Best Dark Souls 3 Weapons For Killing Monsters & Bosses

Its time to pick your weapons for Dark Souls 3. I have released previous best weapon articles in the past, however recently I have had some bad luck and some great luck. This time, I will be focusing on the best weapons in Dark Souls to take back to the Undead Burg.

The Dark Souls series has been quite popular since the first game was released in 2011. It is a series known for its difficulty, with it being one of the most challenging games ever released. Along with this, it has been released on a number of platforms, each with a different control scheme.From the beginning, the games are built around challenging players with the hopes of improving their skills. Given this, the games do provide different types of weapons to use, some of which are more useful than others.

Dark Souls 3, the third game in the Souls series, is one of the most difficult games to find a weapon for. While it gives you an extensive list of possible weapons to equip within the game, they are all useless for killing and bossing so you have to be careful. This list will give you the best weapons for killing monsters and bosses in Dark Souls 3.. Read more about dark souls 3 best weapons 2020 and let us know what you think.Weapons are pretty much everything in the Dark Souls franchise, and with over 50 weapons available in the game – easily the most in the trilogy – deciding which weapon to master and upgrade is probably as difficult as fighting every monster in the game.

Even with the best equipment, thanks to From Software, it’s hard to stay alive in this game.

Below we’ve listed, in no particular order, the best weapons Dark Souls 3 has to offer.

10. Uchigatana

Not far from the Firelink shrine, which you reach in the first hour of the game, is the Master of the Sword. He’s a pretty strong opponent, but he’s worth it because he makes one of the best weapons in the game, the Uchigatana.

At first glance, you may not think of Uchigatan. After all, this is the first katana available to players in the game.

Still, it’s a powerful weapon that can get you going after many upgrades. His high base damage combined with quick strikes and the ability to parry hard blows make him an invaluable weapon.

Uchigatana can make enemies bleed after enough hits, which is a pretty useful mechanic against other players in PVP.

You also have to admit that the uchigatana is a very nice weapon.

9. Sellsword Twin Blades

Another fairly simple weapon that, you’ll be surprised to hear, can be very useful later in the game.

In terms of stats, the Sellsword Twinblades are not the best. After all, there’s a reason they’re an entry-level weapon for the mercenary class.

What most players overlook, however, is the fact that Sellsword’s dual blades can deal high damage, dexterity that can be upgraded to B rank, and the ability to perform combos that can leave any opponent on their hind legs for the entire game.

For hornets and thieves, there are few weapons we can recommend more than the Sellsword Twinblades.

To get your own pair of double swords, you can find one on the way to the sacrifice, near the castle walls, just past the black knight.

8. Crystal Sage Rapier

If you want to use magic weapons, there are few better weapons in Dark Souls 3 than the Crystal Mage Rapier.

Although the Crystal Magician’s rapier has no infusion, it has a 50 bonus to the Item Detection trait, making it easier to obtain rare items. But most importantly, it has a high intelligence value from the start.

In fact, it’s one of the few weapons in the game that scores this high without infusion, making it an ideal weapon for pyromancers and wizards.

As icing on the proverbial cake, Crystal Sage’s rapier is of course a rapier, and with upgrades it has the same attack speed and damage as other rapier types.

You can get it by trading your boss soul to beat the Crystal Sage boss in Road of Sacrifice. First, make sure you have the Transponder oven you can get from the damn Greatwood.

7. Spear of Arstor

At first glance, Arstor’s spear does not appear to be an exceptional weapon. In fact, he looks like every other pike in Dark Souls 3, of which there are dozens in the game.

But closer inspection reveals that Arstor’s spear is one of the best weapons in the game, and not just in its class.

With a good range of motion, the ability to poison enemies when hit, and a Dexterity score of B when upgraded to +5, the Spear of Arstor becomes a devastating spear with a long range and lots of damage, able to hit enemies from a safe distance.

To obtain the Spear of Arstor, you can trade it for the soul of the Great Contaminated Forest and 1,000 souls.

6. Dark Sword

Again, a modest weapon that in the right hands – and with the right infusion – can become a weapon of total destruction.

The black sword, which can be obtained relatively easily from the dark spirits of Farron’s Keep, can be conjured with just about anything and can also employ the art of the stomping weapon, inflicting intense pain on anyone who aims its blade.

