Best Dressing In Final Fantasy X-2 (All Ranked)

If you immerse yourself in the Final Fantasy X-2, you will notice that the system has undergone a general overhaul as you move around the sideboard.

You will also notice that in this game you only play with three main characters: Yuna, Rikku and Payne.

Despite the small size of the party, the tailors allowed these characters to learn and use a wider range of skills. You can change places at any time (even in case of a fight) to set up your party.

In addition, can wear any character, can wear any dress, and you can even have characters wearing the same dress at the same time.

In the case of the garment ball system, the symbols actually provide the garment gratings with certain characteristics. Like the tailors, dust nets can be installed throughout the FFX-2.

Some of the better ones may contain more clothes than others and even naturally improve the characteristic statistics, although some garment nets are more suitable for some clothes.

In addition, you can also master the tanning by using your combat skills. Yeah, it’s kind of complicated. Where do you start?

Well, don’t be afraid! I’ll help you find the parts of the clothes that are worth your time.

And as his name suggests: Tailors change the look and dress of each character to keep them at the cutting edge of your fighting skills and fashion game!


16. Coach

I have a coach starting with this list as probably the worst dress in Final Fantasy X-2.

It’s like a Lord of Beasts in the mission system using pets instead of weapons to attack.

As a dress, each character wears a long skirt and long sleeves (with the exception of Paine, who wears a falcon glove) with a subjectively sticky colour palette.

Coach has two things that really play against him. In the first place, it functions as a generalist clothing atmosphere that can technically do anything in the fight (damage, polishing/stamping, cure, etc.). But that’s not the best part.

Second: If you use a trainer in chapter 3 (first talk to Kimahri about how to be a good leader in chapter 2), you have probably already bought the best clothes.

In this game with the potential for universality, there is no need to switch to objectively more powerful and no less versatile shock absorbers.

15. Festival visitor


You’ll need an international or remastered HD version of the game to buy Festivalinist, but you can get your hands on it right away by asking Yoon to talk to Brother aboard Celsius.

In this dress, every character seems ready to spend a fun day and not save the world in a playful Japanese outfit.

In battle, the Festalist suffers from a lack of skills, despite decent basic statistics and automatic skills.

Like Coach, this dress gives each character his or her own versatility.

And as far as the coach is concerned, these skills are not particularly great.

The competitor of the festival stands a bit better because you don’t have to wait or do a lot to get it and it has to work perfectly while you finish the content early. They’ll probably change it later, no matter what.

14. Warrior

In the standard Paine Sphere (which means you’ll have it from the start of the game), it’s slightly armoured and carries a large sword that really suits what the warrior is doing.

The Warrior is a physical damage dealer who focuses on damage to a target and can sometimes give his party a beating.

He also has a decent chance of survival, but Warrior really shines in his ability to reduce the stats of the enemy.

As you learned early on, Warrior offers you a good opportunity to learn the use of fractions in statistics.

However, some sideboards are better suited to play the role of the warrior. So you’ll probably turn it into a few chapters.

13. Machine gun

Yuna starts with this dress, and that’s good.

Gunner doesn’t look too worn out, but not quite.

Each character brings his or her talent to the costumes, but they all wear designer skirts and knee-length lace-up boots.

Mechanically, Hanner’s skills are focused on precise remote damage.

It has versatile features such as Scattershot (lets you shoot at all enemies on the battlefield) and Trigger Happy (lets you shoot at spam for a short period of time).

Unfortunately, Gunner’s damage capabilities are overshadowed by other silencers, although they can still serve you well in the beginning of the game.

12. Black Wizard


The Black Wizard is quite simple, and if you like cute outfits, the characters look like sexy witches ready to cheat (with pointed hats and wands).

She specializes in performing powerful blows with elementary magic that hit one or all of the enemies.

If you get the Black Mage right after the first use, you can draw a few miles for the whole game.

However, it is likely that other shock absorbers will overshadow its ability to cause damage as early as Chapter 2.

11. Thief

Rikku’s standard dress, with which every character seems to be ready for the day at the beach, like… everything.

The thief turned out to be a handy and evasive physical fighter.

Some of his skills allow you to steal things from your enemies, such as items, Gil and finally HP and MP.

A thief can also destroy his enemies at the start of a battle by combining First Strike with Soul Swipe or Steal Will. It can also cause annoying damage by merging its double shots.

At some point the thief will get another piece of clothing, which will appear later on the list.

