know if college backpacks are common, but I think they come in handy from time to time. And they definitely got me in a school mood!

Designer simforadream has given us seven new pastel colors to choose from. The books that came out were exchanged for nicer ones.

And if you want even more SS-style backpacks, check out this other list we put together.

4. Prism computer

Consult this CC

To be honest, I always thought it was crazy that there was only one laptop in the game.

And it’s incredibly expensive.

And these offices are so cumbersome and outdated. I don’t know anyone who only uses desktop computers either.

Laptops are much more convenient and portable. No wonder the students love it.

These mlys_simblr computers will be an important update for your academic simulations. They are much more elegant and modern, and would certainly be more appropriate for a dorm room than most of the options already available in the game.

This CC set includes two laptops and a desktop computer, and one of the laptops is a very interesting new piece of decoration.

5. Book stack

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It’s a tragically familiar sight to anyone who has ever had to do a long study session: big piles of books.

And no funny books either.

Honestly, the book covers are not detailed enough for me to be sure in either case. But that’s exactly what makes it the perfect dorm room decoration.

Some are certainly thick enough to remind me of math or science books. Because even if you’re a bookworm, nothing makes you enjoy reading for so long.

Some are pretty thin too, which makes me feel like laptops.

The simmering blackberry made four different posts for this CC, two taller and two shorter. Your sim would have to study a lot to need all four, and that’s entirely up to you.

6. University beds

Consult this CC

Bedroom furniture tends to be fairly simple and compact, as seen in almost everything we have in The Sims 3 University Life.

These classically boring beds have been transformed for use in Sims 4, thanks to jokeplease!

None of the standard playbeds will really work that well for dorm rooms, so this CC is a great idea.

There is also the option of a bunk bed, which is actually my favorite element. You’ll have a lot to learn!

They were sorely missed. A bunk bed creates a bit more space, which is very practical in a student room.

And it’s always fun to decide who sleeps in the top bunk, even in The Sims.

7. European Union Sweatshirts

Consult this CC

What is the ideal solution if you want your sim to look comfortable while representing your university?

The sweatshirt, of course.

This set of eight CC Hooded Sweatshirts gives you many options.

I think we could all use younger, more casual elements in our collections of SAC-generated content, don’t you? And they are beautifully designed, in colors that are very familiar to both the Sims franchise and their universities.

8. Plain knotted T-shirts

Consult this CC

A buttoned shirt always looks good.

And I’m very happy that it’s now available to all our sims.

This is another chance for your Sims to get a higher education.

Either way, no one has the energy to get dressed after a full day of classes and homework. And once your Sim is back in his beautifully decorated dorm room, he’ll love relaxing on the tee.

It’s an answer to this desire, but it’s also an easy way to still seem a little bit okay. At least, that’s what I always think when I button my shirt, but maybe my standards are just really low.

I don’t think anyone can argue with the quality of these shirts.

They represent the colors and emblems of the three universities present, maintaining an appropriate symmetrical appearance.

9. NewcrestUniversity Accessory Kit

Consult this CC

There’s a lot of love and desire for college stuff in The Sims 4, as evidenced by this SimDoughnut set.

There are many things here that help bring the fun and sporty side of college to life.

Murals would be appropriate for any college or eponymous building, and stadium cups and liquor bottles would make nice decorations for deco-style dorms.

It’s the little things we often remember.

Do you also live if you don’t have a cup of coffee or bottle of water with you for at least half of your adventures?

Minimalists will say yes. But sentimentalists like me would say no.

Seriously, I still have a picture of me when I was five. I would never let my mug go, and neither would your sims.

Another strong point of this CC pack, in my opinion, is the clothing!

Oh, because I can never quite expand my wardrobe, Sim.

All the outfits presented here are very cute and definitely fit the theme. Here’s something for all the sims.

Girls, sporty, casual, good-looking guys.

Almost everything here bears the emblem of Newcrest University, the maker’s answer to the absence of a university in the base game. And I think it’s pretty brilliant.

10. Mini fridge

Consult this CC

I have to say that whatever stage of life you’re in, I can’t trust you unless you want a mini-fridge in your room.

It must be one of the most ingenious inventions.

And I’m very grateful that he was made available for the base game.

Students especially want their food to be close at hand so they can easily get to it between classes and studies.

Being a mini fridge, it’s definitely compact enough to fit in a dorm room without being in the way.

The monsters aren’t bad either.

We have all the standard colors of refrigerators – blue, beige, different shades of white.

There are also other interesting colors, such as green and purple.

Finally, most impressive, there’s even a fridge with a British flag on it!

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