The Darksword is a very versatile weapon that you can carry from start to finish. He is especially good for power sets, as his power is increased to A and increased to +10 when using a heavy gem.

However, it can also be a potential weapon for wizards who wish to engage in the occasional close combat, as the dark sword can be imbued with a crystal gem to gain S-scale intelligence.

5. Butcher knife

The most powerful or best weapon in Dark Souls 3 is the combat knife. Don’t be fooled by the name: this is no ordinary butcher’s knife, but a large axe with which you can slice and dice even the toughest opponents.

An ideal killing tool, with an appropriate name, to regain some health after a successful battle. The butcher knife and its excellent moveset is one of the best weapons you can get for a character with a power build.

The slaughter knife can be obtained from the aforementioned NPC who ambushes you if you take the optional path after the first descent from the sacrificial path.

4. Smoke Ultra Greatsword

In Dark Souls 3, the prettiest weapon rarely becomes the best weapon. They’re good, and some of the weapons on our list certainly look pretty nasty, but aesthetically they’re not the best.

Consider the Fume Ultra greatsword one of the few exceptions. Although already weakened, the Ultra Greatsword remains one of the most powerful – and intimidating – weapons in the game, allowing you to stun and fend off even enemies hiding behind shields.

To get your own Ultra Greatsword Smoke, simply go to the Smoking Lake and destroy the Killer Knight Tsorig.

3. Deep battle axe

Don’t confuse the battle axe of depth with the same battle axe with which the warrior class begins. Although technically the same, this version introduced the deep gem to allow dark damage.

The Deep Battle Axe also has an ability that allows you to stun nearby enemies while increasing your attack.

The deep battleaxe is not a particularly good weapon in the late game, as it tends to lose its classes at that point, but until then few weapons are as good as this one, especially considering how easy it is to obtain.

A deep battle axe can be obtained after defeating a Mimic directly below the dragon on the High Wall of Lothric.

2. two-handed

The Zweihander will likely be the first introduction to Ultraswords for most players, and it’s hard not to fall in love with this heavy sword after you first try what it can do.

The Zweihander, which can be used and upgraded, can be considered an entry-level weapon, but after repeated upgrades it becomes one of the best in the game, even compared to the rarer weapons in its class.

To obtain the Zweihander, find Greirath in the Undead Colony and ask him to return to the Firelink Shrine. Then give him Lorreta’s bone and you can buy Zweihander back from him for the modest sum of 6,000 souls.

1. Claymore

Claymore is a fan favorite for a reason, and not just because it’s used on many of the game’s promotional materials. It’s a basic weapon, but you can add upgrades and infusions to it, so you can tailor it to your own play style.

Combined with a nice set of moves and the versatility of a two-handed sword that deals damage and a one-handed rapid-fire weapon, the Claymore is a powerful weapon for those looking for a basic weapon with which to play out the game from start to finish.

Get your own Claymores in the far left corner of the top platform of Lothric’s High Wall, right next to where you see the fire-breathing dragon.

Short and sweet

Note that Dark Souls 3 does not feature what is commonly known as an endgame weapon. The values for each weapon have been carefully normalized so that they are all more or less the same, especially when you factor in upgrades and infusions.

Perhaps even more important than choosing a weapon is choosing a type of weapon and sticking to it, and building your character properly so you don’t get the hint that you’ve done it way more times than your mind can handle.

We hope you found this list of the best Dark Souls 3 weapons useful.As usual, the Souls series is one of the best there is, and one of its best features is the weapons you can find littering the world it creates. As you would expect, the most powerful of these weapons are the heaviest and most powerful. Deadlier weapons are great, but those that are lighter and easier to wield are actually more valuable. Use this guide to help you decide which weapons are the best for clearing out the undead and earning souls in Dark Souls 3.. Read more about dark souls 3 op weapons and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful weapon in Dark Souls 3?

The most powerful weapon in Dark Souls 3 is the Greatsword of Artorias.

What’s the strongest sword in Dark Souls 3?

The strongest sword in Dark Souls 3 is the Black Knight Greatsword.

Is Dex or Str better ds3?

Dex is better because it increases the damage of your physical attacks.

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