Best Elf Beauty & Cosmetic Mods (All Free) –

Get ready for the grandest of holidays as this is your chance to treat yourself. The elves are coming soon and you’ve got a lot of shopping to do! This list includes free mods that will help make the most out of your time in-game, whether you’re playing games like Skyrim or Fallout 4. Each mod has been tested by the editors at so it’s safe to say they’ll be an all-star addition in no time!.

Best Elf Beauty & Cosmetic Mods (All Free) –

The “best e.l.f. products 2021” is a blog post that discusses the best elf beauty and cosmetic mods for your game. The article includes links to all of the free downloads on their website, as well as pictures of each mod in use.

In Skyrim, the first thing I noticed about elves is how strange they seem.

I was anticipating the Lord of the Rings’ gorgeous and ethereal pointy-eared beings, but what I received was very different, almost hideous.

I eventually began to admire them for the fascinating individuals they are – but you can’t tell me they’re “beautiful” by human standards.

Many of you, I’m sure, will not rest until your game is flawless. So I compiled a list of the greatest modifications to make Skyrim elves seem more appealing.


1. Female Elven Trio Hi-Poly Preset Pack

Hi-Poly Female Elven Trio Preset Pack mod for Skyrim

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The major difficulty I have with ugly elves in Skyrim is not having to deal with ugly NPCs, but rather having to become ugly in order to play as one of these species.

To put it another way, you don’t have to repair every elf in the game to make it playable.

D7Rock88’s Hi-Poly Female Elven Trio, for example, allows you to play as one humanized, attractive female from each elven race.

You may also use these presets to create your own personalized followers.

These settings are my favorites since they seem distinct and unique in comparison to humans while yet being lovely by human standards.

This mod manages to tread a fine line.


2. Elves with Pale Skin

Pale Elven Characters / Skyrim mod

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The elves’ odd skin tones are one factor that adds to their eerie look.

Unlike the Dunmer, whose skin takes on distinct alien tones like as gray and blue, the Bosmer and Aldmer have brownish and yellowish skin tones that aren’t quite elf-like.

Being a Wood Elf does not imply that you are formed of wood, and I’m not sure why Aldmeri are yellow.

Caralampio’s Pale Elves mod reduces the saturation of elves’ skin tones, giving them a more conventional appearance in Skyrim.

Finally, I don’t have to feel like a giant frog when I play a High Elf.


3. Elves of Beauty

Aesthetic Elves mod for Skyrim

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If you wish to further enhance your elven population, you’ll need to address the bone structure.

Why would an elf resemble the Green Goblin so much? The fantasy race is incorrect!

Ruddy88’s Aesthetic Elves corrects the error by altering the basic elf head on which all others are based.

Shortening the chin, softening the cheekbones, and providing everyone a proper jawline are among the adjustments.

You’ll have less gargoyle-like elves, which will make Skyrim a lot more attractive.


4. Skyrim’s Elegant Elves

Elegant Elves of Skyrim (preview)

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Surgically manipulating individual NPCs rather than modifying the race’s building blocks is an alternative technique to make most elves in Skyrim appealing.

Many female elf NPCs in Metalsaber’s Elegant Elves of Skyrim get updated face sculpting, complexions, and hair!

It also removes hoods from various garments to highlight the character’s enhanced facial attractiveness.

Riften Stormcloak steward Anuriel, Bosmer farmer Nimriel, and Dark Brotherhood wizard Gabriella are among the notable characters who have gotten this beauty gift, however they are far from alone.

This mod impacts a total of 20 characters, with the exception of those who have previously been enhanced by the Bijin mod series.


5. Pack of Elven Presets

Elven Preset Pack mod for Skyrim

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Let’s be honest:

When it comes to character creation, most of us have a hard time molding our Dragonborn’s visage.

What exactly are these sliders for? Why do certain things seem to have no effect? How can I make my character increasingly creepier with each new scenario I experiment with?

With this Elven Preset Pack by Araviss, offering gorgeous elven beauty presets for Dunmer, Bosmer, and Aldmer ladies, you may free your mind of such problems and hop on that cart to Helgen sooner.

Even scarification is included in the Dunmer preset!

It demonstrates how well-designed each of these settings is, as well as how effectively they reflect the culture of its race.


6. Ethereal Elven Redesign

Ethereal Elven Overhaul Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Most people will still suggest Ethereal Elven Overhaul to anybody wishing to improve their elves almost 10 years after it was originally launched.

Nuska’s original mod alters practically every element of elven look in all three races.

It changes their appearances, bone structure, and skin tones, as well as offering a slew of new war colors and skin tones for character development.

Apart from its size, what makes Ethereal Elven Overhaul stand out is how effectively it balances making elves more appealing while maintaining their distinguishing non-human look.

It’s important to remember that this is a Legendary Edition mod.

You’ll need to install the SSE Patch first in order to utilize it in Skyrim Special Edition. It’s well worth the effort!

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