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If you’re into open-world, sandbox games and want to add some extra flavor to your adventure, consider these list of the best demonic mods for custom builds. From adding a touch of horror with many creepy sound effects or textures, this upcoming mod pack is sure to give any game that terrifying edge!

The “best magic mods minecraft 2021” is a website that has the best demonic-themed mods for custom builds. The site also has a list of top 10 most popular magic mods.

One of the greatest ways to keep enjoying Skyrim after your initial playtime is to roleplay various character archetypes.

I’ve taken on the roles of a Black Knight, a Paladin, a magical Elf, and a resurrected Aedra, and now I’d want to take on the role of a demon.

It’s made a lot simpler by necromancer spells and Daedric artifacts like the Wabbajack.

However, this is Skyrim. Half the enjoyment of the game is modding it!

And I’ve discovered some amazing demon-themed modifications that anybody who like wickedness would enjoy. Look at them!


Demonic Horns (#8) (& Angelic Halos)

Demonic Horns (& Angelic Halos) Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Demons vary greatly throughout civilizations, but one feature that appears often is demonic horns.

By having your character develop a set of demonic horns, this mod by Volvaga0 makes it simple to make them seem like a hellspawn. They’re even capable of catching fire!

Players who want to create a celestial figure will like the mod’s extensive collection of gorgeous halos.

A “Fallen Halo” variation, similar to the blazing horns, sets the floating circlet ablaze – which would look wonderful on a fallen angel.


Demon Eyes, No. 7

Demon Eyes mod for Skyrim

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Nothing can stop a demon from disguising their horns in order to mask their true identity and pass as a regular human – except their eyes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and devils are known for having a particularly black soul.

Rx310’s Demon Eyes will make your character seem as though he’s just fled hell.

The eyeballs come in a variety of hues, but red is the most sinister.

A pair of blood-red eyes with slit pupils may make any race seem menacing, yet it appears to be a little distinct characteristic on Argonians.

They’re already horned reptiles, after all.

I mean, how much more nefarious can they get?


6. Voiced Daedric Follower from Dao of the Deadlands

Dao of the Deadlands – Voiced Daedric Follower Skyrim mod

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Although some demons are arrogant, they are not ignorant.

Any wise demon needs a good buddy to help him consume youngsters or shove elderly people down the stairs.

Dama Karmelowa’s Dao of the Deadlands is a lovely but dangerous follower that seems to be a nymph but fights like a Daedra.

Her language is rather bloodthirsty, and she has the appearance of a devil.

She formerly worked for Mehrunes Dagon, and now she is available to work for you. That’s got to give you some clout at the next demon convention.

Check out Molag Bal’s daughter if you want someone a little more clearly demonic following you around.


Daedric Castle is number five on the list.

Daedric Castle mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

You’ve got horns, eyeballs, and a following… You’re on your way to becoming a full-fledged demon in only a few steps!

You’ll need an eerie temple hiding unless you want to be a low-ranking demon that has to haunt a kid’s closet or the underneath of their bed to be tied to the mortal realm.

This Daedric Castle is just what you need.

It’s designed and decorated in the manner of the ancient Cyrodiilic Ayleids, but with a sinister undertone.

The brilliant red crystals resemble flowing blood, and there are images of Oblivion realms on the walls, as well as Oblivion flags flying wherever they are needed.


4. Death Magic That Isn’t Allowed

Forbidden Death Magic Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Demonhood is defined by your acts, not by how you appear or where you reside.

In Skyrim, even the typical youngster can kill a guy with a few sword strikes. So just murdering innocent people would not suffice.

You must push yourself to the limit.

Dukkha’s Forbidden Death Magic, which allows your character to explode their victims, disintegrate them until only ashes remain, or even pull the flesh from their bones, is a terrific method to render mortals silent.


3. Overlord – Take on the role of an Evil Lich

Overlord – Become an Evil Lich mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

These days, anime with a main character who is transferred to another planet is virtually a dime a dozen.

However, some of the isekai series, like as Overlord, are well worth seeing.

This one-of-a-kind series follows an ordinary salaryman who becomes locked in a computer game and seeks to conquer the world as Ainz Ooal Gown, a mighty Lich.

Mrx16 certainly loves the series, as seen by their fantastic Skyrim mod, which allows you to live the life of Ainz Ooal Gown.

There’s a brand-new Lich race, a brand-new skill tree, a slew of new spells, and a whole lot more.

Even if you don’t want to play as a skeleton, having your own dungeon with all of these new terrible spells and minions is excellent for the aspiring demon.


2. The Samurai of Crimson

The Crimson Samurai Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about what it takes to be a demon and how your deeds count more than your appearance – but there are certain boundaries.

Nobody will take you seriously if you’re wearing Iron armor, no matter how big your horns are.

If you’re a fan of Eastern mythology and aesthetics, this devilish Samurai armor could be a better fit.

Runes, patterns, and vivid red on black-lacquered plates… as well as the horned mask.

It’s the ideal outfit for a dark emissary.


1. Daedric Knight Set in Crimson Blood

Crimson Blood Daedric Knight Set mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

Consider SirRumple’s devilish modification of the standard Daedric armor for something a little more lore-friendly.

The Crimson Blood Daedric Knight set is a fierce fiery take on the standard Daedric Knight outfit.

It’s a little lighter, a little more powerful, and it features the hellfires that give birth to all demons.

It also affects Daedric weaponry, so you’ll have a whole array of weapons to use against your foes.

Plus, it’s an immersive experience!

I won’t give anything away, but this armor requires an item that no law-abiding hero would ever get. It’s ideal for portraying a devil!

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