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Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer pirate-themed action adventure game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. The game was released on March 20, 2018 for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, and has since been ported to the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4.

The sea of thieves best fishing rod is a fishing rod that can be found in Sea of Thieves. It has the ability to give you an advantage over other players.

In Sea of Thieves, fishing is both addicting and lucrative.

And capturing every fish will lead you on adventures throughout the whole globe, placing you and your ship in perilous situations in the pursuit of the ideal catch.

It is, without a doubt, time intensive.

But, since you’ll be looking at your fishing rod a lot, you may as well have a cool rod in your hands.

So here are our recommendations for the finest Sea of Thieves fishing rod skins.


Fishing Rod for Killer Whales (No. 10)

Sea of Thieves Killer Whale Fishing Rod skin

There’s no better way to start this list than with the Hunter’s Call, a prize from the fishing experts themselves.

This rod has a tiny blue and green handle and is a prize for completing the Hunter’s Call at Level 5. (The fishing faction at Sea Ports).

It would be great if the rod came later, so it didn’t seem as if they simply discovered pieces of it on the ground…

But it’s a wonderful rod to start your fishing experiences with, and it’s appropriate for the faction that created it.


9. Fishing Rod of Sovereignty

This following rod, in contrast to the Killer Whale Fishing Rod, seems to be elegant, costly, and has probably never been used!

The Sovereign Fishing Rod is an eye-catching piece of gear.

It has a pristine white grip with a gold chunk on top.

But before you go out and purchase one, you’ll need the title “The Hunter of Ancientscales.” Only those who have captured every Ancientscale fish in the game are eligible for this prize.

You’ll have to use leeches as bait, which are disgusting. But, hey, are you interested in the rod or not?


Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod (No. 8)

Sea of Thieves Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod skin

We have a fishing pole here to commemorate the first Splashtail caught by a pirate.

And for many others, that’s all it takes to hook them!

The Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod is a one-of-a-kind rod with a common Ruby Splashtail etched on the handle.

On their travels, every fisherman worth his salt will catch hundreds of them. As a result, you may as well embrace it!

This rod is exclusively available at the Pirate Emporium and costs Ancient Coins, the premium currency in Sea of Thieves.


7. Fishing Rod for Kraken

Sea of Thieves Kraken Fishing Rod skin

I promise you’ll have some wild tales to share if you manage to unlock this rod.

The Kraken Fishing Rod is only accessible to those who have earned the commendation “The Hunter of Stormfishes,” which requires you to fish in storms.

And you’ll have to do it often!

This piece’s design is really fantastic. The rod has a spine that appears like it came from a Kraken across the top, but don’t attempt to capture a Kraken with it.

The Kraken does not grab you; rather, the Kraken catches you.


6. Fishing Rod for Gold Hoarders

Sea of Thieves Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod skin

The Gold Hoarders Fishing Rod seems to be the best-looking of the three major factions.

They’ll make you work for it, however!

You’ll need the Hunter of Wreckers Commendation before you can get your hands on this beauty. That means a lot of fishing near shipwrecks, which may be hazardous, particularly with the new Siren opponents prowling the waters.

If you succeed, you’ll be rewarded with this rod, which has crimson wrapping around the handles, gold accents, and a big gold key on the reel.


5. Fishing Rod with Frostbite

Frostbite Fishing Rod skin in Sea of Thieves

If you catch all of the Stormfish in the game, you’ll get the Kraken Fishing Rod (number 7 on our list) as well as this adorable and fluffy Frostbite Fishing Rod!

Maybe it’s not that adorable.

However, the reel is surrounded with fluff to keep your hands warm. Isn’t it adorable?

The light blue accents provide a new arctic feel to this piece of gear.

The Hunter Of Stormfishes commendation is a difficult one to get, so getting two nice-looking rods as a prize is great.


4. The fabled fishing rod

Legendary Fishing Rod skin in Sea of Thieves

This rod is another another appropriate prize for those who have lived long enough to become legends in the Sea of Thieves.

When you achieve the level of Pirate Legend, you may buy this Legendary Fishing Rod.

It also features the same deep purple grip that the rest of the set is renowned for.

Other crews should think twice before harassing you while you’re out fishing, with gold around the reel and a scary green skull on top.

At the very least, you’ll be able to tell yourself that when a cannonball is launched at your head!


3. Fishing Rod with a Ghost

Sea of Thieves Ghost Fishing Rod skin

When you’re a Pirate Legend, delivering 50 fish to the Hunter’s Call unlocks this eerie flashing fishing pole.

But are you brave/foolish enough to utilize it in the middle of the night?

This is a unique rod with a distinct motif, including a twisted metal grip and a reel with sharp spikes to grab your fingers on.

This equipment also gives off a brilliant light. So use it with caution once the sun has set.

Even if you’re a Pirate Legend, you’re still susceptible while fishing.

And if you’re not cautious, you could end yourself attracting gamers that want to convert you into a ghost!


2. Fishing Rod with Silver Blades

Sea of Thieves Silver Blade Fishing Rod skin

This is the rod for you if you want a rod that you’ll almost certainly never see another person use…

If you have a year on your hands.

The Silver Blade Fishing Rod is a beautiful silver rod skin with light purple accents and glistening aqua jewels.

The caveat is that you must play for an hour a week on the Insider version of the game for a total of 51 weeks to get it.

And there’s no way to make it go faster.

This rod has a good claim to being the best-looking in the game.

However, since it has such a high unlock criterion, most people will never see it.


1. Fishing Rod of Forsaken Ashes

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Ashes Fishing Rod skin

This piece of equipment has it all if you want a Fishing Rod that sticks out from the crowd and has an unlock requirement that will give you a few tales to tell.

At first sight, the Forsaken Ashes Fishing Rod may not seem to be much.

It’s just sitting there with its basic grip and reel…

However, there are a few of flaming metal elements in the design, and most significantly, the line on this rod glows!

A wise pirate would consider this to be attracting unwelcome attention to your ship.

It’s a method for me to make all the other pirates and anglers envious!

So, how do you acquire it?

You must, after all, capture every Devilfish in the game. And you’ll only discover them in the Devil’s Roar, among the volcanoes, lava, boiling water, geysers, and molten boulders falling from the sky…

Have fun!

The sea of thieves fishing guide is a website that offers reviews and advice about the best fishing rod skins in Sea Of Thieves.

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