Best Mirages in the Final Fantasy World (20 Most Powerful Picks)

It seems it would be easy to find a million mirages in Final Fantasy World. Building a pile from scratch can seem overwhelming.

I’ve considered all the options when making this list, as well as the way you combine them and the pile you need.

Anyway, some mirages can really be a deadly combination game, and that’s what I want to investigate in this post. By combining some of these creatures you can create very powerful -stacks. So make sure you use this list to create a more balanced game.

However, it is important to note that there is no battery that is particularly good.

It depends on the area you visit and the elements that can be used most effectively against these enemies. You’ll have to change mirages all the time, so don’t forget to save and level some!

20. Death search

The Death Searcher is a small floating robot that will surely bring you a lot of help during battles.

Many people like to work with Elefenrir as a partner for death missions because they complement their skills well.

In any case, the Death Searcher has a ton of useful attacks, and his ability to return magic to his enemies is absolutely massive.

A little robot is a great companion that you can keep in any battle.

19. Zap

Zapt is one of the most emblematic figures of the WoFF, because he looks a lot like Vivi de la FF9.

You can very well complement it with Ifrit or another mirage that is good for the elements.

Zapt’s a thunder mafia, so he’ll use thunder attacks if you keep him in your game. And he’ll turn into Zaphra as soon as he reaches level 15.

18. Imitator

Mimicry is a common but powerful enemy that you can catch like a mirage in your WoFF adventures.

It has a special ability that allows you to constantly reduce the health of the enemy at any time during battle, but you can only do this once per game.

If you add her armor-piercing abilities to that, Mimic is one of the best little crowds you can have to complete your group.

17. Black Claw

Black Nucka may be kind enough, but this guy… It does a lot of damage when used properly.

This little mirage of the black cat can be found in many beginner’s playgrounds, and it’s one of the easiest, if you can believe it.

With solid strength and evasive stats, Black Nakk is one of the best options you can have in your game at the start of an adventure.

It has also been transformed into elephant laughter, which in itself is a very useful mirage. This mirage is also on this list, so if you want to know more, read on!

16. Moogle

However, Moogle has a place in my list, mainly because of its appearance and iconic status in all Final Fantasy games.

Your boyfriend uses a lot of his singing and dancing skills, which makes him one of the friendliest creatures in the WoFF.

Moogle is not just an appearance. He has a special ability that allows him to restore his strength in a fight that will last much longer than you think.

You can find these little guys almost anywhere at the beginning of the game. And once you’re far enough to take on the strongest enemies, they come together very quickly.

15. Elefenrir

The terrible Helenfrir is a black monster that frightens any enemy who looks him in the eye.


It has a very strong strength and a strong health bar, so it can withstand almost anything for a long time.

He also uses many powers that cause darkness and fire, including Blaze. This means that it complements almost any type of construction thanks to its versatile offensive capabilities.

You can flood one with Black Nuck, so be careful!

14. Princess Flan

Flan Princess has many useful passwords, including that of a health enthusiast who fits well with any team you want to build.

But remember, Princess Flana is far from strong on her own.

A good balance of mirages is needed if you want your fans to be active and really get the best out of their skills.

You can only find the side of a princess in a swamp with wind, so if you’re in this area, maybe you can look for her in the dungeon.

13. Dark chocolate

With the restoration of the Prismunity HP and the basic value of the health points, Black Chocochick is a mirage that will undoubtedly play a good role in your game.

It’s not the easiest to find, but it’s definitely worth it, if only because of the many possibilities. It also has an escape velocity and an impeccable speed as a passive, which makes it a good mirage to escape or to accelerate the fight.

12. White walnut

The White Nuck has the same design as the Black Nuck and is just as strong.

The main difference between the two creatures (and what makes White Nucka such a useful mirage) is that this plush baby uses ice attacks to defeat his enemies, which no other group on the list can (yet) do.

It also has a powerful powerboost that acts as a passive powerboost, although its capabilities are not as strong as those of the small mirages of the game.

11. Code

The code follows the same line as the previously mentioned Zapche mirage.

But Zaphr’s appearance makes him quite unique – he looks like a little boy. I think it’s unique, don’t you?

Attention: It has attack forces that can electrify any enemy it encounters, and that includes you.

He uses Thundara and Rain as his two main skills, and although he doesn’t really have a ton of horsepower, he does a lot of magical damage.

10. Magitek Armour

The Magitek armor is a war machine that helps you destroy every enemy through magic.