10. Songwriters

The singer’s song is an archetypal remedial class.

In fact, it is supported in such a way that you get the stress of the songs within the atmosphere of training clothes.

What Pesnestress lacks in destructive power (which she doesn’t have) is compensated by the fact that she is a fantastic member of the Free Party.

It can also disable crowd control to stop the enemy.

As the game progresses, the song shines and tears his playmates apart on ridiculous levels.

Her dancing skills enable her to reduce the MP to 0, hurry, turn all attacks into critical hits and much more for the entire team. Their singing talents also provide statistics for all parties.

As a bonus, Songstress has created beautiful outfits in which each character seems to be ready for a concert, with a microphone instead of a gun.

9. Samurai

Dress in Japanese if the name isn’t a good enough clue.

Each character wears samurai armor and expresses his damage with an impractical and graceful two-handed sword.

In battle, a samurai is a deadly fighter with an impressive chance of survival.

Thanks to its versatile damage capabilities, a samurai can attack one or all enemies on the battlefield.

Their attacks can damage MPs, stop the enemy’s actions or even lead to the loss of their stats. They are accompanied by self-medication and amateurs who improve them both offensively and defensively.

You can get this dress in chapter 3 in the Cilician temple, just before Ifrit.

If you miss them, you still have a chance to find them in the vault in Chapter 5 of the House of Faith.

8. White Wizard

The last Fantasy class is dedicated to healing.

The White Wizard even plays on the aesthetics of the Redeemer with the girls in white coats who perform magic with their famous healing wands.

It does not have the ability to inflict direct damage, but it provides tremendous support through healing and white magic, giving you access to more healings, offensive/defensive fans, suppression of negative states and even rebirth.

Although the White Wizard isn’t fantastic in itself, but an almost obligatory outfit, how can it increase the overall survival rate of your party?


If it’s too early, you should go back to the White Wizard.

Luckily you get this robe after defeating the Flaming Dragon in chapter 1, so you can use it for most of the game.

7. Magical Weapon

If you have played Blue Mage in other Final Fantasy games, you may be familiar with Gun Mage.

The basic statistics and skills in this drawer are not so important in the first instance, although the scanning of the data can be useful in the development of an abatement strategy.

As you may have guessed, the Monster Hunter also makes you particularly powerful with certain types of feeders.

However, Blue Bullet’s real asset is the game, although you’ll need to play through the entire game and reach certain steps to unlock your submarine skills completely.

By acquiring the Mighty Guardian, the White Wind, the Celestial Cataract and the Destroyer, the magical weapon becomes a versatile and destructive fighter!

Trendy, each character has a gun of the same name with a number of revealing sleeveless outfits that include more skirts, tights and long gloves.

You can get this dress in chapter 1 (accompanied by a Tobley trailer) or chapter 2 (after selling six tickets for a Tobley concert).

6. Berserker

One look is enough to know you could go crazy with that wardrobe.

You get it in Chapter 3 after beating the bad guys at Lake Macalaniya, and it’s worth it!

The Berserker is characterized by its high competence, durability, avoidability and strength, which are compensated by a low magical protection and a less than average physical protection.

Despite these defensive stats, you still have a good survival rate with capabilities that double your HP, enable you to resist and evade attacks, and chase away diseases with a negative status.

The fixed skill of the manipulator, Berserker, strengthens your attack, so you’ll suffer a lot of damage.

You can even apply status decreases and status effects to your goals. In general, Berserker gives you a lot to play as long as you have a close and personal relationship with your opponents.

5. Alchemist


An alchemist is a unique garment whose ability depends on the creation of objects, their use and even the combination of their effects.

These combinations can cause ridiculous damage, powerful amateurs, healings and many other consequences.

The Alchemist, probably the most powerful power, the Mega Position, gives you a free healing of 2000 hp during the whole feast.

It’s a very funny dress that only gets better when you learn to combine different elements. In addition, the alchemist has a high-tech/gadget style with futuristic armor, large epaulettes and large old cannons.

It sounds too clumsy for my taste, but maybe you like this style! To become an alchemist, you have to clean up the wicked in the Ruins of the Silent Lands in chapter 2, 3 or 5.

4. The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight has a world of devastating vibrations, as each character takes on a dark, pointy, completely swampy appearance, with huge and excessively curved weapons.

Honestly, this dress is strong enough to justify this outfit.

The Dark Knight enjoys the highest physical protection among the Dressphers, worthy of its other status.

