Best Minecraft Village Seed (Jan 2021) Guide

With these best Minecraft seeds for January 2021, you have the best starting point in Minecraft, there is a guarantee of a wealth of resources, buildings and villages for players to explore and build something on their own. Each new biome offers players a new perspective and lots to do, so make sure you don’t miss any of these Minecraft seeds for January 2021.

Header seed extraction and processing village by January 2021

All of the seeds below contain lots of resources and treasures for players who have a village near the laying point, but that’s not all. You have so much to discover, and we’ll let you decide what you think is the best seed to try in January 2021.


When you get to this seed, you will find a nearby village inhabited by a group of people. There is a lot of loot you can add to your arsenal. It already seems overwhelming, but it’s not the end, because there’s so much more. If you dig out of the pit, you will enter a cave system that leads you to the fortress.

The cave system itself is huge with many resources, it was probably our seed to Minecraft in January 2021, and we recommend you go see this Minecraft village a seed just for its beauty.


If you want to grow your own noisy community with little danger, this seed is the best. A total contrast to its predecessor. Here you have two villages separated by a river. This means that you have an infinite amount of resources at your disposal and you can easily progress through the game.

This village is the best starting point for those who want to pick up the pace or fully explore the vast country. Even when things are quieter here, you can still raid the village and claim all the loot, armour and resources for yourself.


This seed has an abandoned mine shaft beneath the village, providing a surplus of minerals and resources for anyone who wants to take the plunge. Slightly different from the previous seeds, it opens up to a landscape stretching across the savannah that you can explore in a few days.

Search for treasure chests or explore the mine shafts until your heart desires it, the upper village also has much to offer and is close enough to spawn. It’s one of our favorite seeds from Minecraft Village.


This seed takes on the mine shaft theme and includes two villages, a mine shaft, a pyramid and more. Each village has a different aesthetic and gives players plenty of opportunity to explore and escape their comfort zone. You can build because there’s plenty of room, and you can always visit the temple in the wild to find a new one if you want.

Be sure to try out all the hidden treasures and secrets this seed holds, a must for all Minecraft lovers.


If shipwrecks are your thing, you’ll be happy to know that there are two of them in this seed, as well as a buried treasure and a village near the spawning grounds. This ensures that you are always equipped with all the tools you need before setting off on your adventure.

Also, make sure you are looking for a treasure map because it will lead you to treasures like you have never seen before, it is just one of the best Minecraft village seeds you can check out right now.

While this is not the complete list, we will continue to update as we discover new Minecraft village seeds that we think everyone should try in the near future.

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