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Hello Kitty is the one character that has penetrated the whole world of video games.

Hello Kitty is one of the most recognized characters in the world. Her design spans across the globe and she’s an incredibly popular character. From the moment she was created by Sanrio, Hello Kitty has been a huge success. With a lot of different merchandise, a TV show, and a few movies, Hello Kitty is a beloved character. It is for this reason that she is one of the most searched characters on the web.

The cats of Hello Kitty have been around for more than 20 years. In that time they have built a global fanbase with a passion that lasts until this day. Hello Kitty fans are loyal and will often buy any product related to their favorite character. Although the company does produce various Hello Kitty toys, dolls and makeup, it is their ubiquitous  cute cat merchandise that are the most popular.. Read more about hello kitty story and let us know what you think.For nearly five decades, Hello Kitty has been a favorite of children (and adults!) around the world. The name is as iconic as Kitty’s appearance with her cute pink bow tie and long-sleeved dress. It can be used for birthday parties, bedroom decorations and much more. And with this CC list, you can get all this and more in The Sims 4.

Hello Kitty sleeping set

word-image-8400 Check out this AC. We begin our list with this bedroom set from JonSims. This 12-piece collection contains everything you need to transform your young Sim’s room into a Hello Kitty oasis, including an HK-style bed with headboard, dresser, vanity, wall decals and more. It is available in four colors: pink, blue, purple and yellow. This is also the only bedroom set on our list, so be sure to add it if you’re looking for Hello Kitty CC furniture.

Hello Kitty Swimwear

Check out this AC. Send your young Sims off to the pool with the Hello Kitty swimsuits from SweetDreamsZzzzz. These adorable two-piece swimsuits come in six different designs, with a variety of fun patterns and colors. There’s even a model showing Hello Kitty herself in the pool with a surfboard, in a bathing suit and wearing sunglasses. They are compatible with HQ and the base game, so you don’t need to download a package.

Hello Kitty Headband

word-image-8402 Check out this AC. Here’s some stuff from HK for your older sims. This Hello Kitty headband from JenniSims has white cat ears and Kitty’s pink bow has been replaced with a red striped headband. We can imagine teen Sims or adult Sims working on making a fun costume for Fear Day. The high quality design makes it perfect for the alpha simmer, and no other package is needed to use it.

Hello Kitty Shirt

word-image-8403 Check out this AC. You can never have too many shirts to go through. We recommend a CC Body Hello Kitty T-Shirt from Awesomesims4. The longer-than-average length of this shirt with collar is the perfect length for falling asleep. You can also pair it with leggings or jeggings for a casual outdoor look. It comes in two variants – black and pink – and looks like a cross between Maxis Match and Alpha, which might appeal to everyone.

Hello Kitty Hoodie

word-image-8404 Check out this AC. Your little ones can now wear Hello Kitty and stay warm with this hoodie from Bukovka. This set of five sweatshirts features different Hello Kitty designs on the front and the name and logo on the back. The thick material and hood keep you warm, and the short sleeves let the air through so you don’t get too hot. The colors are light and dark blue, purple, yellow and pink.

Hello Kitty Earrings for adults

word-image-8405 Check out this AC. Hello Kitty fans come from all age groups. And the Hello Kitty earrings for adult Sims from GuiliettaSims only prove it. The diamond earrings from Hong Kong are available in three versions: gold and silver with pink bows or gold with a red bow. It’s glamorous but not too flashy, which can be hard to do. And if you want these earrings for your younger Sims, you’re in luck! You can download the same set for toddlers and preschoolers.

Hello Kitty Shoes

word-image-8406 Check out this AC. Want to literally turn your Sims girl upside down and dress her up like Hello Kitty? Then these Hello Kitty shoes are just what you need. The designer at Shoestopia specializes in CC shoes and has taken great care in the details of these HQ sporty shoes for kids. With its thick white sole and pink pattern, it’s a great choice for sims kids who love the Hello Kitty style. But be careful, you need this mod to make this CC appear correctly. But once it’s installed, you’re ready to go.

Hello Kitty Plush Cushion

word-image-8407 Check out this AC. A simple touch of Hello Kitty makes any room a little more fun. These HK pillow plushies from PlatinumLuxeSims would look great in the room of a teen or older Sim. Two heart-shaped pillows featuring Kitty and a third that looks like Hello Kitty’s face make adorable pillows for any bed or sofa. It is also compatible with the base game, so go ahead and try it and see what you think.

HK Mac Make-up Set

word-image-8408 Check out this AC. Remember when Mac Cosmetics and Hello Kitty teamed up and released a kit? If not, that’s okay, because it’s now available for The Sims 4! This HK Mac makeup kit is the second JonSims creation on this list, and it’s just as awesome. This CC collection consists of 14 items including a lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow, lotion, blush and more. And the best part? Each product has an image of Hello Kitty on the packaging. You can download them separately here if you only need certain elements.

Hello Kitty CC Pack

word-image-8409 Check out this AC. The fan packs are often so creative that it’s hard to believe they’re not from EA. JeyStiv’s Hello Kitty pack is another great example of what Sims community creators can create. Although there is no description of the individual items, the written summary of the package shows that it includes HK-themed beds (presumably for adults), ping pong tables, etc. Other items in this package are chairs with heels (!), a mirror and a neon sign. Despite the mystery, we think it’s worth exploring.

Hello Kitty wallpaper

word-image-8410 Check out this AC. Skip the furniture and other decorative elements with this Hello Kitty wallpaper from Emerald. This colourful wallpaper is available in four colours and contains two versions of Kitty: One is reading and the other seems to be drawing. There are moldings at the top and bottom of the wall, and the HK section has multicolored stripes. The kit also includes wallpaper for plastering!

Unisex backpackHello Kitty

word-image-8411 Check out this AC. Say it with me: Where. They are. The. Backpacks? We all know that portable backpacks are currently missing from the game (with some CC backpack options). But we also know that the creators of KC always come to the rescue. Such is the case with Sims4Marigold, who released this unisex Hello Kitty CC backpack. Yes, boys and girls can wear this giant round backpack shaped like Hello Kitty’s face. There are also four patterns (two with stripes, two without). And with CAS, you can choose between two versions: One gives the bag the earrings category, the other the bracelets category on the left.Hello Kitty, one of the most famous and loved characters in the world of gaming, is back and she’s bringing us some new outfits and fun new ways to play. Hello Kitty: Kitty Star is a new game app which is all about playing dress up and having fun. The game has been developed by a famous Japanese game developer called ‘Famitsu’ and made for the Android platform. The game has 48 cute, cute and super colorful outfits for you to choose from and other gameplay features like collecting and caring Hello Kitty plushies. You can also decorate your room and send Hello Kitty to your friends via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.. Read more about hello kitty show and let us know what you think.

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