Darkness and Charon, perhaps the most powerful faculties, are worth HP. But with a high-pressure bath and its accessories this is usually not a problem.

Among Arcane’s abilities, the Dark Sky stands out for its ability to hit almost any enemy on the ground.

In addition, the Dark Knight even gains immunity to poison, purification, confusion, curse… …and immediate death. So it doesn’t just hit like a truck, it’s built to last!

The Dark Knight is in the coffin at the end of Metro Bevella in chapter 2, 3 or 5. But you have few reasons , not , to get it as soon as possible.

3. Goddess of Fortune


Here is a reminder of a player of the labor system.

As her name suggests, the Goddess of Fortune encourages a risky and very rewarding style of play, which can be a little difficult to apply.

Once you know how it works, it is really effective in dealing with damage and damage BATCHES, because you are always critical hits!

You’ll get this dress if you beat Shinra in the Breakout Sphere mini-games in chapter 3 or 5 (Hint: In chapter 3 it will be easier to beat him).

The characters wear glamorous but highly revealing clothes, as if they were ready for a cocktail party in a casino in Vegas, which really fits the theme.

The Lucky Butterbread consists of two dice and four dice, which can cause extra damage by throwing one die and six dice.


Percussion skills include final rotation and hopefully you can mimic other skills such as dressing, healing/burning and even object effects.

On the other hand, if the slot machines fall on a scythe, you have the option to extend the battle for your entire game – for example, with a one-shot knockout.

Now there are ways to cheat on the slot machines, but frankly, it’s a pleasure.

This dress also has handy automatic features that allow you to get more EXP, Gil and items after each battle, making it ideal for earning lots of money and other rewards.

I strongly advise you to bring the goddess of happiness into your party if you know how to ride a swing style.

2. Extraordinary


This power transforms our cute characters into high school characters who wear sights of the future and offer a cool aesthetic without exaggerating or cursing (and without being stingy).

Your attacks manifest themselves as mental impulses and you are constantly floating!

To collect this dress, you need an international version of the game or a remastered version in HD.

If you do, you can technically do it in the first chapter by winning the standard trophy in the devil’s arena – be careful, this can be a difficult race to approach.


And now the wardrobe details. The medium has access to single-target surveillance and attack zones.

The supernatural can also be shattered for more precision and to avoid and hasten things.

Moreover, most of their skills are still very pronounced. The clairvoyant can teleport to the battlefield to get an excellent position. The legitimate tactic is to follow telekinesis, but only to instinctively kill the target.

It can even stop the time to act twice per round. Oh, and here’s a real kick: He can become invincible thanks to Magic and the Physical Guard equipped with a band.

Even if you are injured, the clairvoyant’s elementary abilities will help him to resist if he causes elementary damage. A clairvoyant can do just about anything in a fight!

1. Talisman


I dare say that objectively the best dress for each character is a talisman.

In the standard version of Final Fantasy X-2 you get the mascot in chapter 5 by filling in the different boxes in the game.

In the HD Remaster and International version you have won the youth competition tournament in the Fiend Arena.

So, yeah, the game really gets you working in that locker room!

Once you have his mascot, each character disguises himself as a cartoon… the mascot of the other races. Either you hate the way the costumes look or you’ll like them because of your stupidity.


To be honest, the talisman is worth all the effort (and maybe he disgusts the need to look at it).

These garments provide each character with high basic statistics, automatic protection, automatic grenade and tape, making them extremely uncomfortable at the start of any fight. But wait, there’s more!

The mascot allows each character to get new sets of capacities, as well as access to TWO sets of capacities and other specific stressors.

Mascot Yuna’s skills focus on healing magic and support, making him the best healer in the game.

It can also use all previously unlocked capabilities of the Dark Warrior/Dark Knight.

Rikku’s Clothing Sphere follows a single-purpose damage role with elemental/regional skills that repel enemies, and it can take advantage of all the previously studied White Slayer/Mage skills.

Mascotte Payne’s skills specialise in inflicting status debauchery and tons of damage to a single target; she can also access the Samurai/Black Magician skills she has already acquired.

With these options, the mascot offers versatility and irresistible power.

This dress might have made the game too easy if it hadn’t taken so much time and effort to get it.

A team of three mascots keeps the trapping in almost every session to a minimum and reduces the complexity of the toughest bosses in the game.


If you’re looking for the best dress for a character, look no further than the mascot.

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