You can use the armor to shoot ice and fire jets, as it is built to destroy enemies, regardless of their elementary level.

It also features a passive Critical Guard , making it an incredible mirage of defense.

Its basic health is much better than that of other mirages of similar size, making it a better armor than the other small creatures in your group.

Note that it is not easy to find it in the early parts of the game, and it may take some time before you can add one of these little mechanical villains to your game.

9. Leviathan

The Leviathan, also known as the Queen of the Deep, is a powerful dragon that serves as a good mirage in the world of the End Fantasies.


He is one of the seven Pleiades, a group of some of the most powerful mirages in the game.

At first she appears as the boss, but you can add her to your game once you’ve defeated her.

Her state of health is almost 900 points, making her the strongest mirage on the list so far.

Each member of the Seven of Pleiades is a terrible enemy, difficult to defeat, but also very valuable to your team if you succeed.

8. Killing machine

Many actors claim that the death machine is WoFF’s best mirage.

The skills he possesses will undoubtedly make him one of the best complements to your team, as you will be able to manage tons of injuries, even if he is not in very good health.

It is a size L mirage and one of the best in the game for this size.

It is essentially a physical cloak on which you can rely to protect yourself at all times. It will do an incredible job in defense and in attack, and with good qualities to complement its power, this machine of death, rightly called the machine of death, will undoubtedly act as a machine, well… of death.

7. Ultima Weapons

To be clear, it will take a long time to get the Ultima weapon.

It is a very powerful enemy with 1000 basic health points, which can only be found in the Inventor’s Search and the Coliseum. But it’s all worth it.

His special ability does a lot of damage in a single movement, making him one of the best you can have in the game.

It also has two unique abilities, the Ultima Ray and Ultima, both of which are designed to do a lot of damage on their own.

6. Omega God

The Omega God is another extremely powerful crowd with unique abilities.

But it’s not just his power that makes this mirage so good. It also has a passive deflector and a meteorite lure to get opportunities. We’re talking about rarity!

5. Frame


Rama is also a member of the Seventh Pleiades. She looks like a divine figure and has done many appearances in various Final Fantasy games.

His perfect understanding of the magic of thunder makes him one of the best creatures in the game for this kind of elemental damage. Clearly, this is the noisiest thundering crowd you’ll ever meet.

But you have to be careful – defeating Rama is not an easy task.

In other versions of Final Fantasy he has proven to be a pretty heavy enemy, and the WoFF is no exception.

4. Shiva

Shiva is another famous creature from the universe of Last Fantasies.

A powerful mirage of ice, mainly found in the Lower Mist and the Coliseum, is one of the damn creatures you have to add to your pack.

Note that she has good basic health and that you will probably fight to beat her in the first round.

If she wins, she throws Mega Phoenix and three Arma of Gems. And like most WoFF mafiosi, she’ll be stronger when you first meet her.

3. Ifrit

The mighty Ifrith uses fire to get rid of any enemy that stands in his way. This has been true since the beginning of the last fantasy and it doesn’t stop today!

His firepower makes him one of the most powerful fire enemies you’ll encounter in the game.

After his defeat, Ifrit drops the same stuff as Shiva, so he is also the boss who has to take over.

His main skills are Breath, Fira, Hellfire, Counter-Reaction and a few other useful skills with them (when mixed with a pile of fire, of course).

You can meet him at the Coliseum in a series of consecutive battles with other powerful enemies. Make sure you are prepared for this with a good party organization.

2. One

Another member of the Pleiades group and one of the strongest members of the group.

You’ve probably heard of Odin since he was born in the first editions of the FF series.

And since the franchise has come out in one form or another, it has appeared in almost every game. The WoFF Odin is also incredibly robust and makes adding to the basic battery almost overwhelming.

This guy has a lot of powerful commitments and these skills are his main strategy: Double cut, Gungnir, Zantetsuken, exile, darkness, rain. All these pretty crazy things, especially Zantecuken, which are not so easy to avoid.


1. Bahamut

The Bahamian dragon is the strongest member of the Pleiades and perhaps the best mirage in the whole game.

His attack may not look as scary as the other monsters mentioned above, but wait until you see his Obligations and Critical and Reinforced Attack. You have a limited ability to fight and defeat such a powerful creature, but there are certain strategies you can use. Tip: Mega-flash.


It’s a Mirage XL, so you’ll have to make room for it and eventually adjust your battery. But once that creature is on your side, you’re almost invincible.

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