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The Dawnguard DLC added a lot to Skyrim.

And amidst all that he added, one thing stands out. A new tool of destruction: the deadly crossbow.

Vanilla crossbows work well, for the most part. But this is Skyrim we’re talking about.

It wouldn’t be Skyrim without a healthy dose of mods. Really?

So here are some of the best crossbow mods you can download right now to become the fastest sniper in Tamriel!

10. Low level wooden crossbow

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Want to prove to the world that it’s not the crossbow that makes the sharpshooter?

This is your chance.

This fan-made wooden crossbow is not a very strong weapon…..

In fact, his stats are slightly lower than a normal steel crossbow.

But it’s the perfect weapon if you want to challenge the game.

And believe me, it’s going to be a very tough race when you’re crossbowing the whole time!

9. Basic crossbow collection

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All custom weapons should not be fancy or epic.

Sometimes we just want a simple design.

And this Basic Crossbow Collection mod pack hits the nail on the head in this category.

It may not be as flashy as some of the other packages on this list. But his offerings are solid for all types of players.

Especially when you pick up a crossbow for the first time.

Just forge one of these crossbows wherever you are and shoot!

8. Manual crossbow reloading

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The crossbows in Skyrim are great, so no complaints here. But they can be so unpleasant.

Especially when you’re surrounded by your most dangerous enemies.

Well, here’s a fashionista who will help you with that: Manual reloading of a crossbow.

This adds a new mechanism that lets you decide when to reload your crossbow.

The mod also changes the inventory system so that bolts and arrows are placed in ammo pouches, making them much easier to access than before.

7. Dragon crossbow

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You know what the easiest material is this side of Tamriel?

It is, of course, a dragon bone!

This Dragonbone Crossbow mod gives us a new crossbow that is extremely deadly, thanks to its high rate of fire and precise dragon bolts that stop at nothing to hit their target.

I think things like wind and gravity are a thing of the past.

6. Handy crossbows and latches for all

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I agree that crossbows are incredibly cool weapons. So it’s a real crime that not all characters can do them.

If you hate strict RPGs as much as I do, you should stop complaining to Bethesda and just download this mod.

This mod makes crossbows completely transparent, no matter what faction you belong to in the Dawnguard DLC.

With the installation of this mod, you will no longer be prevented from accessing the features of the game.

And that’s what I would call a real role-playing game!

5. One-handed crossbows

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In general, crossbows are bulky, heavy and difficult to use.

But that doesn’t matter if we have the power of models on our side!

One-handed crossbows make all crossbows one-handed weapons, meaning you can use them with a shield or other one-handed weapon.

You can also decide to go all in, master two crossbows and become Skyrim’s first crossbowman.

4. Split crossbows

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It’s time to join a party.

And we want you to look your best, even in battle!

Faction Crossbows is a modpack that introduces a unique smart crossbow, arrow quiver and four types of bolts for different factions.

Message: To install this mod, you’ll need to purchase the Dawnguard DLC if you haven’t already.

But I assure you, it’s a small price to pay for the glory of this deadly new weapon!

3. Skyrim Legendary Crossbows

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Times are changing too fast for me.

One day we would go in search of the legendary swords. These are the legendary crossbows that everyone is talking about.

And with Skyrim’s legendary crossbows, it couldn’t be more different.

This mod brings 65 new bolts and arrows to the game, as well as 42 new crossbow types that are perfectly balanced for a fun and fair experience.

Oh, and also 3 new bow types, for those who prefer stone age warfare!

2. Coupled Crossbows

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poisoning real weapons with magic may not make sense…. but it’s so much fun!

Bound crossbow adds a bound crossbow spell that summons a weapon. And it’s a more powerful weapon than the average steel crossbow, that’s for sure.

There are also some bonuses, and you can get a crossbow that will take you far in the game.

With the added benefit of not having to spend money on extra bolts! What else do you need? It’s basically a magic crossbow.

1. Automatic crossbows

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Elder Dwemer technology is one of the coolest things in The Elder Scrolls.

It’s old, sure, but incredibly practical for doing great things.

And this Automatic Crossbows mod introduces the Dwemer technology.

In particular, you get Dwemer automatic crossbows that are incredibly versatile and incredibly powerful!

If you’re looking for a mod that adds new content and is also 100% compatible with the story, you should definitely check this mod out.

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