Best Library & Home Study CC + Clutter Packs –

All Sims deserve some time to get comfortable, read a book or just work.

Whether it’s for work, the school paper or just programming exercises, everyone needs space to concentrate.

So for this list, we are going to look for the best KCs for homeschooling and libraries. And there’s a lot more.

So sit back, sip your coffee, and let’s unleash your inner bookworm!

15. Rover table chair

Look at this CC

The chair you sit in for hours is a good indicator of how much work you can handle.

You want something comfortable, but that doesn’t affect your attitude (or that of your Sim).

This all-terrain seat hits the nail on the head in that regard, and it offers two great color options, including a shiny silver-gray.

The best thing about office chairs are, of course, the wheels.

It’s always fun, no matter how old you are.

14. Small parts library

Look at this CC

Are you having trouble finding space for your library?

This CC bookcase from kardofe gives you the opportunity to store many books in a small space.

The U-shape of this bookcase makes it look big, but it actually fits perfectly in rooms where space is limited.

CC in 4 amazing patterns, and can be used as a room divider – or even made for your Sim to walk under as a bridge. Great creativity!

13. Anconia Office

Look at this CC

An office is not an office if you don’t have a place to work.

I think we can all agree that a desk is essential to any home library. And this Anconia table from NynaeveDesign is a chic item to include in your next construction.

With its steel rods and black steam-treated top, it is simply an excellent work table.

This model also comes with a unique blue glass option, so you have options to match your overall theme.

12. Broml study material

Look at this CC

The creator of Onyxium gives us an excellent sensation to put into any study.

Big books, a wastebasket and an alarm clock are just some of the things you will find here.

And just about everything in this package can be a perfect study in home clutter.

And with multiple color options and so many elements, you can configure it to fill those empty corners and nooks.

11. Cat carrier

Look at this CC

Children have duties too, you know.

It is therefore normal that they also have a study area.

And there’s an animated cat stuck on that shelf. A cute, charming, and easy way to get your Sims child reading.

And for even more uses, this could be perfect for a school library or even a local library in your Sima town.

Among the 3 color options, there is a beautiful forest tea that I would have loved in my childhood.

10. Amelia Plank

Look at this CC

Here’s another layered bookcase from the maker of Cardoffee.

This also plays a role in the choice of shelves, not only for books, but also for other items.

This is a nice piece of artistic design with some hands to give you some shelf space. What’s not to like?

This is truly a unique and modern solution for any Sim who wants their office to stand out from the crowd.

9. Vega office

Look at this CC

Now let’s take a look at our very first complete set of QCs from Severinka.

This set is simple and uncomplicated, with basic colors of brown wood and pure white running through the furniture.

It is perfect for an independent woman who is always on the go. This CC really looks like Miss Independence.

8. Corner workstation

Look at this CC

Here is another set of studies similar to the previous ones, but giving us some entrepreneurial energy.

Vinyl sets, motivational quote posters and a double notebook make this place a lively stop for the next great businessman.

There are also lots of good ambient sounds and unique color combinations.

All of this is gradually becoming the research area of the CC founded by the creator of MXIMS.

7. Ocean Children’s Table

Look at this CC

Do it for the kids!

Here’s a cool table for the boys and a pink pattern for the girls.

They find a lot of little stickers, eggs, and a lot of books. This is actually a great starter table for any child.

My favorite thing about this piece is the beautifully detailed decals, especially the little fish men on the side.

6. Futuristic Environmental Table

Look at this CC

If Tesla and Microsoft were building desktop computers, this would be their desktop baby.

But in reality, Soloria is absolutely perfect with this detail and meets the futuristic standard with this design.

You’ll notice the cool canopy with lighting above the main table, as well as the clean cuts and neat finish.

This piece is ideal for anyone who knows anything about technology, and can help find the next Bill Gates.

CC comes in 4 incredible models, with yellow tinted finishes, which is my personal preference.

5. Search Zara

Look at this CC

Here is a fun and appropriate desk set that is suitable for condominiums or small apartments.

Living in the big city can be exhausting. But this section can help you get it all together.

It has everything you need, with a small desk and lights, and some artwork.

Sometimes the best things come in small packages.

4. Athena Study Kit

Look at this CC

Let’s say our entrepreneur Sim has a new business and it’s starting to grow rapidly.

Well, this training pack will be the upgrade your sim needs.

Bold and simple, it contains everything you need to focus and perform these simulacra. Not to mention the cool art, like a mood board and a beautiful easel, that make this space artistic and statement.

I also like the checkerboard, it fits the theme and makes it a room suitable for an excellent student.

3. It’s a K-popthing.

Look at this CC

BTS fans, please stand up.

Although it has a bed, I think this room as a whole embodies what an office is.

Cool lighting, unique artwork and a great place to work. All of these elements can help your new learning doll stand out.

Not to mention all the K-pop memorabilia that makes it a great place to listen to music while working on your Sim’s to-do list.

2. Altar study

Look at this CC

This CC is perfect for a quality learning space, and it looks like it came out of a movie.

The black and steel are simply stunning, masterfully organized and will fit into almost any style of room.

This is certainly an ideal CC set for a large house, but it can also be suitable for medium-sized rooms.

I would say this CC would be suitable for a CEO or boss. Probably for one of those studies where you need a key to get in.

The real life of a boss.

1. Library

Look at this CC

The latter cannot be used as a home office, but can be used as an extra bookcase.

And it’s a brilliant piece of CC, which is why it’s so far down this list.

Not only are there many bookcases, but the entire exterior is designed to look like a bookshelf. Shit.

Creative is an understatement, because it’s spectacular no matter what city you put it in.

The interior functions as a regular library with a small café. It would be nice to put it on a local college campus.

I’m just saying there’s nothing to start with.

Imagine reading a book on a shelf.

frequently asked questions

Where is the best library in the world?

large libraries

What is the most beautiful library in the world?

The gallery is the most beautiful…

What is the best online library?

Alepha – 8th best digital library.

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