Best games to grow your channel on Twitch

The battle for Twitch’s audience is long and often fruitless. While the games you want to play are often the best way to enjoy your show, many of them will not attract a loyal audience to your show for a variety of reasons, usually due to over- or under-saturation of a particular game.

It is also a delicate balance when choosing games, such as banners that prefer to play a variety of games. While there are many popular options, especially in independent games, there is no guarantee that viewers will want to see them.

However, there are games aimed at a wider audience. Here are the types of games you can play to expand your channel.

Games with audience interaction

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In terms of interaction with spectators, games where spectators have a chance to get involved in the flow are often very effective. You present a host with a blank slate with which to interact without having to concentrate during the game, like a first-person shooter.

It can be something simple like a racing game that all they have to do is jump in, for example. For example, Marbles on Current, to games that require active participation, such as. B. Jackbox party packages. Games that are not active and periodic can be introduced as a fun side show, for example. B. Stream Raiders, also helps to recruit new spectators.

These games are often a good starting point for finding out what kind of host a streamer is, and provide easy ways to interact with streamers. This means that viewers will be more inclined to seek out those who play these games, making it a good choice for building your viewer base.

High difficulty games

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There are many niche games that often have a specific player base based on an upper limit of skills in the game. They usually come from a combination of high difficulty games, rhythm games, and something that uses peripherals to support the game, such as For example a virtual reality tablet or headset.

Rhythmic action games like osu! and Geometry Dash are good examples of this, as they usually require extreme eye coordination and fast reaction times. Both include level creation tools that allow players to create their own on-demand streaming challenges for the game.

VR games also work well if you have access to a virtual reality headset. Intense rhythm tracks like Beat Saber often come with a high skill ceiling that fans will want to keep in mind.

Viral games

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The next big event on Twitch might be hard to predict. Some games’ audiences bring the hype they generate to their launch, Falls Guys is a good example of a viral launch. Others seem to come out of nowhere.

However, the most popular streamers are usually all that is needed to get the game to viewers. Among us, there’s a great example of a game that took off after being picked up by a few top-level banners who appreciated its social aspects.

When watching popular streamers, it’s worth paying attention to all the obscure games you see them playing, especially those with social features. Viewers will naturally be interested in the game if a streamer they like plays it to try it out. So if you can capitalize on that interest quickly, you can get to that peak. Speed is important here. You need to be quick before other presenters start using the buzz.

Don’t be afraid.

If you like the thrill of jumping out of your skin in horror games, you can use this to meet new people in your stream. Watching streamers play a scary game shows a lot of the host’s personality and can be just as satisfying as playing the game itself. If you’re comfortable using a camera to show your reaction, you can use it to produce high-quality content for your audience.

The single player experience is better at creating fear, and there are many options on all platforms to help with this. Multiplayer games can do this too, but the surprise factor plays an important role in the moves. Games like Dead By Daylight may attract viewers, but they also reduce the effectiveness of viewer engagement due to compromised shock value.

Classic Game Station and Nintendoseries

Nostalgia is a powerful hook for many people. Watching a game you remember fondly from your childhood is an easy way to start a conversation with a banner. Therefore, if you have access to streaming games from the Playstation 2 era or classic Nintendo systems, and a popular game from their library, you will usually find an audience that wants to see you play.

Popular games from popular series like Ocarina of Time or Zelda’s Majora’s Mask, or one of the games from the Jak and Daxter trilogy, will be remembered by many viewers for a long time. If you can afford to play these games, the public will find you.

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